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TELES TDM Replacement Switch on IP Networks with TELES and replace legacy components 20.09.2014 | TELES AG, Markus Scheffler

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The converged IP core from TELES supports all voice and non-voice applications for both, consumer and business customers.Transformation of networks to all-IP with TELES means first class IP architecture with integrated Voice Gateway supporting legacy, all-IP and hybrid access technologies and offering a full ISDN feature set.


  • 1. 20.09.2014 | TELES AG, Markus SchefflerTELES TDM ReplacementSwitch on IP Networks with TELES and replace legacy components

2. TELES TDM ReplacementTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 2AGENDA The Challenge Our Solution Your Benefits Components Overview Our Reference 3. The ChallengeTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 3AGENDAMigrating the PSTN network and services to powerful IP Networks 4. TRANSFORMATION OF NETWORKS TO ALL-IPTDM networks/interconnections IP networks/interconnectionsLegacy access nodes/applications IP-based access nodes/applicationsCostly distributed operations Centralized, competitive operationsHeterogeneous network Consolidated, integrated solutionTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 4 5. LEGACY TDM SWITCH: SIEMENS EWSD Former industry-leading and widely-used Voice Switch for fixed andmobile networks with over 160m subscribers in 100 countries End-of-Life/Support, lack of spare parts, power & space consuming TDM based technology limited functionalitiesTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 5 6. IS THERE A LIFE AFTER CISCOS PGW? End-of-life and End-of-Support for Cisco's Softswitch: no routinefailure analysis and no maintenance for the widely-used softswitch No successor productTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 6Diese Folie bittenur zeigen, wennder Gesprchs-partnerbetroffenist. 7. MIGRATING POTS IS EASY Simple telephony feature sets are easy to migrate So if you put your trust in any vendor of gateways or MSAN you will be lucky (more or less).TDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 7 8. And still more challenges! 9. SS7 NEEDS TO BE REPLACED SS7 protocol is seriously blocking the development of new IP services For Interconnect, many carriers only accept SS7 A strong SS7 implementation is key to success, even in IP networksTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 9 10. The real challenge is a different one! 11. MIGRATING ISDN SERVICES IS DEMANDING ISDN services are highly sophisticated features high expectations in terms of quality on the part of end users grown over decades with widespread customer acceptanceTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 11 12. How can service providers replicate PSTN serviceslike ISDN in IP Networks?And how can they get rid of legacy equipment? 13. Our SolutionTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 13AGENDALet your TDM network retire. 14. NO ONE KNOWS ISDN BETTER THAN TELES To migrate to IP while keeping ISDN services, you need a partnerwho really understands ISDN and has a lot of experience thatsTELES.TDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 14 15. WE KNOW THE ROPES Highly-experienced service experts based in Berlin and Vienna andwell-acquainted with ISDN High-performing Telco systems and components Carrier-grade system architectureTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 15 16. TELES STANDS FOR REAL ISDN MIGRATION First class IP architecture with integrated voice gateway Supports legacy, all-IP and hybrid access technologies Complete legacy replacement (ISDN P2P, P2MP) Full ISDN feature set (including AoC, UUI and many more)TDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 16 17. The converged IP core from TELES supports allvoice and non-voice applications for bothconsumer and business customers. 18. Your BenefitsTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 18AGENDAYour path to high-end IP Services and Networks. 19. YOUR BENEFITSHassle-free deployment by auto-configuration and smoothIP migrationTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 19 20. YOUR BENEFITSGuaranteed TDM PBX interworking and interoperabilityTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 20 21. YOUR BENEFITSIndustry-leading feature set supporting all ISDN servicesand unequalled ISDN qualityTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 21 22. VALUE ADDED SERVICESMobility with mobile linkFMC add-on Home office add-onFMC solutionTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 22 23. VALUE ADDED SERVICESSingle numberingTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 23planConvenient additionof phone accountsUnified messagingAudio and videoconferencingCentralized callqueue 24. Seamless migration to NGN architecture Full legacy support New applications for additional products &revenues 25. Components OverviewTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 25AGENDAWhatever you need we can provide it. 26. COMPONENTS OVERVIEW: APPLICATIONSERVER Hosting ISDN PRI and BRI services Successfully in operation for more than 10 years Full ISDN feature support Additional applications: IP Centrex/hosted UC and residentialTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 26 27. COMPONENTS OVERVIEW: INTERCONNECTSERVER Multi-protocol Class 4 softswitch solution Supports all traffic flows: TDMTDM, TDMVoIP, VoIPVoIP VoIP peering solution (peering SBC) with or without transcoding Flexible routing engineTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 27 28. COMPONENTS OVERVIEW: VOIPBOX BRI/PRI Support s BRI/PRI (with multi ports) and all common ISDN access types All ISDN supplementary features supported Full ISDN quality for hassle-free fax & DECT installationsTDM Replacement | Markus Scheffler 28 29. Over 30 years experience intelecommunications Unrivalled expertise in ISDN and accesssolutions Made in Berlin and Vienna Professional service experts 30. 20.09.2014 | TELES AG, Markus SchefflerThank you!contact:[email protected]+49 (172) 321 82 79