tcsoa - nursery into p1 transition evening

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1. The Community School of Auchterarder of Auchterarder Into P1 2. Our Primary 1 Teachers Mrs Norris Mrs Marchbank Miss Bruce Miss Terry 3. Other Important People Morven Campbell Community Link Worker Active Schools Coordinator 4. Who else will work with my child? Classroom Assistants Pupil Support Assistants Support for Learning Teachers P7 Buddies Parent Helpers 5. Contacting us Office Absence Admin Lost Property Class Teacher Note in wallet Telephone In person at end of day Senior Management Team Support Concerns 6. Contacting us Text (GroupCall) Phone Email Letter Wallet School website Smartphone app Newsletter Twitter 7. What if your child is absent? Call office asap Text Message Follow-up note from home Attendance closely monitored 8. What if your child will be late? Call office asap Sign in at reception Accompany your child to class 9. School uniform School uniform Shop 10. PE Kit Indoor Outdoor 11. What equipment will they need? Pens, pencils, rubbers Pencil case Schoolbag Wet clothes bag Apron 12. Snack & lunch? Morning snack (nut-free, no chewing gum of lollipops) School lunch free Fruit free See school website Packed lunch 13. Money In a sealed envelope: Childs name Class What its for 14. First week in school Arrive at 8:55am Take children to playground Separate at classroom door Collect at bottom of lane at 12:05pm 15. Drop children at bottom of lane Collect at bottom of lane at 12:05pm Second week in school 16. Third week - from 31 August Children in full-time Collect at bottom of lane at 3:10pm 17. Join us for lunch? Thursday 27 August at 12:00pm 18. Dates for diary Thursday 20 Aug from 2:15pm: Jolly Phonics Workshop Reading resources Friday 21 Aug from 1:30pm: Drop-in Session Concerns, confidential make appointment, without children Wednesday 26 Aug from 2:15pm: Numeracy Workshop Number resources Thursday 27 Aug at 12:00pm: Dining Centre Visit Join us for lunch Friday 28 Aug at 11:45am: Sharing Work Visit See your childs work 19. Safe Start Auchterarder All details on school website From 8am Healthy Breakfast Activities & toys 20 Registration & 3.50 per morning 20. P1 Classes Visiting P1 classrooms Class lists now on display Go with teacher 21. The Community School of Auchterarder of Auchterarder Into P1