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Unit 72 Computer Games Design Task 1 (a): Computer Games Visual Styles & Gameplay Elements

GAME DESIGNER NAME: Lewis Brierley GAME VISUAL STYLE & GAMEPLAY:In the exciting world of Computer Games, there exist many features and elements that make a successful gaming experience. Landscapes, enemies, levels and weapons are typical examples.In your role as Gaming Designer, you have been requested to provide tutorial materials for junior game designers on this topic.TASK: Create a detailed report on the Visual Styles and Gameplay elements that contribute to the making of a Computer Game. Explain the following concepts (Use examples where appropriate): a)Terrain: The terrain in a game is the ground and the environment that the game is played on, the terrain is something that can be walked on and what objects can be placed on. A good example of a game terrain is Crysis.

This is the terrain from Crysis it shows a forest with and a mountain, as you can see this terrain is very detailed as it has a lot of objects and individual pieces which are placed on the terrain.

b)Architecture: Architecture in a game is usually the different types of buildings but it is also the design inside the buildings such as how detailed the rooms are and how they are shaped. A good example of an architecture in a video game is Anor Londo in Dark Souls.

This is Anor Londo which is an area of Dark Souls, it is my favourite area in Dark Souls because of the architecture I think it is the best looking part of the game as it is very detailed.

c)Objects: Objects in a game are usually things that can be interacted with by the player such as weapons or items that can be used to benefit the player like items used to restore health. Objects from videos games are things such as weapons a good example of weapons are from Halo.

Here is a picture of weapons from the Halo games they are futuristic weapons.

d)Characters: A character in a game, is a person that can speak and has emotions, they usually contribute a lot to the story especially main characters such as Master chief, and he is the main character in the Halo game series.

This is Master chief who is the main character and protagonist in the Halo franchise.

e)Non-playing characters (NPC): A non-playable character in a game is a character that cannot be controlled by the player and is controlled by artificial intelligence, an NPC could be enemies or allies such as the noble team in Halo Reach.

This is the noble team from Halo Reach which are NPCs which are controlled by Ai.

f)Feedback: Feedback in a game could be the rewards that you get for doing something good or accomplishing something in a game. For example with Xbox, if the player completes a certain mission or task they will get an achieving which will reward them with Gamerscore.

g)Interface: This picture shows someone getting an achievement in Crysis 2.

h)Perspectives: Perspectives are the graphics of the game and how the game looks to someone in their opinion, for example what someone thinks. Perspectives are also the first impressions of a game by its looks. I think a game with good perspectives is the Witcher 3.

Here is a picture of the Witcher 3.

i)Full-Motion Video (FMV): A full motion video or a FMV is a cut scene to a game, this is a scene that is scripted and is something that the player does not interact with, these scenes usually contribute a lot to the story and explain things that are going on in the story.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=badsfl-QaNkThis is a video of a cut scene from Mass Effect 3.