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The PLC Highway A Roadmap for Why PLCs Promote Powerful Change in Schools

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  1. 1. The PLC Highway A Roadmap for Why PLCs Promote Powerful Change in Schools
  2. 2. PLC Road Trip! During todays road-trip, we will: Learn how to create meaningful teacher teams in their buildings and districts to help teachers move from standard compliance to total commitment Understand the power of PLC teams through the work they do together to improve student mastery Gain perspective on what a PLC is and what a PLC is not and how this differentiation is important for progress and accountability
  3. 3. From GPS to PLC One of the most powerful, high-leverage strategies for improving student learning available to schools is the creation of frequent, high-quality common formative assessments by teachers who are working collaboratively to help a group of students acquire agreed-upon knowledge and skills. -Learning by Doing, 2010 collaboratively
  4. 4. How are you getting there? Indyvidual Teachers PLC Teachers
  5. 5. Indyvidual Teachers If your students arent successful: Do you know why? Do you examine what else you could have tried? Do you reach out for other ideas? Do you re-evaluate for mastery? Do you have anyone to lean on to help you figure it out??
  6. 6. PLC Teachers In the same car (subject area PLCs) with the same information (standards), we can find our way! We can: Compare data in a group to find strengths and weaknesses Determine best practices based on data Share information to improve student learning Change up classes/students! Find alternate routes to success!
  7. 7. PLC Teachers The best way to provide powerful feedback to teachers that can improve teaching and learning is through team- developed AND team-analyzed common formative assessments. Richard DuFour, 2010 In other words, were all using the same GPS, headed to the same destination!
  8. 8. But why do we all need the same route? You are not expected to teach the same way that your colleagues teach. As the old adage says, Not all teacher teach the same way and not all students learn the same way. But, every student must have access to the same guaranteed and viable team-developed curriculum, i.e. the same route, if we are going to have data that will inform our team and thus, our instruction. Lets take a look at why it is important to act upon the data that you uncover you uncover in your PLCS
  9. 9. Data-Driven Road Trip! Teacher A 0 2 4 6 Student C Student B Student A Multiplying Fractions Adding Fractions Teacher B 0 2 4 6 Student F Student E Student D Multiplying Fractions Adding Fractions
  10. 10. Quick Share: When you compare the students with those of another teacher over the same lesson/objectives, what can you determine from the data? Answer: each teacher is really great at one of the conceptswhat could this do for student mastery?? Team up for a power up! What kinds of conversations does this open up in PLC about what we do with our get-its and dont get-its yet kids?
  11. 11. You are the GPS in your classroom But research supports that you cant do it alone: Teachers can give their same individual assessments year after year, and thus have longitudinal data. But unless they have a basis for comparison, they cannot identify strengths and weaknesses in their teaching, and they are unable to determine if an area in which students are struggling is a function of the curriculum, their strategies, or their students. -Learning By Doing, 2010
  12. 12. How do we get there from here? Analyzing data as a team has to be a purposeful choice in planning your instruction and this is most effective when done in PLCs because you have access to a comparison. Remember that its the data you get from students AND take the time to examine that is what re-calculates their route to success! If the data tells you to stop, backup, or change your instruction, what would be the effect of just continuing straight through?
  13. 13. You have arrived. Remember: PLC Teachers exhibit more success with student achievement than Indyvidual teachers. Schedules and tools must support these teacher teams for the greatest impact! Data alone is not powerful. We must act upon it using a comparison on team-developed and team- analyzed parameters! Teachers must find timely protocols to desegregate data and what works for their PLC and be supported by each other and the admistration. You are not alone in guiding your students to success Members of a PLC realize that all of their efforts must be assessed on the basis of results rather than intentions. -Learning by Doing, 2010
  14. 14. Can you imagine What purposefully collaborative, time- allowed, intensely driven teacher teams could do at your school??