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Teddy Bear Preschool Library

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Teddy Bear Preschool Library. Bears. Goldilocks & The Three Bears (Jan Brett) Pocket for Corduroy Teddy Bear Picnic Brown Bear Brown Bear Polar Bear Polar Bear Panda Bear Panda Bear Going on a Bear Hunt Bernstein Bears. Bears: Time for Kids Good Night Little Bear The Big Brown Bear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Page 2: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Bears• Goldilocks & The Three

Bears (Jan Brett)• Pocket for Corduroy• Teddy Bear Picnic• Brown Bear Brown

Bear• Polar Bear Polar Bear• Panda Bear Panda Bear• Going on a Bear Hunt• Bernstein Bears

• Bears: Time for Kids

• Good Night Little Bear

• The Big Brown Bear• Teddy Bears (board

book)• Jingle Bells (Bear

main character)

Page 3: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Farm Animals • Mrs Wishy Washy’s

Farm• The Big Red Barn• Sheep in a Shop• Big Fat Hen• Flip & the Cows• Sheep in a Jeep• Teeny Tiny Animals• Splishy Sploshy• The Little Red Hen

• Sounds of the Farm• Cock-a-doodle hoooooo!• Old McDonald’s Farm• Farmer & the Dell• Giggle, Giggle, Quack• The Cow that Clucked• Old McD’s Funny Farm• How the Rooster Saved

the Day• Farmyard Friends (info


Page 4: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Oinky’s Pen• See How they Grow• Pig Out!• OINK• Pigsty• Pigalicious• Piggies

Page 5: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Farm Work• Work this Farm• Farm Machines• Farm Alphabet Book• Farm Days• Farm (flap book)

Page 6: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Zoo-topia• “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly” said the

Sloth• The Mixed-up Chameleon• On Noah’s Ark (J. Brett)• The Umbrella (J. Brett)• Animals Black & White• Elephant in Trouble

Page 7: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Panda Landa• A Panda Grows Up• Pandas (N’Geog reader)• Panda Bear Panda Bear• The Giant Panda: Flip book

Page 8: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Color Wheel• Mouse Paint• The Crayon Box• Brown Bear Brown

Bear• Go Away Big Green

Monster• Looks Like Spilt Milk• Red light Green Light• A color of his Own• Mixed Up Cameleon• Coast of many Colors

• Cat’s Colors• What Color is your

Underwear?• White Rabbit’s Color Book• Purple, Green, and Yellow• Colors: See, Learn, Grow• Color Train• Little Blue & Little Yellow• The Colors• Colors

Page 9: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Alphabetic Collection• Chicka Chicka Boom

Boom• The Alphabet Mystery• Who Let the X out?• The Mixed-up Alphabet• Alphabet Mystery• Early Learning Sticker

Dictionary• Dr Seuss ABC Flip


• Sign language: my 1st 100 Words

• Usborne Picture Dictionary• Princess Poppets Alphabet• Elmo’s ABC Book• ABC Bunny• Alphabatics• Action Alphabet• Farmer’s Alphabet• Star Wars ABC• ABC Sticker Book

Page 10: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Shape Up• What is a Triangle?• What is Round?• What is Square?• The Shape of Things

Page 11: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Our Earth• Earth Day Puppy• Children of the earth…Remember• Dear Children of the Earth• The Great Kapok Tree

Page 12: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Isle of Pirates• The ballad of the Pirate Queens• The Pirate Life• The Pirate Queen• Pirates Coming Trough• Captain jack’s Journal• How I Became a Pirate• Tough Boris• Pirate Girl• A Pirate’s Tale• Pirate School• 1001 Pirate Things to Spot• Roger the Jolly Pirate• Shiver Me Letters• The Night Pirates• Eloise’s Pirate Adventure• Pirate Pete

• Pirates: Raiders of the High Seas

• Jean Lafitte (informational)

• Blackbeard the Pirate King

• Blackbeard biography

Page 13: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Amish• Amos & Susie• The Amish Wedding• The Journey • An Amish Christmas• Just Like Mama• Raising Yoder’s Barn• Katy’s Gift• Amish Home (info)• Plain pig’s ABCs• Just Plain Fancy

Page 14: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

America• America the Beautiful• America, America• Good Night America• Red, White, & Blue• Hurray for the Fourth of

