the big picture globalization, containers, and ports

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THE BIG PICTURE Globalization, Containers, And Ports. OBJECTIVE: Moving imported goods as quickly and cheaply as possible from the point of production to the point of consumption Think Wal-Mart. GETTING THE GOODS From Landbridge to All-Water. Rail. Landbridge. All-Water. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Globalization, Containers, And Ports

    OBJECTIVE: Moving imported goods as quickly and cheaply as possiblefrom the point of production to the point of consumption

    Think Wal-Mart

  • GETTING THE GOODSFrom Landbridge to All-WaterWidening the Panama CanalRailLandbridgeAll-Water

  • Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Project

    Deepen the Channel to 45-47 feet dredging/blasting

  • Post-Panamax vessel up to 15,000 TEU containers The Ebba Maersk

  • USACE Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Report

    Deepen the Channel =

    Larger Post Panamax Vessels=

    Reduction in Transportation Costs

    This is the only benefit that the report calculates

    These benefits accrue to retailers, shippers and carriers

    What about economic benefits to the community?

  • The increased traffic with deepening at JAXPORT is expected to provide RED benefits as follows: Create 22,748 for the 45 foot NED plan or 34,508 for the 47 foot LPP new private sector port jobs in Jacksonville (p. 164)

    The figures are projections for all jobs generated in the year 2035. Not just direct private sector port jobs, but also estimated induced jobs and indirect jobs.

    Data from Martin Associates research commissioned by Jaxport2020: 5402035: 8412020: 32742035: 5587

  • Job Claims

    65,000 jobs supported by the port

    Includes related jobs that do not depend on Jaxport --- 42,647 (66%) and should not be included

    Leaves 22,352

    Of which 8,965 are direct jobs~8,845 are induced~4,400 indirect

    Based on Martin Associates report

  • Job Quality

    My analysis of 18 logistics occupations in Jacksonville*

    Wide range of mean income:Captains/Mates/Pilots of Vessels - $74,000 Crane and Tower Operators - $50,000 Packers and Packagers $20,000

    Vast majority of logistics jobs at lower end.

    61% of logistics employment in trucking and warehouse/distribution center activityMean income = $25,460

    * Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)

  • East Coast Port Competition


    The Secret to Project Approval


    (underestimate costs) +

    (overestimate revenues) +

    (undervalue environmental impacts) +

    (overvalue economic development effects)