the best-paying jobs in america

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  • F R OM S T E P H EN KO P P E K I N . N E T

    B Y S T E P H EN KO P P E K I N

    T H E B E S T - P A Y I N G J O B S I N

    AMER I C A

  • 5 : A T T O R N E Y

    Lawyers and attorneys represent

    individuals, businesses, and other

    agencies in legal matters and provide

    guidance on how to comply with the


    Median Base Pay: $93,920

  • 4 : T A X M A N A G E R

    When tax season comes around, tax

    managers help to prepare and file

    essential documents and provide other


    Median Base Pay: $94,180

  • 3 : D A T A

    S C I E N T I S T

    Data science is an interdisciplinary field,

    and data scientists use their skills to help

    businesses derive insights and solve

    complex problems based on broad sets

    of statistical information.

    Median Base Pay: $95,624

  • 2 : S O L U T I O N S

    A R C H I T E C T

    Solutions architects help analysts and

    developers come together to turn ideas

    into practical fixes to problems within

    software or other applications.

    Median Base Pay: $102,184

  • 1 : P H A R M A C I S T

    Key players in the medical industry,

    pharmacists provide patients with

    prescribed medications and can even

    facilitate certain medical screenings or

    offers of information.

    Median Base Pay: $127,506

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