the book of exodus: transitions overview of exodus

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  • The Book of Exodus: Transitions Overview of Exodus
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  • in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Announcements West Side is having a wedding basket shower for Jake and Jennifer Houser. Jake is the son of Phyllis and brother to Madi. A basket is on the table, in the hallway for gifts. Tissues are needed for the classrooms. Boxes can be left on the table, by the chapel. CHRISTeens lost and found items are in room #23. Dishes can be picked up in room 21. Teens wanting to go on the Spring Break Mission Trip March 19-24 need to sign up by next Wednesday. Join us Wednesday night, April 7, at 8:00 PM, in the chapel, for a brainstorming session on our Servant Groups. We need ideas on how to make them better, how to recruit leaders, share success stories and urge one another on this godly endeavor. Your participation will be invaluable. Girlfriends Unlimited is starting a ONE ministry for Help Network. Each month ONE item will be requested that can help ONE person who goes to Help Network for assistance. This month we are collecting baby wipes. Please place them in the box under the Girlfriends bulletin board.
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  • in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Prayer List Katie Reynolds at Baptist Health #520 this week for tests. Mildred Bailey St. Marys #384 after surgery for a broken hip. Jamie Sorrells knee surgery Friday, March 12, at St. Marys. Nadine Jones at home after shoulder replacement March 4. Meme Pitney tests this month for back and leg pain. Kristin Baileys mother suffered a stroke last week.
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  • Exodus WeekDateTopic 110 Mar 10Exodus Transitions: An Introduction 217 Mar 10Gods Preparation of Israel: Exodus 1-4 (Ben) 324 Mar 10Gods Sovereignty: Exodus 5-11 431 Mar 10Gods Redemption: Exodus 12:1-13:16 507 Apr10Gods Completion: Exodus 13:17-15:21 614 Apr 10Gods Instructions to Israel: Exodus 15:22-18:27 721 Apr 10Mosaic Covenant: Exodus 19:1-24:11 828 Apr 10Dwelling Among His People: Exodus 24:12-31:18 905 May 10Breaking/Renewing the Covenant: Exodus 32-34 1012 May 10Senior Blessing Night No classes 1119 May 10Israels Worship: Exodus 35-40 1226 May 10New Testament Implications 1302 Jun 10Exodus Transitions: A Summary
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  • Todays Objectives Transition from Genesis to Exodus Provide an historical background on Exodus along with a timeline and maps Cover main points of Exodus Provide a chapter-by-chapter topical overview Provide a summary of key events in each chapter Review historical lessons Review lessons from Exodus that are applicable today
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  • Genesis Creation of the world First human family Spread of evil World wide flood Division of mankind into nations and languages God chooses the FATHERS of the future nation of Israel Four Generations grow from 1 couple to 70 people But how did they get to Egypt? Descendents of Abraham relocate from Canaan to Egypt
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  • Children of Jacob (Genesis 30:1-24, 49:1-27)
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  • Facts about Exodus Second book of the Hebrew Bible Second of five books of the Torah or Pentateuch Torah is the law Meaning of the word Exodus Greek exodos, meaning departure, taken around 300 BC Hebrew title is Shemot, meaning and these are the names Exodus, along with the other four books of the Pentateuch, are attributed to Moses
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  • Timeline 1 Ki 6:1 states Solomon built the Temple in the fourth year of his reign, 480 years after the Exodus or 967 BC Date of Exodus is approximately 1447 BC Two possible Pharaohs of the Exodus Amenhotep II (1450-1425 BC), son of Thutmose III Thutmose III Moses was 80 years old when he spoke to Pharaoh (Ex 7:7) Therefore, Moses was born sometime around 1527 BC Thutmose I reigned during Moses birth
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  • Main Points of Exodus Gods miraculous rescue of Israel from Egypt through Moses Covenant law given at Mount Sinai. The tabernacle as the place of Gods presence and Israels proper worship Gods revelation of himself and his character Israels tendency to complain and rebel against God Gods judgment and mercy toward his people when they rebel Exodus narrates the very crucial matters that define Israel as a people in relationship to God
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  • Chapters 1-10 Chapter 1 New Pharaoh and Midwives Chapter 2 Moses Born, Taught, Midian Chapter 3 Burning Bush Revelation Chapter 4 Staff, Hand, Blood, Egypt Chapter 5 Make More Bricks Chapter 6 Moses, Tell Pharaoh Chapter 7 Staff, Serpents, Nile Blood Chapter 8 Frogs, Lice, Flies Chapter 9 Disease, Boils, Hail Chapter 10 Locust, Darkness
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  • Chapters 11-20 Chapter 11 Predicts Death Chapter 12 Passover, Death, Exodus Chapter 13 Sanctify Firstborn Chapter 14 Red Sea Deliverance Chapter 15 Moses Song, Bitter Water Chapter 16 Manna and Quail Chapter 17 Rephidum, No Water, Amelek Chapter 18 Jethro Advises Moses Chapter 19 Mt. Sinai, holy priest Nation Chapter 20 Ten Commandments
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  • Chapters 20-32 Chapter 21 Slaves, Personal Injury Chapter 22 Laws, Restitution, Loans Chapter 23 Justice, Sabbaths, Conquest Chapter 24 Book of the Covenant, Stone Tablets Chapter 25-27 Tabernacle Chapter 28 Priest Uniform Chapter 29 Consecrate Tabernacle and Priests Chapter 30 Altar, Money, Laver, Oil, Incense Chapter 31 Builders, Sabbath, Tablets Chapter 32 Golden Calf
