task 1a early cinema and the lumiere brothers

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  • Early cinema and the pioneers of film editingBy Akash Ahmed

  • Task 1a-Arrival of the train at la ciotat stationThe movie I chose to analysis of the Lumiere Brothers is L'Arrive d'un train en gare de La Ciotat or in English The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station. The movie was first shown in public on January 1896 in Paris, France contrary to myth that says it was shown on 28 December 1895.

  • EditingFrom watching the Documentary is obvious that there is no editing present in the film what so ever, it is a straight forward film with a continuous shot just showing a train entering the la ciotat station. There was no editing because they were still figuring out what they could do and early film makers didnt know how to edit yet.

  • Actual EventsThe events in the film are extremely straight forward and simple as the train arrives and passengers are seen getting off the train. They used actual events as this was an early experiment with camera and they didnt know how to edit yet.

  • NarrativeThroughout the film there was no voices hear there was no soundtracks or narrative.

  • Continuous ShotDuring Arrival of the train at la ciotat station there where not many shot but there were some such as at the beginning of the film a long shot was used to show the train approaching then a mid shot was used to showing more of the train and lastly a close up showing the train has stopped at the station and the passengers are getting off. This was taken in one shot, there was no thought about shot variation and there was no storyline in the film.Long ShotMid ShotClose Up