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  • Humour in the ESL/EFL Classroom

  • Without a sense of humor, everyday life could become pretty boring.

    Humour in the English classroom has more than just the effect to induce laughter.

  • Benefits of humor in TESL*Affective Filter Hipothesis (Kraschen) implied that our pedagogical goals should not only include supplying comprehensible input, but also creating a situation that encourages a low filter. Increases Motivation and Self-confidence.Creates a Positive Classroom Atmosphere. It Bridges the Broad Gap Between Teachers and Students.

    "What is learned with laughter is learned well"

  • Types of Humor in Teaching Textual Stories, JokesPictorial Cartoons, ComicsAction/Games Theatre, Video, Role play, Simulation, Contests Verbal Puns, Word games, Acronyms

  • Don't try too hard. Do what fits your personality.Don't use private humour .Make humour an integral part of your class, rather than something special. Be careful not to overuse it, it could lose its value and effect.Using humour, like teaching, has to be well prepared.

  • Guidelines on using humor in TESLSmile/Be lighthearted.

    2. Be spontaneous/natural.3. Foster an informal climate/be conversational and loose.4. Begin class with a thought for the day, a poem, a short anecdote, or a humorous example.5. Use stories and experiences that emerge from the subject matter.6. Relate things to the everyday life of students.7. Plan lectures/presentations in short segments with humor injected.8. Encourage a give-and-take climate between yourself and students.9. Ask students to supply you with some of their jokes, stories, or anecdotes, Share these.10. Tell a joke or two. Do outrageous things. Admit you're no good at it. Appear human.

  • If at first you don't succeedskydiving is not for you.

  • No, it was yesterdie

    Did I come here to die?Phonology

  • MorphologyCollie + Malamute Commute, a dog that travels to work

  • Lexicon A: Waiter, do you serve crabs here? asks a customer.B: We serve everybody. Just have a seat at this table, sir.- Call me a taxi. - OK, you're a taxi. Crab: a cranky person or a marine crustacean.

  • Syntax

    The dean announced that he is going to stop drinking on campus. No kidding! Next thing you know hell want us to stop drinkingtoo

  • Give students silly topics to write about, eg:Why do I like being a German ShepardA day in a pencils lifeThings that you can do while you wait for the bell to ring25 reasons that I consider there must be classes on Saturdays and SundaysGrandmas cooking book: How to cook a wolfSnowhite writes a letter to the author complaining that the mirror is foggy


  • Teacher, Stacy took my pencil and she wont give it to me.

  • Discipline Official complainer applicationDate.Full Name..Address.City, state.Zip codePhone number..Age.Grade..Favourite subjectFavourite colour.Favourite book...Name of father or tutor.Name of mother.Name of teacher.References (name 3 people that know you)....Name of people related with the complain..Complain.

  • Discipline Problems grade of importance.Mark the correspondent number according to the following scale:Insignificant (2) Mnimal (3) Regular (4) Big (5) Extraordinary

    What kind of action would you suggest?AppologisePeer mediationTalk with the teacherReunion with headmasterIntervention of the highest authorities of schoolOther:

  • Classroom decorationBright colours Hang funny posters or phrases Create signs: - For Rent / - Drive thru / -Deliveries on the back / - No parking / - No barking / - Do not feed the animals, etc.

    No applicantsLeave a tip when you leaveWild animals????????

  • Who am I? I am a/an Chilean. I was born years ago in . When my father first saw me, he said, !

    I am meters tall, have brown eyes, and a/an complexion. My hobby is collecting. I always speak

    , and I have made several motion pictures. I am married to , the well-known Hollywood. I have given away thousands of to charity. My most prominent physical characteristics are mynose and my large. Who am I?

    Answer: I am AdjectiveNumberGeographical LocationExclamationNumberAdjectiveAdjectivePlural nounAdverbAdjectivePerson in roomNounPlural nounAdjectiveNounAnother person in room