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  • Chapters 33-40 Chapter 33 Moses Face to Face with the Lord Chapter 34 Ten Commandments and Shining Face Chapter 35 Freewill Offerings for Tabernacle Chapter 36 Excess Offerings, Curtains, Boards, Veil Chapter 37 Mercy Seat, Table, Lampstand, Altar Chapter 38 Brass Altar, Laver, Court Chapter 39 Priests Clothes, Inspection Passed Chapter 40 Set Up and Anoint Tabernacle, Lords Glory
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  • Exodus Ch. 1-2:25 Growth of the Israelite nation Moses is born and grows up in the Pharaohs house Later sides with his own people, leaving the life of prosperity and comfort Like Moses, Jesus left his high position (Phil 2:5-7) Oppression of the Israelites by the Egyptians. King Herod orders all the Hebrew boys under the age of two to be murdered Exodus 1:22 is the OT parallel to Matthew 2
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  • Exodus Ch. 3-6:27 Call of Moses An angel of the Lord speaks to Moses at Mt. Horeb through a burning bush Most likely synonymous with Sinai, the scene of the giving of the Law, and also of Elijah's vision Commission of Moses Deliver Gods people from the oppression of Egypt Moses feels like he is not adequate enough to handle such a task and wants God to send someone else instead
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  • Exodus 6:28-15:21 Confrontation with Pharaoh Nine plagues, strike at the heart of idolatry Water turned to blood Frogs Gnats Flies Livestock Boils Hail Locusts Darkness And a tenth, death of the first born
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  • Exodus 6:28-15:21 Weaving together of the institution of the Passover with the narrative of the tenth plague Passing over the destroying angel (also 1 Cor 5:7) Has been related to the Lords Supper as a remembrance of the price paid for our escape from sin Jews escape slavery in Egypt Parallel with escaping slavery of sin Parting of the Red Sea Gods people saved through water See 1 Cor 10:2
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  • Exodus 15:22-18:27 Journey to Mount Sinai Not to soon after all these miraculous things God does, the Israelites start to grumble and complain! NO WATER!! Then they grumble about not having enough food These moments of grumbling and lack of faith are a foreshadow of what is to happen throughout Israelite history
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  • Exodus 19:1-24:11 The Covenant is given at Mount Sinai God combines his deliverance of Israel on eagles wings with the call to obedience and his adoption of them as his own treasured possession 10 Commandments are given Shows the fundamental responsibility to God and each other Way of life is completely changed Promise of divine guidance and conquest of the land of Canaan Predicated upon their obedience to God Covenant is ratified
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  • Exodus 24:12-31:18 Instructions regarding the Tabernacle Place of Gods presence among the Israelites Very detailed instructions on construction/contents Brings honor to God and dignity to how they worshipped
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  • Exodus 32:1-34:35 Rebellion Moses goes up Sinai to receive more instructions His brother Aaron and the Israelites remain below Breaking of the Covenant People grow weary People construct idols and begin worshipping them Renewal of the Covenant Moses intercedes, saving the Israelites from destruction
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  • Exodus 35:1-40:38 Tabernacle Construction Furnishings Further highlights the significance of the Tabernacle as a place of Gods presence among the Israelites Tabernacle is set up and the glory of God descends Reminder of Gods presence with the people
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  • Key Historical Lessons Obey God, not man (1) Preparation for service (2-4) Gods glory and character (3, 33-34) Importance of Gods word (3, 4, 20) Authority (4, 19) Hardening of the heart (4, 7-10, 14) Faith application (3-5) Fear of the Lord (14) Unbelief (4, 14-17)
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  • Key Historical Lessons Leadership (14, 18, 33) Priestly nation (19) Sin (4, 14-17, 20) Passover (12-13) Redemption (12) Divine Guidance (13) Heritage (13) Mosaic Law (20-40) Grace (32) Tabernacle (40)
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  • Lessons for Today Ex. 1 & 2 The beginning of Exodus tells us that Gods working, even when we dont see Him Ex. 6:6-8 Exodus tells us of a God whos very involved in the lives of His people Ex. 2:11-22 Like Moses, we need to stand up for God Ex. 9:34-35 BEWARE. If we get to a point where we know all the answers, or if were unwilling to make any more changes in our lives, then, like Pharaoh, weve stopped listening to God, our hearts have hardened
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  • Lessons for Today Ex. 12:11-14 Jesus is coming for his people and we have faith in his promises. We eat today as though Gods promises have already taken place. Thats faith Ex 19:3-8 God seeks relationship with us before He demands obedience Ex 20 We cant ignore Gods laws
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  • Exodus Route
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  • Review Provided a background from Genesis and its applicability to Exodus Provided an historical background on Exodus along with a timeline and maps Covered main points of Exodus Provided a chapter-by-chapter topical overview Provided a summary of key events in each chapter Reviewed historical lessons Reviewed lessons from Exodus that are applicable today Next week: Exodus 1-4, Gods Preparation