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Telephone No: 080 - 22277396 Fax No : 080 - 22277396 GALORE ELECTKICITY SUPPLYCOMPANY LIM1TED CorporateOffice, K.R.Circle, Bangalore- 560001 o. BESCOMl64th BMl2014-15 ) 50€;' ,.. l6 Date:04.07.2014 Subject: Minutes of the 64th Meeting of Board of Directors of BESCOM. ******* Please find enclosed the Minutes of the '64th Meeting of the Board of irectors of BESCOM held on 16th June 2014 at Corporate Office, BESCOM, .R.Circle,Bangaloreforyourkindperusal,referenceandrecords. SriPankajKumarPandey,LA.S., M agingDirector,BESCOM, Co orateOffice, K.. Circle, Ba galore-560001

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  • Telephone No: 080 - 22277396Fax No : 080 - 22277396


    K.R.Circle,Bangalore - 560001

    o. BESCOMl64th BMl2014-15 )50€;' ,..l6 Date:04.07.2014

    Subject: Minutes of the 64thMeeting of Board of Directors ofBESCOM.

    *******Please find enclosed the Minutes of the '64th Meeting of the Board of

    irectors of BESCOM held on 16th June 2014 at Corporate Office, BESCOM,

    .R.Circle,Bangalore for your kind perusal, reference and records.

    Sri PankajKumarPandey,LA.S.,M agingDirector,BESCOM,Co orateOffice,K.. Circle,Ba galore -560 001


    Sriyuths:1. P Ravi Kumar2. Pankaj KUmar Pandey3. Arv;nd Shrivastava4. H. Nagesh5. B.LGuruprasad6. S.V.GOVindaraju7. V.Venkatas;va Reddy8. tVi. Nagaraju

    T.H. Shakeel Ahmed

    ChairmanManaging DirectorDirectorDirector (Technica~)Director (Finance)DirectorDirectorDirector



    : Authorised Signatory,BESCOIVy and Convener.

    At the outset, Managing Director welcomed the Chairman& Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Energy

    rtment, newly appOinted Director Sri ANind Shr;vastava,I.' " Secretary to Govt., Finance Department (Budget &

    . urces), other Directors and Officers to the mee,ing.

    ! ~L..


    Quorum being present, subjects were taken up fordiscussion and decision thereon.


    Subject NOn64/01: Leaveof Absence"

    Leaveof Absence was granted to the following Directors:

    1. Sri. G.Kumar Naik; and2. Sri. M. Maheshwar Rao

    5MbjetCl~/Non64J/@2; C(J)lJJfiff'matioffJlof Minutes @f t/flle65d Meeting of Board IfJ)f Director§)of SESCOM ·held on (J4fh MaJll'c/lll2fJ1l4"

    Authorised Signatory submitted to the Board that he is notin receipt of any comments on the proceedings. Consideringthe same and with due approval of the members, Minutes wasconfirmed without any modifications .

    .Subject(WOafi4J/@3: Action Take!i1l Repoit on rtl!lJeiVlilffJufl't:)s of the 6~ lMleefl:illilg tfj)[email protected] of liJJirectors of IB/[email protected]/ lutaldon 64thMarch 201140

    As regards Subject No. 63/03, it was submitted to theBoard that the power point presentation would be done beforethe next meeting.

    Board took note of the submission and theAction Taken Report.


