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Language teaching is changing faster than gasoline evaporates. Follow one ESL teacher's career from the classroom to cyberspace using a customized speaking program, LinkedIN and Skype.


  • 1. Teaching Speaking OnlineTESL OntarioJudy Thompson

2. Technophobes Journey to Online Teaching LINC, Peel Board, Sheridan College Speaking specialty Developed some materials Posted a LinkedIn profile Trend Business School in Brazil had a program Got hired all over the world my own program Teach executives online 3. Agenda1. Basic Technology2. Assessment and Program Content3. Online Market/|Marketing 4. Tools of a Technophobe Audacity free voice recognition softwarerecorder that shows amplitude Skype free voice, text & video sharingsoftware Dropbox free cloud stored/shared files Pamela 90$/year Skype recording program Otterwave 10$ app voice recognitionamplitude and individual sound assessment 5. Audacity 6. Skype Screenshot 7. Otterwave Screenshot 8. The Content is the ThingCoaching vs. TeachingTeaching is traditional, broad and forgettable lots of information they cant remember or useCoaching is customized, razor sharp and startswhere the student is and takes them where theyneed to go - you get paid a lot moreGet a niche and be the best at teaching it. 9. X Ray of the Fracture 10. Cry Wolf Diagnostic PassageDate: ___________________Readers Name: ___________________Listeners Name: ___________________Cry WolfOnce upon a time, a lonely shepherd boy sat watching his sheep. Nothing unusual everhappened on that quiet hillside, so the boy decided to play a trick on the townspeople. Hecried, Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! The villagers ran up the hill armed with sticks to drive the wolfaway. There was no wolf.Everyone was angry that the boy was just pulling their leg, but the boy enjoyed his littlejoke. The next day he cried, Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is eating the sheep! Again the villagersran to help. The boy laughed at them.On the third day, a big hungry wolf attacked the sheep. The terrified boy screamed for help,but no one came. The wolf ate all the sheep. The boy realized too late the importance oftelling the truth.Comments: 11. YouAreHere 12. Pattern Teaching Techniques1. Unteach Remove blocks that arent real2. Only teach what is missing for each individual3. Anticipate issues from first language and useappropriate exercises4. Leave them with HW and real world examples5. Shift from teachers responsibility that they learn to theirs6. Its very fast, 10-15 hours for the completeprogram 13. The Color Chart is Loaded Vowel sounds in an easy logical format Bridge to pronunciation from spelling Access to spelling from listening Priority - All vowel sounds are NOT equallydifficult theyre missing short vowels andPurple Word stress dictates the word color Linking is in the letters 14. WordsThe single most important feature of English Stress-based language Accents dont matter Use their names firstEvery word in English is a color on that one page. 15. Sentences Some words are important and some are not Grammar doesnt matter when you are speaking Grammar words are reduced to tiny grunts* Wolves Eat Sheep 16. Clear, Powerful DemonstrationsWOLVES EAT SHEEPThe WOLVES EAT SHEEPThe WOLVES EAT the SHEEPThe WOLVES will EAT the SHEEPThe WOLVES have EATen the SHEEPThe WOLVES will have EATen the SHEEP 17. Understand your Topic DeeplyLinking is for better listening skills, they donthave to do it themselves.1. Consonant Consonantbus _ stop bu stop2. Consonant Vowelturn _ off tur noff3. Vowel Vowelgo _ away go waway 18. ExpressionsConversation works because of: Context Collocations ConventionsExpressions and humor are marks of fluency. 19. Marketing Who has money to pay for an expert and no timefor English lessons? Make graduated proposals levels of contentBudget, Standard, Deluxe and outline clearlywhat the client can expect LinkedIn provides a world of possibilities forexperts who make a difference quickly Flesh out your profile and join groups HR hires your niche for their bottom line 20. Big Finishhttp://elearningindustry.com/top-10-e-learning-statistics-for-2014-you-need-to-knowIn 2011, it was estimated that about $35.6 billion wasspent on self-paced eLearning across the globe.Today, e-Learning is a $56.2 billion industry, and it'sgoing to double by 2015.Teach what no computer can teachwww.thompsonlanguagecenter.comjudy@thompsonlanguagecenter.com(905) 757-1257