talking! guest speakers - national steinbeck .talking! guest speakers ... ending quest to...

talking! GUEST SPEAKERS - National Steinbeck .talking! GUEST SPEAKERS ... ending quest to paradoxically
talking! GUEST SPEAKERS - National Steinbeck .talking! GUEST SPEAKERS ... ending quest to paradoxically
talking! GUEST SPEAKERS - National Steinbeck .talking! GUEST SPEAKERS ... ending quest to paradoxically
talking! GUEST SPEAKERS - National Steinbeck .talking! GUEST SPEAKERS ... ending quest to paradoxically
Download talking! GUEST SPEAKERS - National Steinbeck .talking! GUEST SPEAKERS ... ending quest to paradoxically

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  • Look whos talking!

    GUEST SPEAKERSSalinas Valley Comic Con, now in its fourth year, is sponsored by the National Steinbeck Center and the Salinas Public Library. This years theme is We are not Alone, which suggests the community focus of this event; the excitement of reading and literacy as gateways to other worlds; and the cosmic worlds of comic characters.

    The scope is diverse, including a gaming room, Artists Alley, cosplay contests and a variety of speakers and panels which will engage audiences from 5 to 95. There will be a makers table for kids, facepainting, comic books, scores of vendors.

    A featured speaker is James Burks, animator and illustrator for both Warner Brothers and Disney (Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, The Iron Giant, The Emperors New Groove, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Home on the Range). He has also worked on animated TV series and published his own graphic novel series, Bird and Squirrel. We hope our community comes together to learn, read, create and have fun. This event endeavors to make a space for artists and writers, gamers and students. We are not alone!

    Comic Con HighlightsDisney Family Museum workshops, Latino Comics Expo, James Burkes, David Keane, Michael Thaler, and other notable childrens authors, local artists from Somos Gallery, local professors, Hana Bunny Cosplay and various cosplay groups, Chunky Girl Comics, CSUMB Clubs, Santa Cruz Gamers Gaming Room & Museum, Super Smash Brothers Tournaments, Graphic Artists/Novelists, Naval Postgraduate Schools Makers Club, dynamic

    panels, face-painting, craft tables, taco trucks, Sur-prizes, Costume Contests, and more.

    James Burks: Animator/Author of childrens books, including the Bird and Squirrel series. Animator on films The Emperors New Groove, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Space Jam, and The Iron Giant.

    Caged Bat Cosplay: A cosplayer located in the Monterey Bay portraying her favorite characters and teaching people that anyone can cosplay!

    Chunky Girl Comics: Chunky Girl Comics use art and storytelling to challenge and expand the definition of beautiful in comics, pop culture,

    Salinas Valley Comic Con December 16th & 17thHartnell College

    Salinas Valley Comic Con 2017 is presented by

    Special Thanks to Hartnell College and our Media Sponsors


  • Look whos talking!...more guest speakers!

    and cosplay. Their characters break the standards of what a superhero should look like. Other projects of CGC include efforts to reduce bullying in schools and redirect student interactions towards positivity and mutual respect.

    CSUMB Adventure Guild: Lorenzo Pimentel (President): The purposes of this organization are to help teach the new players the rules of how to play and run Dungeons & Dragons, or Magic: The Gathering.

    CSUMB League of Legends Club: Jacob Garcia (President): The League of Legends Club empowers players and in the process bridges social boundaries.

    CSUMB Saber Society: Brendan Di Dio (President): Star Wars fans who are bringing the galaxies together one lightsaber duel at a time.

    Walt Disney Family Museum: Workshop on illustration and character creation focusing on female comic book leads. Practice drawing characters like a real Disney animator.

    Thomas Esmeralda: San Jose State Univeristy Professor of Animation and Illustration who has professionally used his artistic talents for major movie studios. He has served in numerous creative roles, ranging from Art Director to Visual Development Artist to Matte Painter for world-renowned studios such as Dreamworks, Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain, Framestore, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Electronic Arts, and Blizzard Entertainment.

    Dustin Garcia: An Oakland based cartoonist, illustrator, animator, and art educator. Dustin draws inspiration from the early era of animation, giant robots, and underground comix. He has done graphic design,

    videography, and illustration for clients as diverse as recording studios, zine fests, nonprofits, and restaurants.

    Hana Bunny Cosplay: Hana Dinh, or Hana Bunny, is a Vietnamese American cosplayer and fashion model based in San Jose. Hana has been cosplaying since 2009 with around 200 projects completed. She blends photo-manipulation into her own cosplay to bring characters to life as accurately as possible. She travels between Vietnam and the U.S. hoping to spread the geek cultures kindness.