  • ///f, .i



  • BANGALORE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY r.rn;Name of the NOn of Distinctive Name of the'Transferor shares Share NOn TransfereeSri p"K. Garg 1 49997 Sri B~L


    tFURulHHER RESOLVED that for the reasons explained;approval be and is hereby accorded to convene theExtraordinary General Meeting of BESCOMon Wednesday, the26th March 2014 at 05:00 P.M at the Registered Office of theCorporation n

    IFlUJRTHlERRIESOlV[E[) that the draft notice as annexed tothe Agenda be and is hereby approved and Sri R. srldhara..Authorised Signatory r BESCOMbe and is hereby authorised toissue the approved notice alongwith the explanatory statementto the shareholders and other personsentitled to the some,

    §flI!bjec!l .NoI164;j {J)6: Al../j~J((j)'ftilTDg of [email protected] ((;)f//)lilrecrtof!'5 on tine [email protected]((// ((]Jfsesco».

    e: ffJ!srclosfl/IfjeJ ([j)f ulTilfi;eresv: under(C({))mpaflilies AJcLZ;rby IDfir

  • I. .f i'r, :I



    Disclosure of Interest by the newly appointed Director Srirvlnd Shrivastavawas taken note of.

    §fL!I/J; fact No" 64/(I)7: lBJalJlJgalt{))}!'$f!JistfriiJiJJii!:io!J[J IIJp ....gradattioll!JProject: COiJ1jsttrt!!JctioiIiJ Package VlB:'lew RMlfJs IE: (Re£tJ/acemelJ1Jtofexisting 5 Way RIVjJljJsby! DJJSCompatible iV/raw RIM/lis)


    At the request of lV'anaging Director, the subject wastr ated as withdrawn,

    §f1!I!!J} ct Ilt!OD64JjOIJ: JiJltiI'J8ntl/menfl:to Package VI analSttipplyof Balianrce (juEJ!liJtittyof jJjffJ CableD

    The proposal relates to the obligation of the Agency ~jfs.L '. 1 Chennai to supply HT AB cables as per the scope underth DWA vis-a-vis Package-6 of Bangalore Distribution Up-gr dation 'Project. The Agency, as brought out in the proposal,ha not adhered to its obligations. The proposal tndkates thatBE cotv) has issued separate DWA for supply of materialsun er the Contract. Hence ~D, BESeOM was advised to takene essary action as per the stipulations under the DWA issuedto ·he Agency.

    §l!ibje .ff fW(f})ur54/crJSJ: rCtreatio)j1iJ of High Voltage Distlrib!!Jriio!!fJSystem lflFi/ol1Jitoftill1J!!} Cell f!Jviit/J!Jnecessery staff, aft Ct{J)Jrj!))[email protected][/9ficeu

    The proposalwas rejected.s

  • .. ", .';',~ ../"':;,,-.~-" '_,


    Subject /[email protected],,64/Jl 0: EJ.fiJ:effildilllfJ i:he lI/ol!JIsre (f)/l"derIlJl [QJciiitl.!11to Chairlnan of' I!J/ESCO/lJlfl17

    For the reasons explained in the proposal, action takenwas ratified and the following Resotution was passed:

    RESOLVED tfhlat action taken by BESeOM in extendingthe House Orderly facHitate to the Chairman, BESCOMwitheffect from 01.02.2014 vide Order No.BESCO~1/BC-31/2131108-09 dated 29.03.2014 be & is hereby RA1fEtFlnEDn

    §/l./Ibjeclt N0I154J /1 J1: Reorganizatio/i1J (iJ)f Jj(JjJliffsrd/icttiofjJJaJ/i11J;((J>{(!fjjjJdBlIlJl of P/igilBJlfiJce/Pol/ice §ftati(fN1JJ§/located lIim BMAZ &BRfJJZ

    Proposal was explained. The proposal addressed the needto reorganize the jurisdictionar boundary of 6 Police Stationsbased on the jur~sdiction of respective O&M Divisions. Thiswould help to serve public interest and at the same timefacifitate administrative convenience. However suchreorganization has to be carried out at the Government level asper Code of Cijvir Procedure, 1973. Accepting the proposalBoard authorized the MD to address GoK for issue of necessaryOrders accordingly.