July• America is…• USA: sticker book• This Land is Your Land• The Pledge of Allegiance• The Flag We Love

• The Statue of Liberty• Famous Events & Symbols of

America• Info books: White House,

Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, American Flag, Pledge

• Wonders of America: Statue of Liberty

• The Star-Spangled Banner• Our 50 States• F is for the Flag• 4th of July Mice!• Statue of Liberty

Page 15: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

History of America• The 13 Colonies• Washington Crossed the Delaware• George Washington’s Cows• Plimoth life• You Wouldn’t want to be at the

Boston Tea Party• The Midnight Ride of Paul revere• Daily Life on a Southern Plantation

Page 16: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Presidents• The President book• Picture Book of

George Washington• My 1st President’s

Day Book• I Want to be

President • Pictorial Bio of

George Washington

Page 17: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Famous Folks• Leonardo da Vinci• Peter the Great• Joan of Arc• Good Queen Bess

• John, Paul, George & Ben

• Benjamin Franklin• Emily (E. Dickerson

bio)• Lou Gehrig

Page 18: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Cultural Exchange• Hello World!• The World Turns

Round and Round• The First

Strawberries• Japan• It’s a Small World

(song book)• What a Wonderful


• A Visit to China• Lion Dancer• Dragon Dance• The Five Chinese

Brothers• Chinatown

Page 19: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Safety • Stop Drop & Roll• Never Ever Talk to Strangers• I Can Play it Safe• Always be Safe• Be Careful & Stay Safe

Page 20: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Family Tree• Love Your Forever• I Love You, Grandpa• 10 Best Things About my Dad• The Kissing Hand• A Chair for my Mother• Where are You?• What Moms Can’t Do• Piglet & Mama• I Love You, Stinky face• Mommy’s Best Kisses• When I was Little• Mother May I?• Where Do Kisses come From?• Surprise, Mommy! (Elmo)• My Mother is Mine

Page 21: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

This is My Body• Chicken Pox• Eyes, Nose,

Fingers, and Toes• Imogene’s Antlers• Elmo Says Achoo!• Germs are not for


• The Human Body (Info)

• Science readers: brain, mouth/nose,ears/eyes, amazing human body, your skin & bones, your heart

Page 22: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Groundhogs• Ten Grouchy Groundhogs• Groundhog Weather School

Page 23: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

My 5 Senses• Elmo can…Taste touch smell see

hear!• Info: smell it, hear this, look here,

taste good, touch that

Page 24: Teddy Bear Preschool Library


Page 25: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Building Character• Mary Clare likes to

Share• Making Friends (Mr

Rogers)• Clifford’s Manners• Words are not for

Hurting• Tattling

• Why Should I Help, Listen & Share?

• Character readers: look at us share, we can take turns, work it out with words, I listen, come and play with me

• I can: Cooperate, tell the truth, care about others, good friend

• Know and Follow the Rules• Join In & Play• Respect & Take Care of


Page 26: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The World of Weather• Rain, Rain Smurf Away• One Rainy Day• Rain Talk• Little Cloud (E.Carle)• The Rain Came Down• What Makes the

Seasons?• What Makes the

Weather?• Weather: DK info book• Whatever the Weather

• Tornado Alert• Hurricanes & Tornados• Science readers:

weather, lightening, floods, blizzards, hurricane, tornados

• Earth in Action: tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes

Page 27: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Antz• When the Ants Go marching• Ant Bully• Ants: Time for kids• Fantastic Ants• The Ants go Marching In• Ants: Info book• An Ant’s day off• The Little Red Ant (w/ tape)

Page 28: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Bug-topia• Grouchy Lady Bug• Ladybugs• Bumblebees• Info books: Strange

Bugs, Dragonflies, grasshoppers, Beautiful Bugs, Ladybugs, Beetles, Ants, Bumblebees, Busy Honeybees, What is an insect?, Insect Homes

• Bug Dance• Miss Spider’s Tea

Party• Sunny patch School• Diary of a Spider• Grasshoppers• The Very Lonely

Firefly• Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Page 29: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Butterfly Garden• The Hungry Caterpillar• Butterfly Spring• Butterflies: World of Science• Butterflies (info book)• The Very Wiggly Caterpillars• Count with the Very Hungry


