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3 Bass Players You Haven’t Heard Of

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?3 Bass Players You Havent Heard OfGuys Everyone Knows

JacoJames JamersonSir Paul McCartneyGuys the Bass Players Know

Stanley ClarkeJohn PatitucciNathan EastAaron MillsCameo (1974 - present)Slap & finger style TastefulGood Chops

Aaron Mills with CameoIs This The Way?Feel Me (1980)GhostingPocket

Aaron Mills (Post Cameo)Session workOutKastOccasional Cameo gig

Danny WilsonJeff Lorber Fusion(1979-81)Slap & Finger style ChopsMusic Man StingrayWater Sign, Wizard Island, Galaxian

Danny Wilson w/ Jeff Lorber FusionCant Get EnoughConsistencyToneChops with purposeLine development

Danny Wilson Left Lorber Around 1981No other recordingsLow ProfileWhereabouts unknown

Bernard EdwardsChic (1976 - 1996)Slap and finger styleSongwriterMusic Man Stingray

Bernard Edwards w/ Chic

Happy ManTone ConsistencyMassive ChopsDynamicsEmphasis on off beats (1 E + A)

Bernard EdwardsSpent whole career with ChicCo - wrote many of their hits (Nile Rodgers)Died of Pneumonia in 1996

Why The Lack of Credit!?Quiet personalities Lots of competitionRhythm section orientedFocused on bassWilson Fusion not popular

SimilaritiesGood ToneConsistencyTime feelConscientious of impact2/3 play Stingrays

HOMEWORK: Re-Work an Old BasslineDUE NEXT CLASSSMIN 8 MeasuresMindful ofToneNote choiceRhythmContrastOther instrumentsDue Next Class!!!

THE END!Thanks for watching!!!Is This The Way?Cameonull366212.4Ms JacksonOutkastnull270594.9Can't Get EnoughJeff Lorbernull, track 2/14218606.17eng - iTunPGAP0eng - iTunNORM 0000105F 00001491 0000CF10 0000AE12 00010505 0002591F 00008DDB 00008E87 00007B43 000116C6eng - iTunSMPB 00000000 00000210 00000A74 0000000000930B7C 00000000 004FF979 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000eng - iTunes_CDDB_1BC10600E+314580+14+150+22923+39312+67892+86171+100125+130643+154630+174490+196768+216991+251325+267229+291715eng - iTunes_CDDB_TrackNumber204.Happy ManChicCest Chic, track 41978Funk267015.78 - By Jaubu138