    ~fES(Q)1L V[E[» fclhl


    i ? six police stations located in BMiAZ& BRAZ for!1D(fJcessalrJll9otif'lcation :=

    iL,Rajafj/nagar211 .1ayanagar3" ){ndiranagar4Ja Malleswaram5uHosakotefiu Ram2J!I1Jagall

    §([email protected]/12: Usage of spira!! earth el/ectrode t~aJd:!kliti((JJna!rtj/MEJ!lJJtity of SO Sq lJ'l!Jird1J !L rcable (fJfsertllun /L 7f VlJlill'uil'Jg !/.tit fof!'installation of !J1j(fJ'fJ1I DuG unde« RGGP/'J(J( p!i?P1fJ i!llJ 18l!E!§C{})J~ j!!JJIJi&d/ic(fioftJexecuted !by! IIbfl/G S/P/fot!//La

    Details were explained. The proposal has already beenco sidered by the 61st & 63rd Board at their Meeting held on16 11.2013 & 04.03.2014 respectively. Board had rejected it asit ight lead to similar claims from other agencies. Sincedlv rqent views are being expressed, it was suggested that aTe hnlcal Committee of BESCOIVIheaded by DT shall examinethe following and submit a report:

    a) In the DWA issued to the Agency, is earthing in thescope of the Bidder?

    b) Has any Bidder sought clarification in writing as to thekind and type of Earth~ng to be done for BPLHouseholds?

    c) Has the Bidder/s been clarified as to the kind and typeof earthing to be carried out? If so, is it i \J riting?..


    d) Was any Meeting held with the bidders where suchissueshave been raisedand addressed?If so, details ofthe same.

    e) When was the decision taken to direct all agencies tocarry out the work by using independent Spira~EarthElectrode as per the approved drawings.

    Attention of the Board was invited to the discussionsatthe 6151as well as 63rdBoard meeting held on 16.11.2013and04.03.2014 respectively. Director (Technical), BESCOMsubmitted to the Board that BESeOMhas not committed in anyrecord that additional cost towards using Spiral Earth Electrodewould be borne by it. DUring diScussions,attention of theBoard was drawn to letter No. BESCOM/BC-16/F-801/DGM_2/AGM-4/06-D7/3631-40dated 25.11.2006 wherein it has beenclarified to do Spirai Earth Electrode type of earthing asbrought out in Volume-II Technical SpeCificationano drawingof the ContractOrder. As such the aspect of additional cost forproviding Spiral Earth Electrode to BPLhouseholds Under thework awarded to the Agency does not arise. On the issue of.considering the request of the Firm for payment towards theadditional quantity of l T Cablesused in LT wiring kit, MDwasadvised to address the same in accordancewith the Provisionsof DWA.

    For the reasons explained in the proposal, AuditCommittee was reconstituted and the following Resolutionswere passed:

    RfESOIi,J/fEli) 'ft~Zl1J: Aa.u(L/JHft CommUU:itW rrecllJ)tri1§'ttfflt!l1JiteldI aJS S:Deg(Qlw~



    :IL Malnagill'DQ Durectorv C{PTCIL(By name) ~cctaautrmalfTI2" rPull"ectorr (Technical), Sr:SCOM (By name) : DVdember3..Sri §IIV"Go~nli'lldarra]lI1* ~ Ii~ermuber

    ote: *Membership at SI.No.3 is conterminous with hisDirectorship on the Board of BESeOM.

    fIUJR1fHHEfftfRJESOlVED that Alllthorusedl Sug,uu~\i:c~JuB i~SeOM be aH1'[d us hereby authorlsed to B§StUle rrnC3ceSsalGl]e derrs a1ccorrdlutrmg~VB

    S "bject N(f)" 64/114: JJdditio!!iJal Cost jp}!f((JJp({))sall of /MIlSIEfacec iJ1o!/ artfL-ej())JaJ!Jjj~'e1 of rd~eextended peJl'i((J)d ((j)tf PacL''taJfYig,..J[coatrec: tJjjifPdelt!PAS £lJJrroje,r;(f"