Page 30: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Frog Pond• From Tadpole to Frog• Frogs: Time for Kids

Page 31: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Edible Garden• Growing Vegetable Soup• Stone Soup• June 1999• The Big Fat Carrot• The Vegetables We Eat• Eating the Alphabet• The Vegetables go to Bed• POTATO: Tale from the Great Depression

Page 32: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Our Curious World• Book of What (Time 4 Kids)

Page 33: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

1,2,3 Count with Me• My kindergarten Counting

Book• Busy Counting Book• Monsters one to Ten• Chicka Chicka 1,2,3• Money info books• Boom Chicka Rock• Cheerios: Count to 100• The Baseball Counting

Book• The Coin Counting Book• 1 is One

• Monster Math Picnic• A Dollar for Penny• Wonderful Counting Clock• One Hundred hungry Ants• Counting Cows• Ten Clean Pigs• M&M’s Counting Book• 26 Letters & 99 cents• One, Two, Three Count

with Me• Me Counting Times• 123 What Do you see?

Page 34: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Grocery Store• Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs• Popcorn• Cooking with the Cat• Pickles to Pittsburgh• On Top of Spaghetti• Giant Pop-out Food• Good Bread • Mickey Mouse’s Picnic

Page 35: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Mother Goose• Texas Mother Goose• Disney Mother Goose• Mother Goose Anthology• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star• Humpty Dumpty• Hey Diddle Diddle (T de P)

Page 36: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Fire Safety 411• Stay Safe: Fire Safety• Firefighters• The Fire Engine Book• Firefighters A to Z• Clifford, the Firehouse Dog• Fire Truck (info)• Stop, Drop, and Roll• Firefighter Ted• A Very Busy Firehouse• Firefighter (People who help us series)

Page 37: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

A Community of Helpers• The Milkman• Firefighter Ted• People who Help us series (Firefighter, doctor, teacher,

police officer• Curious George Visits the Library• ABC of Jobs• Busy Workers• Hooray for our Heroes (Sesame St)• Something is Wrong With Cavity Sam (Operation game)• A Day in the Life of a Police Officer• What Will I Be?

Page 38: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Movin’ on• Bicycle Safety• Down by the Station• Trevor the Trolley• Hot Rod Hamster• Jet Fliers• Planes• Little Toot• Alphabeep• The Wiggly Woobly Boat Ride• Thomas and the School Trip• Red Light, Green Light• American Chopper: Radical


• My Truck is Stuck• Melvin Might• Tonka Trucks• The Wheels on the Truck• Tough Trucks• Big Wheels, Little Wheels• Traffic Jam• Cool Cars• The Wheels on the School

Bus• Police Car, Rescue Boat,

Ambulance (info books)• ABC Time (Little Engine)

Page 39: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Apple Tree• Amazing Apples• 10 Apples on Top• One Little…Apples• Johnny Appleseed• Growing Apples & pumpkins• Apples & pumpkins• Apples, Apples, Apples• A Day at the Apple Orchard

Page 40: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Pumpkin Farm• I Like Pumpkins• Pumpkin Heads• Left or Right?• Perfect Pumkins• The Pumpkin Book• Pumpkin Town• Oh My! Pumpkin Pie• The Legend of the

Square Pumpkin

• The Littlest Pumpkin

Page 41: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Halloween• The Little Witch• The Little Green Witch• Mouse’s 1st halloween• The Night Before

halloween• The 3 Bears’ halloween• There was an Old Lady

who Swallowed a Bat• Bats on Parade• The Little Old Lady who

was not Afraid of Anything

• ABC’s of Halloween• Trick or Treat, It’s

Halloween• 10 Timid Ghosts• Happy Halloween,

Stinky Face• The Haunted Ghoul Bus• Skeleton Hiccups• My First Halloween

(T.deP)• Goodnight Goon

Page 42: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Corn Field• Corn Belt Harvest• The Lucky Grain of Corn• From Kernel to Corncob• I Like Corn• Corn: An American Gift• Popcorn• The Popcorn Shop• The Popcorn Book

Page 43: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Autumn• Leaves • Fall Colors• Colorful Leaves• Fresh Fall Leaves• Let it Fall• Autumn’s 1st Leaf• Leaves, Leaves,

