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Teddy Bear project. Our trip to the post office 30-Mar-2009 Dear Spela.. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Our trip to the post office 30-Mar-2009Dear Spela.. Today we went to the mail centre to send our bears to you , I had fun there with my friends because I knew more about mails and how to send mails to people in other Countries, then we sent all our bears to you, the time passed quickly, however I really had fun and I hope that I can go to there again. yours..Haya

  • Our trip to ceramic cafe 23-Apr-2009Dear Spela..

    Today we went to ceramic cafe, we really had fun there, we painted our own ceramics and we took photos with each other, then we took pictures for our ceramics I colored a shape of an frog, it was beautiful, then we went to see in the oven how do they make it to become glass, it was a nice trip and I liked it. yours..Haya

  • Our trip to Islamic museum 27-Apr-2009

    Dear Spela..

    Today we went to the museum of Islamic Art, it was the best trip ever, my friends and I took pictures of every piece of art we saw, and we went every where we can go to, the museum was big so we couldnt go every where, but we walked too much, at the end I want to say that I had fun in that trip. Yours..Haya

  • Our trip to wagf market 14-may-2009 Dear Spella.. Today we went to waqf market and its a traditional place where we can see the costumes of Qatar, we took pictures and saw the restaurants and walked in Souq wagef .After that we went to Baskin Robbins to eat ice-cream. Then we went back to school. I really had fun there Yours..Haya

  • Our trip to the pearl 18-may-2009 Dear Spella ..

    Today we went to the pearl and it was amazing!! We had fun we took many pictures. we saw the mall and we went in it, then we went to the Ferrari shop and we saw the cars and we took pictures . Then we get back to school, but I really had fun there and I wish I can go to there again.