    Details were explained. The proposal has already beenco sidered by the 61st Boardat its Meeting held on 16.11.2013.Br adly the Distribution Automation System consists of 7pa' kaqes, Packaqe-l relates to Dlstribution AutomationSy tern,' !V~asterStations, Communication System and ControlCe tre facilities. The other Construction Packages, viz.vPa kage-II to Package-VII are interdependent on Packaqe-I asth final' integration has to happen only on completion ofPa kaqe-I,

    Broadly the reasonsthat have contributed for the delay inpletion of Package-l were reiterated as below:


    (1) Delay in approval of DASdetailed design;(2) Delay in Frequency Allocation by WPC;,(3) Delay in construction of Control Centre building at HSR

    layout; and Back up Control Centre at AnR.C~rcJe;and(4) Deray in obtaining clearance from BBMP

    Subject was debated. following were noted in thiscontext:

    1. 61st Board of BESCOM at its meeting held on16.11.2013 have approved extension of the contractunder the proposal up to 31.03.2015 without any extracost and at the same Terms and Conditions of theeXisting contract.

    2. MIs Efacee, Portugal have not accepted the extensionon the same Terms and Conditions, but however, haverequested for amending certain commercial terms andconditions apart from seeking additional cost.

    3. While seeking additional cost, the agency has broadlycategorized the contract under two Parameters namelycontract being extended up to 31.03.2015 and contractto be considered for extension up to 21.09.2015.

    4. The agency has sought an additional cost @ 26% ofthe contract amount for the extension approved up to31.3.2015.

    5. In respect of the proposal to be considered forextension up to 21.9.2015, Agency has sought anadd~tionalcost at 15% of the ContractAmount.

    6. Project Management Consultant KEMA have given ageneral opinion without gOing into the rnerits of eachitem against which additional cost is being sought



    '1 7. While the proposal speaks of expiry of loan validity fromJICA, agenda is not forthcoming as to when the valid!tyof the loan would get expired.

    Proposal was debated. Agenda does not bring out thed tails on the role, responsibilities and deliverables vis-a-visb th BESCOMand the Agency in terms of the original contract.T .e Agency has also not speft out clearly in its letter as tou der what provisions of the origina~contract they are seekingth . extra dalms, It is also not clear as to under whatcii umstances, the Agency can seek amendment to theC merdal Terms of the originai contract which vvourdm teriarly alter the contract itself. In the circumstances, Boardde ired a detailed analysis of the claims made by the Agency,wi specific reference to the provisions under vvhich the dalmha . to be considered, reasonableness of the claim, categoricalrec mmendation with respect to each of the claim. and itsref renee to the contract stlpulations by the ProjectMa agement Consultant. Additionally Board also desiredspe ific opinion of the consultant on the request for arnendingthe Commercial Terms and Conditions of the original contractvvit reference to the provision which provdes for the same.

    'W~fithtfhle ;allbove tiketaHH$u nit ~£t7~S; S:tUlg~e§tte(l]l1:frllatt fro1lefPlr\{))1 osan [be rrewellite[/J ito ,Une [ffi(Q)Sl!tdu

    !:Y(!!/!lYJ] cft JtI({)}u©4/115uu EJ.rtte!/1}siolfJ (!);J' C{{Jil'Jff;raJct [le.))!!' lfleftJ1J(c)ieJl'etrmi!fJa/I l!JJ;niiJ:s (JJJ!!fJf!iell' !B:alrJJ![jlrE!lOil6Disitri/bJl!JJtiollJffJp!!J!!'adlaJi!:iollY Project


  • Following were noted in this context:


    a) BESCOMhas taken up Distribution Automation Scheme(DAS) works in the BMAZ area with the financialassistance of MIs. Japan International Co-operationAgency (JlCA).

    b)One of the scope of DAS is to provide Remote TerminalUnits (RTU) with communication facility at all RMUfocations.

    c) DAS has been divided into 7 packages and PackageHA,nB & HC relates to RTUsfor existing and new RMUs.