Leaves!• A Tree for all Seasons

(Info)• Autumn Days

• What happens in the Autumn

• Scarecrow• When Autumn Comes• The Lonely Scarecrow• The Falling Leaves &

the Scarecrow• The Silly Scarecrow• The 4 Seasons for Little

People• Clifford’s 1st Autumn

Page 44: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Thanksgiving• Five little Turkeys• The Night Before Thanksgiving• The Story of Thanksgiving• Five Silly Turkeys• 10 Fat Turkeys• Happy Thanksgiving, Curious

George• The Magic School Bus: @ the

1st Thanksgiving• More Snacks! (TG play)• Thanksgiving is Here• Pilgrim, Pilgrim• Thanksgiving Dinner• Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit

• Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

• One Little…Pilgrims• Thanksgiving is for Giving

Thanks• I know an Old Lady who

Swallowed a Pie• This is the Turkey• The Littlest Pilgrim• Thanks for Thanksgiving• Samuel Eaton’s Day• The First Thanksgiving Day• The First Thanksgiving Day• Over the River & Through the


Page 45: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Christmas Characters• Frosty the Snowman• Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer• The Night Before Christmas

Page 46: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Symbols of Christmas• Christmas Tree• Jingle Bells• There was an Old

Lady who Swallowed a Bell

• Jingle Bell Mice• The Cheerios

Christmas play Book

• Christmas around the World

Page 47: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Jolly Ole Saint Nick• Santa is Coming to

Texas• Where, oh Where is

Santa Claus?• Santasaurus• Clifford helps Santa• Santa Knows• Who Will Glide My

Sleigh Tonight?

• Who Will help Santa This year?

• Santa Cow Island

Page 48: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Stories of Christmas• Jan Brett anthology• The Night Before Christmas• Jingle Cats (CD)• Silent Night• Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire• Merry Christmas, Stinky Face• Counting Christmas• Snowmen at Night• Snow Family• Alphazoo Christmas• Mrs Wishy-Washy’s Christmas• Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas• The Sweet Smell of Christmas• Sarah’s Secret• The Tomten • Christmas Alphabet Book

• The Night Before Christmas• Baboushka & the 3 Kings• Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?• Bear Stays Up for Christmas• The Night Before New Year’s• If You take a Mouse to the Movies• The Very Special Christmas• Counting to Christmas• The Night Before Christmas (CD)• A Magical Christmas (CD)• The Christmas Penguin• Christmas Carols• Silent Night (T. Kinkade)• Very mater Christmas• The Night Before Christmas (J. Brett)• The Snow Angel (G. Beck)• Christmas Trolls (J. Brett)• This is the Star

Page 49: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Gingerbread Village• The Gingerbread man• Gingerbread baby• The Gingerbread Kid• The Gingerbread Family• The Gingerbread Pirates• Gingerbread Mouse• The Gingerbread Cowboy• Gingerbread Friends• The Gingerbread Girl

Page 50: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Penguin Zone• Penguins to the Rescue• Without You• I Love your, Sleepyhead• Penguins: info book• Antarctica

Page 51: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

It’s Cold Outside• Snow• White Snow Bright

Snow• Snow Day• The Big Snow• The Biggest Snowball

Ever• Stranger in the Woods• Snowy Day• Dear Rebecca, Winter

is Here

• The Hat• (J. Brett)• The Mitten (J. Brett)• Sledding

Page 52: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Animals of Frozen Lands• Knut: The Baby Polar Bear• SEALS• The Little Reindeer• When Snowflakes Fall• …a book about polar bears• Watching Reindeer in Europe• Artic Tale (based on movie)• The Three Snow Bears

Page 53: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Buildings & The City• The Napping House• The House that Jack Built• How a House is Built• Jack’s House• My House Mi Casa• Houses (Discovery book)• The Little House• Getting to Grandpa’s

House• Peoples & Homes• Houses Through the Ages

• Build This City• There is a Town• City Maze• Where Do You

Live?• Build This City

(Lego city)

Page 54: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

My mouth• My Trip to the Dentist• A Trip to the Dentist• Going to the Dentist• Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth• The Tooth Book (Dr S)• My Loose Tooth• I Can Brush My Teeth

