the adventure of finding the others

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My presentation deck for the Sticks & Stones Conference 2014 in Berlin.


  • The Adventure of finding the Others.
  • Hi, Im Monika and I like to talk to people. // always.
  • I believe everyone should share their passions & interests. // blog, tweet & spark,..
  • Because only then people know why they should come to you. // Fashion Camp11.
  • You might not have much time to look for jobs when you have a passion you really care about. // Locked in my room in Spring 11.
  • The one email that taught me something about job hunting.. // At least I checked my emails.
  • Thats the story of how I skipped (unpaid) internships; but why is this relevant? // Lets look at recruiting & job hunting as we know it.
  • Job search is based on keywords. // that help us check off boxes and find the familiar.
  • Lets look at job hunting and recruiting as we all know it.. It gets even worse when CVs & cover letters are pre-screened by robots, not people. // Can you put the exceptional into boxes? Probably not.
  • In 1492 Leonardo DaVinci writes the first professional resume. In 1950 resumes are not just a formality, theyre expected. In 1983 Microsoft Word launches, setting the standard for resumes for decades to come. // Lets look at it like this.
  • Why do we still recruit people like in the time of the Organization Man when what we really want are people that are exceptional & great with the team? // Can you find real talent after every young person has been told that this is the ultimate way to apply for a job?
  • There are probably more people that can do the job & probably less people who fit within your team. // CVs are a way to screen for skills, not fit.
  • Youve just screened 500 resums based on keywords youre familiar with & you have 10 candidates left that have a proven track of ALL your requirements. Now you probably hope 1 of them fits & wants to be part of your team. // How many times have you faced this situation?
  • What would happen if youd screen for people that fit & are passionate about your subject first; only then check if their skills fit too? // its less likely to miss out on someone awesome.
  • Understand today, shape tomorrow Spring 11 Every employer wishes to have employees that are truly passionate; people that dont just say they are to trick the application process. // Thoughts? (Before I give you another perspective)
  • How are people supposed to know if theyd like to work with your team when they have no idea what its like? // First day at work is more intimidating than first dates.
  • Why should companies hide their culture? Its the one thing that makes them different from all the other companies out there. // And people would only apply if theyd think a companys cool & theyd enjoy spending 40+ hours with the team.
  • We believe that everyone deserves to work Somewhere they fit. Our platform enables people to share the way they work, their techniques, values & strategies so they can find and be found by like-minded collaborators. // We believe in transparency and human interactions.
  • Share your work, find your people.

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