    The Proposal has already been considered by the 591h Boardat its Meeting held on 16.11.2013. Non availability ofcommissioned RMUs has resuited in delay in commissioning ofRTUs. As per programme, the RMU commissioQing shouldhave been completed by May 2013/Nov 2013. Commissioningof RMUsis expected to be over by November of 2013. As suchthere is a necessity to extend the period of contract in respectof PackagesII(A),II(B) & 1I(C) Involving SUPplyand Erection ofRTUs as proposed. Considering the above, Board at its 59thMeeting extended the period of completion in respect of thefolloWing Contracts for Supply and Erection of RTUs foreXisting & new RMUs under Bangalore DistributionUpgradation Projects as detailed below duly folloWing corporatenorms & in accordance with the agreement entered into with~1/SJICA:SI.

    Contraa lifo. l!r dater:xr.-ensio!'1approrred IiIp ttl()

    No.BESCOM/CGM (PFO.1ECTS) /DAS/'IJ/ SUPPlY/6S-A/ 20:!.O-.1..1.

    2. and

    27.22.20.iZ38ESCOM/CGMl (PROJECTS) /DAS/ R7rU-Package_IIA/SER.PI.lCES/65-8/201!J_l.1. dt.JUJ.O:t.20.tJl.

    1 ,~\ IIJl2


  • ./ -, BESCOM/CGM (PROJECTS) /DISS/ RTU-ParekageuIIB/SUPPLY/66-A/2():tO-t:tandSESCOM/CGM (PROJECTS) /DAS/ Rill-Package-lIB/SERVICES/fiS-Bj 20:1.0-:1..1.dt.:Jl3.0.1.20.t.t


    BESCOM/CGM (PROJECTS) jDAS/ RTlJ-Package-aCjSUPPl V/57-A/ 2010-1:1andlJESCOMjCGM (PROJECTS) /DASj RiU-Package-:tIC/SERVICES/57-lJj 20:1.0-.1.:1.dt.07.0.1..20:t.t


    The scope of v\lork under the subject Package-IIcomprisesof Testing, design, instarrationand commissioning ofRl Us and Associated Services. Contracts have been awardedun~er the package to 3 agencies during August J010 as perde ails below: !En( uiry No- RTU-Pkg-n Pkg

    NosNameof Bidder Qty Award amount

    in Rs. (All inclJBESCOM/CGM/PROJECTS-Pkg- M/s ASB India.25/ ~009-10 n A Ltd, Banqalore 700 111525602/-BES~OM/CGM/PROJEcrS-Pkg- Mis CGl India, 495 aooeeoao l:26/.009-10 II B GurgaonBES~OIVf/CGMjPROJECTS- Pkg- lVi/s Etacec, 395 64000000 j-27/2009-10 ~I C Portugal

    The following Firms have requested for extension ofcom ract period:

    a IVljs ABS vide letter no IN56410035/BESCOMjDAS/036dated 12.03.2013 requesting for contract extension up to27th Dec 2014.

    bj lV~/sCGL, Gurgaon vide letter No CGL/EPD/BESCOM-DAS/2011-12/RTU-IIBjl07 dated 03.05.2014 requestingfor contract extension for addit~onal one and half yearfrom the date of contract validity"

    c) IVVs Efacec, Portuqal vide letter dated 29-11-2013requestmq for contract extension till integration to DASoackage-X.



