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The Avengers

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My opinion of each of the avengers. In a somber black and white tone. Listening to uplifting music really makes it seem more... I dunno. Rambling. I just always like to listen to the main theme of Letters to Iwo Jima when I play this.


  • 1. In case you were wondering, yes, he really is American. He is also elderly and has no right to be considered a heart throb at his age. It doesnt make sense that someone who was invented to be a super- weapon was only used to entertain troops.
  • 2. Hes a god. Awesome points. Hes a god that can be taken on by Captain America. Not awesome points. The movie actually never explained how he was able to return to Earth after he made the heart wrenching decision to abandon his new buddies for the sake of destroying the bridge between worlds as well as his relationship with his adopted brother and was supposed to never be able to return. One word. Loophole.
  • 3. This guy is probably a psychiatrists playground. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde disorder. It turns out, the secret of Mr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk is that he is always angry. What on Earth that actually has to do with anything beats me. Hes also the only avenger that isnt always called hot by fan girls.
  • 4. I feel his face doesnt match the suit. Just sayin. On the other hand, he is a B.A. dude who takes no nothin from nobody, especially Captain America. He blows up the entire enemy fleet, which is in a different dimension. B. stinkin A. dude.
  • 5. A red-head person with an American accentyeah definitely Russian. (_)/ | / Anywho somehow she is amazing enough to be on the team even though all she does is shoot stuff with itty-bitty guns. Why cant specialized folk do that? They mustnt be Russian. (_)/ | /
  • 6. Hes like the less lame Green Arrow of Marvel. He also has really pointless trick shots. Why is shooting something thats behind you in a cool way the smart thing to do when youre fighting for your life? Because its stinking B.A. Thats why.
  • 7. B.A.M.F.