task 1a - leaving the factory analysis

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Lumiere Brothers: Leaving the Factor

Lumiere Brothers: Leaving the Factory - 1895By Jordan Lyn

IntroductionThis movie was developed by the Lumiere Brothers. It was made in 1895. People watching it today would not find it interesting simply because there is a limitation to filming and editing techniques, this is because it was a time where production was being developed. It was a time where they had just begun filming and to people during this period was astonished by what they saw.

EditingIn this film there was no editing techniques as it is only one continuous shot because at this time they only discovered how to film moving image using a cinematography.

ContentAs this was filmed in one continuous shot there was no narratives. At this time the technology discovered shocked people enough, in a cinema the film would be accompanied by someone playing the piano in the background as there was no sound in the film. Instead of having a narrative, it involved real life events therefore they filmed everyday events.In the image below it shows a man winding the camera, the occasional black screens during the film are due to the stamina of the man winding it.