    Proposalwas debated. On the progress, it was noted that835 RMUshave to be installed as yet. From the agenda, it isseen that due to non-availability of line clearance erection ofRMUs have got delayed. Commissioning of RMUs is coveredunder package IV and V. Board of BESeOM have alreadyextended the period of completion in respect of package IV and\I up to 31st March 2015. Since the commissioning of RTUs isdirectly related to the commissioning of RMUs, the proposalmerits consideration, In the past, at the instance of therespective Agencies, extensions have been accorded withoutany extra financial implication. Presently also the respectiveAgencies have sought extensions without any extra cost. Delayin non- commissioning of RTUshave been beyond the controlof either BESeOM or the Agency. Hence, the aspect of levyingpenalty on the Agency may not be correct. Considering thesame, Board accorded its approval to the proposal and thefollowing resolutlon was passed:

    R/ESf[})/Lrf/E/D 7!/}f/A7f' .fun f!:llle ressons eJ.qp/ltEJiIfJJr:aa;?tal/p/p!i({))Pf!dl1/ be &Z is li'7JtSue/[email protected]([/jto eXti"tEJl71J«il fllve peiiord/of (c(ClJmpietio/ii)PNilt/[email protected] !(f)P/'jf of /pe/lUifJ/ltlJ! [email protected] Bltr.~fflJO (PJJ.ffclraC(Q)Sti: fiv BIESC([jJ1ft1j i!!77respect @f &'1!1I(fJ f(})/II({)Plll'ifJUgCOJ!iTJtt!frElcts[VB §l/./I/ppfly BJIlUrd!!Etrt2JcftiO/ii} @f R.7fllJs f(w;r exli:sttufrilg & /TiJeMf~Mf.I§ flIJl/iJrdler Ba!i7lgJt8J//@f1'e /}))istf:/rcfCittllti«J)/li] !1JJpgjlra([/[email protected]/l7}!Projects as detail/ted bra/ow dfJIJlly fr.»III/@Mfi/fJJgcorpossienorms & ifn accordance ITlffittllo the Bl1Jj!1'eemelfPtt ell7Jf!:rarecdl [email protected] MIS J}[CJJJ:Sin

    BIESCOM/CGM (P!!?tOJ.JECTS) II[}ASj sro-PBJckage-J!XA/ §fUI/P/P'1l. 'If/t$5~A/ 2(JJl.O~J.J!.

    . in andBESCOMjCGlfl{l (IP'ROJJECTS) Iji)JAS/IR7rfJ-PatC!.r£Jge~J[J{A/SERr.f.JTCE5/65-B/2(/)J}.({)-,l.1.J. dtf:;,Jl.«[email protected]


  • · -,BESrcOillJ/CGM (PROJECTS) /DJJS/R7fU-Package_.lIB/SilIPPl V/ 56-AI2(Jl0-Jl.tandBESCOM/CGM (PRO..JECTS)/DAS/ IlTIIJ-Package-ilIB/SERVICES/56-B/20.1.0_1Jl.dt.t3.0.t.201:!.


    BESCOM/CGfoJl (PROJECTS) /DAS/R7fU-Package-J(l'C/SIf.JPlPlV/ 57-A/20.tO-JlJ.andBIESCOM/CGM (PROJECTS) /DAS/Il'J(flJ-Packagra-J!JfC/SEJIlWCES/67-B/ 2([J.!.(J-l11dt,(J~Oi,,201.Jl

    St ''iJject ND,sffi4/Jl6: Adjustment f!J)'advaJncejOJ~y;rJ1le1J'1Jt((j);fRs JIJIJI/} CIt'Oll'te to f1JdlJlfpj P({})PfiJJ8lf'.- " .. . II e: ".(f.. ,.....'1 fl' ff/!J),("/IJ~orp(j)I/'~!tflr!J.}fj) ~/J!JJ}Jider!JJ[ (f;.Pli LIL. 01lJJ?!.'/: "7.:J. "P.1t1~7.~

    " ~'

  • 31.03.2014 & further exempted for the FY 2014-15 also videGoK Order No: EN 470 Expenditure-12j14 dtd.05.06.2014.

