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Symbian OS. Topics. Introduction Architecture Controls and compound controls Active Objects Localization Security Future Scope. Introduction. Nokia’s mobile operating system Open source Extension of EPOC Target Platforms (x86 and ARM) RISC processors Designed in C++ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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IntroductionArchitectureControls and compound controlsActive ObjectsLocalizationSecurityFuture Scope

Page 3: Symbian OS

Nokia’s mobile operating systemOpen sourceExtension of EPOCTarget Platforms (x86 and ARM) RISC

processorsDesigned in C++Licensed under EPLTrue Microkernel OSStandards – S60, UIQ, MOAP

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Support for vast variety of languages like Perl Python J2ME VB OPL

Designed Keeping These factors in mind Integrity and security of User data Faster response time All resources are scarce

Event based Active Objects Observer Design Pattern

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Callback mechanismCooperative MultitaskingUse of asynchronous requests.ThreadingActive SchedulerMultitasking in a same threadPossible to perform preemptive multitasking.

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CertificatesCapabilitiesSymbian Signed is the way !.sis and .sisxFirmware editor

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