Page 55: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Feelings• I Was so Mad• When I Feel Angry• Gold is Mad• My Love For You• I Love You, Stinky Face• I Love You as Much…• I Love You with all my Heart• Love You Forever• I Love You (Rebus)

Page 56: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Silly Animal Stories• Make Way for the Dumb Bunnies• The Dumb Bunnies go to the Zoo• The Dumb Bunnies Easter• The Dumb Bunnies

Page 57: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

If you… books• If You Give a Mouse a Cookie• If you give a Pig a Party• If You Give a Pig a Pancake• If You Take a Mouse to School• If You take a Mouse to the Movies

Page 58: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

My Valentine• You Are My Sunshine• The Day it Rained Hearts• Skidamarink• Big Heart• Lots of Love (Clifford)Bear Hugs• The Night Before Valentine’s

Day• Countdown to Valentine’s Day• Love, Splat• The Best Thing About Valentines• Olive My Love• Slugs in Love• Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse• Big Shark’s Valentine Surprise

• Care Bears: Love is all Around

• Two Hearts (Snow White)

• The Day it Rained Hearts

Page 59: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Pet Shop• Harry the Dirty dog• Roses for Harry• Harry by the Sea• Harry & the Next Door Lady• A Fish out of Water• Biscuit’s Big Friend• Ultimate Pet Guide• The Best Book of Ponies• The Dog from Arf to Zzzz• Pet Heroes• See how they grow: pony• Grumpy Gloria• Hedgie Blasts Off• Clifford’s Kitten• Clifford the Big Red Dog

Page 60: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Paddy’s week• Books about Ireland• Tom & the Giant Potato• St Patrick’s Day Countdown• Jamie O’Rourke & the Big

Potato (T de P)• Jamie O’Rourke & the Pooka

(T de P)• Hooray for St Patrick’s Day!• The Luckiest St Patrick’s

Day Ever• It’s St Patrick’s Day• The Luck of the Irish

• Look What came from Ireland

• Looking for Leprechauns• Too Many Fairies• St Patrick’s Day in the

Morning• Let’s Celebrate St

Patrick’s Day• Green Shamrocks• Lucky o’Leprechaun• St Patrick’s Day Alphabet

Page 61: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Spring time is here!• Spring Planting• When Will it be Spring?• Spring is Here! Story about Seeds• We’re Going on a Nature Hunt• Planting a Rainbow• Seeds Grow• Seeds, Seeds, Seeds!

Page 62: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

The Trees• The Giving Tree• A Tree for all Seasons• The Great Kapok Tree

Page 63: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Hippity Hoppity Easter• Velveteen Rabbit• The Dumb Bunnies Easter• Happy Easter• Easter Bunny’s on His Way• Easter Egg (J. Brett)• Easter Eggs Everywhere!• Little Rabbit Foo Foo• Many Colors• Whiskers of Ho Ho• Happy Easter (board book)• Here Comes Peter Cottontail• The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings• Clifford’s happy Easter

Page 64: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Egg-citement!• Chick Life Cycle• Five Little Ducks• Eggs on Your Nose• Eggbert

Page 65: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Texas our Texas• The Texas Alphabet• TEXAS: DK Info book• The Armadillo from Amarillo• T is for Texas (Pic book)• The Littlest Longhorn (Bevo

coloring book)• TEXAS: State shape book• Texas Mother Goose• Child’s History of Texas• L is for the Lonestar State• Do Yu see What I see?


• Good Night Texas• David Crockett• Voices of the Alamo• Legend of the Bluebonnet• The West Texas Chili Monster• Sam Houston: Community

Builder bio• Armadillo Rodeo (J. Brett)• Texas Night before

Christmas• Lucy Goose Goes to Texas• The Tree That Would Not Die

Page 66: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Yee-hah, Cowboy!• Jalapeno Hal• Cindy Ellen: Wild West Cinderella• Cowboy Cookin (cookbook)• Texas Zeke & the Longhorn• Every Cowboy needs a Horse• Little Red Cowboy hat• Armadilly Chili• Cowboys & Cowgirls Yippee-Yay!• Maverick, the Lucky Longhorn• The Toughest Cowboy

