the billion dollar fashion week

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Have you ever wondered about the business side of New York Fashion Week? Learn more about the numbers behind fashion week and the economic impact it has on NYC.


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2. Image via new york times.NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, herewith current president of theCFDA Diane Von Furstenberg,publicly shows his support for theindustry on the eve of fashionweek this year. 3. This year, Mercedes-Benzfashion week will bring in anestimated 850 million dollars toNew York City. 4. 532 million will go to tourism,entertainment, eating out, and otherevents associated with traveling to thecity for fashion week. 5. The fashion industry inNew York City employs5.7% of the workforce,almost two hundredthousand people. 6. Pete Savignano/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 7. Marc Jacobs, whoseSpring/Summer 15line is pictured here,didnt start paying hismodels cash untilSpring 2013.Image via 8. Sarah Ziff, picturehere by Owen Brucefor Pulp Magazine,is a model whofoundedThe ModelAlliance,a workers-rightsorganization forthose in theindustry, to helpensure models getfair pay andreasonable workingconditions. 9. Cindy Ord/Getty ImagesYou cannot separate people, their yearnings, their dreams,and their inborn vanity from their interest in clothes.-Eleanor Lambert 10. Your complete guide to planning and running a business.