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Teacher: Didem YILMAZ. Student: Arife Yağmur. DID/DIDN’T. EXAMPLES:. I saw a movie yesterday. I did n't see a movie yesterday. EXAMPLES: Last year, I travelLed to Italy. Last year , I did n't travel to Italy. EXAMPLES:. She washed her hands . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Teacher: Didem YILMAZStudent:Arife Yamur



I saw a movie yesterday.

I didn't see a movie yesterday.


Last year, I travelLed to Italy.

Last year, I didn't travel to Italy.

EXAMPLES: She washed her hands.

She didn't wash her hands.

EXAMPLES: I visited my grandpa

EXAMPLES:Did it rain yesterday?

Yes,it rained yesterday.No,it didnt rain yesterday.

EXAMPLES: Did they play basketball yesterday?

Yes,they played basketball. No, they didnt play basketball.

EXAMPLES: Did she dance at the party?

Yes,she danced at the party. No, didnt dance at the party.

EXAMPLES: Did you go to the hospital?

Yes,I went to the hospital. No,I didnt go to the hospital.

EXAMPLES: Did you play a quitar?

No,I didn'tNo,I didn't play a quitarYes,I did Yes,I played a quitar.EXAMPLES: Did they visit my grandmother yesterday?

No, they didn't No, they didn't visit my grandmother yesterday Yes, they visited my grandmother yesterday Yes, they did

EXAMPLES: Did you see a movie last week?

No, I didn'tYes, I didNo, I didn't see a movie last week.Yes, I saw a movie last week. WAS/WEREAtatrk was born in Salonica in 1881

They were funny in the theatre.

They were at the library at the last week

Last week we were at the post Office

I was early in the morning last day.

Loruna and Petro were ill yesterday

He was in turkey yesterday

I was smart,hardworking in 2010

He was a populer singer

I was very happy last summer

It was ill yesterday

I was late for school yesterday.

You wasnt happy yesterday.

Were you at school last Monday?

No, we werent. No, we werent at school last Monday.

Was Onur in the classroom this morning?

Yes he was. No he wasnt