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  • Testimonial

    ABOUT BOLTON ADHESIVES Bolton Adhesives is part of The Bolton Group. The Group is

    present internationally with 27 companies and owns more

    then 50 different brands in the categories Food and House-

    hold Care.

    • 10 Sales offices

    • 2 Production sites (Goes, Bühl)

    • 3377 Products

    • 19579 Digital Assets

    • 12 Commercial languages

    • Trade partners in Europe, Middle-East and



    Using SyncForce not only saves Bolton

    Adhesives a lot of time, but it’s also a

    powerful tool to increase its sales

    opportunities. The company is still

    discovering new benefits after a 10-year

    journey with the Solution. “It’s a living


    COMPLEX ORGANIZATION Branded goods manufacturers like Bolton Adhesives

    always use a lot of communication materials such

    as presentations, images, product datasheets, user

    manuals and advertising texts. “Before we started

    working with SyncForce, these were all files that we

    managed manually”, explains Margot Haest, Senior

    Corporate Communication Manager at Bolton

    Adhesives. “At that time, around 2004, there was no

    single, central place where we kept all those materi-

    als. Everything was kept at different locations, and by

    different people, all of whom had their own

    working methods. If you wanted to make

    something – like a catalog, for example – you

    had to search everywhere for all the files you

    needed. It was a complex organization, and

    you were always one step behind on what

    was going on.”

    AUTOMATED ACCESS The need for a centralized solution for texts and photos,

    a single source of information, and a way to maintain

    and publish product information – were some of the

    things they wanted to achieve. “An advantage was that

    SyncForce was the only supplier that could offer a single

    solution for Product

    Portfolio Management. Our need wasn’t unique by any

    “Before we started working with SyncForce, these were all files that we managed manually.”

    - Margot Haest, Senior Manager Corporate Communication -

  • SyncForce Headquarters

    Strijp-T, Building TQ 5, 5th floor

    Achtseweg Zuid 159N, 5651 GW Eindhoven

    P.O. Box 4989, 5604 CD Eindhoven

    The Netherlands

    T +31 (0)88 2392200

    [email protected]


    Regional Sales office North America

    641 Lexington Avenue

    New York, NY 10022, USA

    T 212-271-4875

    means because a lot of other brand owners are facing the

    same challenges. For example, collecting information for

    industry organizations. Providing all the required information

    manually isn’t a very efficient

    process. Now we can provide all the required

    information in a fully automated process through

    SyncForce’s 1-Click Content Distribution.”

    STEP-BY-STEP The transition from a fragmented working method to a single

    structure that the whole organization can use was a big

    change. “You can’t implement a system like that at a stroke”,

    says Silvia Vervoort, Senior Corporate Communi-

    cation Specialist at Bolton Adhesives. “As well as

    that it’s a never-ending task. We’re always working

    to optimize our processes, which is what makes it a

    living platform.”

    INTERNAL TIME SAVINGS AND FUTURE PROOF IN THE DIGITAL AGE According to Vervoort, managing product

    information at a single level and automatically

    generating all the required documents are big benefits. “As

    soon as you place product information in the

    platform, a technical datasheet and safety information sheets

    are generated. If anything changes in the source information,

    SyncForce detects it and makes the

    necessary changes in all the documents, systems and chan-

    nels. That saves a huge amount of work.”

    Does all that add up to a competitive advantage? Haest

    thinks it does. “Absolutely, you can supply data very

    easily. Just look at do-it-yourself chains that are setting up

    their webshops.” But the biggest gains are in the

    internal time savings. “All it takes is the touch of a

    button, which means we can use our time on more

    important matters. And with the rise of e-commerce,

    we can also exploit the benefits externally. SyncForce

    is a powerful tool to increase our sales opportunities.”

    “Now we can provide all the required information in a fully automated process through SyncForce’s

    1-Click Content Distribution.” - Silvia Vervoort, Senior Corporate Communication Specialist -

    Product Success Platform

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