Page 67: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Fairytale Castle• Jack & the Beanstalk ?• The Three Bears (flap book)• Where’s the Big Bad Wolf?• The Three Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig• The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs• Ugly Duckling• Little Red Hen• Goldilocks & the 3 Bears• Fairytale Rock• Snow White & The Untold Story• Rumpelstiltskin: rebus version• Rumpelstiltskin• Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter

Page 68: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Oceania• Rainbow Fish• One Fish, Two Fish, Blue Fish, Red Fish• Info books: sharks, sea stars, crabs, sea turtles• Coral Reef Hideaway• The Sea• Ocean: info popup book• Gilbert in the Deep (CD)• Into the Sea• Salty’s Big Win• Our Ocean Home• Somewhere in the Ocean

Page 69: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Whales & Dolphins• Shamu• Whale Brother• Whales!• A Garden of Whales• Whale Brother• Amazing Whales!• Amazing Dolphins• Killer Whale• Dolphins!• Under the Sea• Info books: dolphins, whales

Page 70: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Summer @ the Beach• A Day at the

Seashore• The Sand Castle

Contest• Shells Shells Shells• On the Beach• Sea, Sand, and Me• Beach Day

• Are we There Yet?• The Night before

Summer Vacation

Page 71: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Land Before Time• My Little Books of Dinosaurs• Dinosaur Opposites• Dinosaur ABC• New Dinos• Crunch Munch Dino Lunch• I’m Tyrannosaurus (Rhymes)• Here comes T. Rex Cottontail• Dancing Dinos @ the Beach• Dino Dinners• In the times of the Dinosaurs• Dinosaur Roar• Dinosaur’s Day• Dinosaur Babies• World’s Weirdest Dinosaurs

Page 72: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Yummy in my Tummy• Chocolatina• Who Stole the Cookie from the

Cookie Jar• I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato• Pickles, Please• What happens to a Hamburger• The Wolf’s Chicken Stew• Each Peach Pear Plum

Page 73: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

That Silly Monkey• Touch & Feel book• Curious George Board Books• Curious George gets a Medal• Curious George takes a Job

Page 74: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

School Days• Franklin Goes to School• School Days• Teeny Witch Goes to School• Biscuit goes to School• Don’t Eat the Teacher• Clifford’s Busy Week• S is for School (Elmo)• Starting School• Manners at School• This is the We go to School

Page 75: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Forest Animals• Mickey & Goofy: The Big Bear Scare• The Littlest Owl• We’re Going on a Bear Hunt• The Kissing Hand (Racoon)

Page 76: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

ELMO• All About Me

Page 77: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Reading Shelf• 5 Little Monkeys: Reading in Bed• How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read?

Page 78: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

ABC• Early Learning Sticker Dictionary• Dr Seuss ABC Flib book• Star Wars ABC• Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Page 79: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Sweet Pickles• Goose Goofs Off• Very Worried Walrus• Zip Goes Zebra• Fixed by Camel• Me too Iguana• Who Stole Alligator’s Shoe• Stork Spills the Beans• Elephant Eats the Profits

Page 80: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Princess• Disney Princess’ Block books• Disney Princess Story anthology• Princess Poppets Alphabet• P is for Princess

Page 81: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Mater & McQueen• Cars 2 Read-Along (w/CD)• Mater’s Birthday Surprise• Old, New, Red, Blue!• 9 mini books• Look out for Mater!• Mix & match book• Very Mater Christmas

Page 82: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Dr Seuss• A Fish out of Water• Hop on Pop• There’s a Wocket in my Pocket

Page 83: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Tomie de Paola• Strega Nona• Strega Nona: Her Story• My Favorite Time of Year• The Baby Sister• Teeny Tiny• The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush• The Legend of the Bluebonnet• Early American Christmas• Old Befana• My Christmas Strega Nona

Page 84: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Make-Believe• Hush, Little Alien• Ten Tiny Fairies• Tinker Belle anthology• Dragons• There’s a Monster under My Bed• Gone with the WandGnomeo & Juliet

Page 85: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Classics• Goodnight Moon• The Important Book• The Velveteen Rabbit• The Ugly Duckling• Make Way for Ducklings• Three Little Kittens• My favorite Things• A Chocolate Moose for Dinner• The King Who Rained• Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady• Eloise

Page 86: Teddy Bear Preschool Library

Scary Tales• The Fall of the House of Usher

Page 87: Teddy Bear Preschool Library