    Integrity Comics: Integrity Comics was started in the early 1990s with the successful titles Snake Eyes, Baby Warriors, Erika America, Herotown, ...S..., and Topher Thomas. The collaborating groups that makes up Integrity Comics are Allan Angel, Chris Perguidi, and Alanah Knapp. Allan Angel is an Artist, Publisher, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Chris Perguidi is a Wrestler, Artist, Writer, and frequent collaborator of Allan Angel on such projects as Htown, The Baby Warriors, Snake Eyes. Alanah Knapp is a poet, writer and creator of The Baby Warriors.

    Michael Jasorka: Self-published comics author, celebrating 11 years of independent comics creation, including the Misfit Wrestling Federation series and Hello World zine.

    Dave Keane: San Jose native Dave Keane is a self-taught author, illustrator, and vocabulary enthusiast. He is the author and illustrator of several chapter books and many picture books including the Joe Sherlock: Kid Detective series. He has also published chapters books for Pixars Cars 3.


  • Latino Comics Expo: Executive Director, Ricardo Padilla, and Creative Director, Javier Hernandez, celebrate the unique, rich contribution Latino cultures bring to comics.

    Lawrence Lindell: Zinester and creator of From Black Boy With Love and Hey, People of Color, both of which offer uplifting, hopeful sentiments to his readers, especially young men and women of color.

    Mandelorian Mercs: Costumers inspiring the love of Star Wars through costume making and contributing to their communities.

    Mari Magica Cosplay: LA based Cosplayer with a background in theater costume design and seamstress. She also works as a voice actor and writer. Her passion is for strong female characters that stand up to evil.

    Wesley Modes: Currently a CSUMB Professor teaching Web Design in the School of Computing and Design. He is founder of the Free Skool Santa Cruz and has worked at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History as an artist, artistic collaborator, organizer, and Guest Curator and Exhibition Catalyst. He serves on the MAHs Creative Community Commission.

    Naval Postgraduate School Makers Club: The NPS Makers Club is aligned with the maker movement, focused on collaboration and networking, skill-building, and innovation.

    Jos Ortiz: Founder and head of Hijos del Sol Arts, a group dedicated to creating space for Salinas youth to engage and make art, finding their voice and love of creation.

    Roaring Mice Studio: A Salinas art studio offering art instruction for all ages.

    Jimmie Robinson: Creator, writer, and artist for several Image Comics and Shadowline series, including Bomb Queen, Five Weapons, and The Empty. A California native, he has worked in comics for twenty years. He received an Inkpot Award in 2015.

    Sam Robinson: CSUMB Professor, Humanities and Communication. Her research explores agriculture through multiple media platforms (everything from newspapers to television to graphic novels).

    Walter Ryce: Arts writer and columnist for the Monterey County Weekly newspaper.

    Santa Cruz Gamers: Shop owner Vaden Pascal founded Santa Cruz Gamers in 2015 in order to curate a video game console museum through the decades and to educate gamers. He emphasizes direct interaction between competitors and a commitment to sportsmanship.

    Somos Gallery: Featuring Lowbrow and Urban art, artists from Somos Gallery, Salinas, will show their work.

    Mike Thaler: Childrens book author and illustrator. Creator of riddles and inspiring children to love reading and writing.

    Mike Wietecha: Artist, actor, professional sumo wrestler on the 2016 US Sumo Team, Silver medalist in the 2016 National Champions, and Gold medalist in 2015 Georgia Open.

    Ray Zepeda: Author of Tragic Hero Comics, an on-going comic series featuring aberrant heroes, antiheroes, and villains for a whole new generation.

    Look whos talking!More speakers...WOW!


  • Look whos coming!

    VENDORS1) 8 Bit Bytes: paper crafts, jewelry, upcycled notebooks/sketch books, keychains, and bookmarks with 8 bit sprite designs of all your favorite characters.

    2) Allie Love: Featuring anime.

    3) The Art of Gard: Art prints of favorite characters from a wide variety of fandoms.

    4) Arte Tonatiuh: Crystal necklaces & earrings, leather bags, and other arts and crafts.

    5) Blonde DVD: 11x17 art prints.

    6) Bryan West Art:His work can be seen as a never ending quest to paradoxically combine midcentury esthetic with punk rock style and attitude. In addition to freelance work Bryan self-publishes comics and runs an online business at

    7) Carol Long Jewelry: Steampunk/Fantasy jewelry and tote bags.

    8) Chunky Girl Comics: Fighting stereotypes and normative standards of beauty through comics and superheroes.

    9) Dwight Illustrations: The art of Brandon Dwight Smith as digital art prints.

    10) Everett Alvarez High School National Art Honor Society: Fundraising for their events, selling buttons featuring the original art of its members.

    11) Glossy Toast: posters, stickers, and original illustrations.

    12) Integrity Comics: An independent comic book company producing daring, interesting topics that explore adventure, nostalgia, and diversity.

    13) Mike Jasorka: Independent comic book publisher, author of Bombshell Comics.

    14) J&R Fan Art

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