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TEDX Toulon slides (20 June 2014) about emotions at work. From Airbus to SAP, in 15 years of coaching and training executives in international settings, Stéphanie has been constantly confronted with emotions management issues. Whether in crisis management or in everyday work life, emotions are a real issue and we learn to suppress them, the larger the organisation gets or the more pressured the markets become. This strategy is often reinforced by the rapid turnover of management and the pressure of financial metrics. Its only weakness is: it is not efficient.


  • Emotions at Work TEDx Toulon 2014 ! Stphanie MITRANO @SMmerkapt
  • We live everyday in two worlds.
  • Private world
  • Professional world
  • Transitions, Sas, Rituals
  • Transitions, Sas, Rituals
  • ! Casual Friday was cancelled after Adrian took it too far.
  • What attitude to adopt?
  • Turtleneck Issey Miyake Jeans Levis 501 New Balance 992 299 ! ! * Tablette not included
  • Assertive Detached Audacious Charismatic Autonomous Cold blooded Self-confident Results Oriented Performance control Influencing his teams High Tolerance to stress Employee of the month
  • are individuals who do not care about what people think of them and manipulate them to achieve their own goals. Robert D. Hares scale The Mask of Sanity Hervey Cleckley The Triarchic Model Christopher J. Patrick et al. Psychopath
  • PsychopathEmployee of the month
  • Except that
  • The Neurons that Shaped Civilization - TEDIndia 2009 this neuron is adopting another persons point of view its almost as though its performing a virtual reality simulation of the other persons action. ! Vilayanur S. RAMACHANDRAN
  • Humans Inside
  • So What?
  • Emotional Intelligence vs. IQ ! Daniel GOLEMAN
  • The Power of Vulnerability - TEDxHouston 2010 Listening to Shame - TED2012 I just told 500 people that I became a researcher to avoid vulnerability. And when being vulnerability emerged from my data, as absolutely essential to whole-hearted living, I told these 500 people that I had a breakdown. ! Bren BROWN
  • Manager Emotions
  • Driving Change
  • Solving Conflicts
  • Storytelling & pitch
  • Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. ! Michael SCOTT
  • Thanks! Photos by Apple Inc. Dexter, Showtime LEGO Group The Office, NBC The Social Network, David Fincher Upside Down, Juan Solanas Emotions at Work ! TEDx Toulon 2014! ! Stphanie MITRANO @SMmerkapt