    1. As Transformers were urgently required for the planned andnon-planned works for the FY 2014-15 and hence it wasdecided to procure 9500Nos. of 25KVA and 2400Nos.. of63KVA 3-Phase Aluminium wound BEE 3Star ratedDlstributlon Transformers from Mis. KAVIM Ltd, Banqatore,Mjs Andrew Yule & Company limited, Kolkata and.Mis KeralaElectrical And Allied Engineering Co. ttd., KochL

    . 2. The following previous rate has been considered for thepresent purchase order for supply of 25 K'VA 8t 63 KVA 3 Starrated Distribution Transformer on fIRM price basis:

    a) Mis Andrew Yule & Company limited; Kolkata:I

    se 81Cess onTranstormer lUJRilnlt lEn-works [email protected]°/@ lUi1IR!l:f-tH !!.llunilt tComttJlUlfcerllCap31dlty price en IRs. [email protected] 12.3160/0 ~gaili1lsG: 'C' charges DII1JRs, IFORIDl [ijlirRCe UITiluDil IRs. form in IRs. IP..s.25KVA 5336({]l.([JJO 6595.30 Jl.1l99.:1l.({D :e4~~.6ilj) 63654.00

    b) Mis Keraia Electrical And Allied Engineering Co. Ltd., Kochi:"irraR1lslformer Ull1lfit. lEx-works lED&. Cess 01111 CS1'@2% iUJlnult lF~d;: Ul~ilntClDlmlPl~.Ill:e~CZl~adn:v iiJlliice DIiiI iRs. tElD> @ :iL~.316% against 'C' charges fin IRs. !FIOR[ll n))[rEc(;:")n Ii1lOillRs, form in fR.Sn [RSII



    3' Comparison of rates w.r.t, prevailing Common SR 2012-13:

    mmon SR2012-13 MIs. KELand MIs. Kavikai Rate in Rs. foJi/s.Andrew Yule

    Rate of .%Rate for % variation IVI/s. variation Rate of MIs. % variation w.r.t Kavika2SKVAin Common Kavil


    Board disCussedthe proposal in detail. Considering theurgent need for Distribution Transformers, GoK has grantedexemption from KTPP act for placing orders on the aboveFirms. Action taken by General Manager (Procurement),BESCOMin having placed Pas for Distribution Transformersrequired for BESCOMwas accordingly ratified.

    Oil! fl:hereqllJJcest off MIs AAWEKA mil ooliilsidellZllti«ilfill 011fP'lI"ace W

    IlllJ.mdlied, Fi~FoMr OI!iJIft_25KVA !?S.63987a87(3Star 2({}t(JO (Hs" SiJrty three ftI10IUSBlIi7Jtfi? Ni/iJ/(;rated) NMiildtre¢ Eighty Sep/'(f}ii/&paisa1547/ M/s. KalYikilllLftd,


  • C;"l j;~ 0

    I t ~~;BANGAlL.ORE ELECTRl!ICl!TY SUPPLY COMl?ANir LTD.TO raemc '"!- ,'OrE: lhe request of fills KAVIICAfor consideration of I"liice

    ,awiatioll clause mall be dealt as per the Ellpert Committee'scommellullatooll1ls.

    S 'Jojed;No.64/:JlIJ:Up-gmdation of!' AGM{IF&C) toDGM(F8tC) in /Expend/tyre Sect;iolliJlY

    Director (Finance),BESCOMexplainedthe details of thePI, posat Since the Utility had grown over years, there is asi nifieant increase in receipt of revenue from among theva iousAccountingUnitsand paymentof liabilities.ExpenditureSe responsiblefor mobilizingthe resourcesby way ofav ifing long Term loans/Short Term loans from Banks/Fin ncial Institutions. This would require strengthening the

    nditure Section by creating the supervisory post of DCA.

    Submissions were noted. Approving the Proposal,\ling resolution was passed:

    lR.iES{])!LW[E[lI 1rIHlAY allPlJllMl'I'oEIH i!]e iillll\lldJ ffS 1]II:Hre1811(;weatte (Q)lnle [email protected] @if [ll6ifit1Q (tF&CC)j (/D)C~) nunSe

  • z.3.o~oi-"~:{

    Vendors viz. Bangaiore One, Easy Bill, Bill Desk, Bill Junction,etc., and to extend the facility in entire jurisdiction of BESCOM.With the present scope of work involved, the ECSSection is tobe renamed as Online Payment Cell. So as to be make it workmore effectively and independently. The Cell shall be headedby a supervisory officer of the rank of DCA.

    Board debated the matter. Appreciating the submission,Board approved the proposal and passed the followingresolutions:

    !RUESQJ)IL~;lElD 1l!Hl~1f calpPlr

  • (i) As the Revised Budget was approved duringNovember 2013, there was delay in callingtender and award of many works.Even though physical progress has beenachieved, bills in respect of many works .havenot been submitted and the same wm bebooked under Spillover works for FY 2014-15.Works viz. NJY Phase -2, Evacuation of linesetc., are delayed due to field constraints such asRight of way problems litigations and objectionby the consumers.



    3. For FY 2014-15, a Capita' Expenditure Budget ofRs.2604u47 Crores is proposed as below:

    (i) spm over works:

    (a) An amount of Rs. 326.97 Crores is proposedfor General works which includes 11 KVEvacuation & Link ~ines, Strengthening ofHT/LT network in BMAZu HT/LTReconductoring, UG Cable, providing additiona!DTCS, Planned works (Gangakalyana:, RE/Sep!TSP/ Drinking Water Supply/ ServiceConnect~onworks) and Civil VVorks.

    (b) An amount of Rs. 915.5 Crores Is proposed forProject Works viz., NJY Phase-t &2, DASi'RAPDRP (Part A & B), HVDS, Prov~d~nQinfrastructure to UIP, DTC ~~eterjngyReplacement of HT Metering Cubicle andE~ectromechanicar lVieters by ElectrostaticMeters.


  • (ii) New works:(a)An amount of Rs.634 Crores is proposed for

    Distribution loss 'Reduction/SystemImprovement 'Norks.

    (b)An amount of Rs. 277 Crores is proposed forReduction of AT &C losses.

    (c)An amount of Rs. 97 Crores is proposed forReliability Improvement/safety works.

    (d)An amount of Rs. 258 Crores is proposed forProject Works vlz., I\UY Phase-S, RGGVY12thPlan, HVDS, DSM& Smart Grid,

    (e)An amount of Rs. 96 Crores ~sproposed forother works such as Civil Engineering, ITinitiatives, Enlergency Calamit~es, T&P andVehicles,etc.,

    Board debated the matter. It was suggested thatemphasis shall be given for early complenon of on-going works,Following were observed in this context

    a) BESeOM has undertaken a tot of new Scheme 'Narksduring the fast couple of years.

    b) Reasons and purpose for which the said new workswere taken up and the stage of completion may bepresented to the Board at the next meeting.

    c) These works have been capital Intensive and requresubstantia' fundinq, How is the funding managed andwhat is the margin of BESCOMmay be brought out.

    d) In the event of any of the SchemeWorks having gotover any Post Work Audit carried out and if so theresults of the same shall be presented.

    e) How far the benefits from the said SchemeWorks haveflownto BESCOM may~~o be presenteY1Je Board.


  • f ',; ,


    Having observed as above, it was suggested to make abrief res.entation before the next Board covering the abovespect

    With the above, the proposal was approved and thelIowing resolution was passed:

    RESOlI1J/rEDTHAT the Ca/puitafl lEX[pIS01lrilOl!:Q1ltre fB(!jjd~

  • FII.»IR.1f'HIER!~JESlOllV'1E1O1lliaiJ: anyone Director holdingdigital signature be and is hereby authorized to file necessaryapplication alongwfth requisite fee with Mini~try of CorporateAffairs, Government of India, New Delhi seeking approval tothe apPointment

    Meeting Concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.