the child in portraiture - skin color in portraiture

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Glenn Hirsch, Instructor


  • 1. Portraits & the Color of Skin Glenn Hirsch, Instructor

2. Skin color depends on light 3. Skin color depends on genes 4. Skin color depends on a great variety of browns and pinks 5. Skin color also depends on the color green in the shadows 6. Skin is greasy, so skin also reflects the colors around it 7. Can you see the green in the skin? 8. Can you see the green in the forehead? 9. Skin color also depends on the imagination 10. Portraits of Children in Western Art 11. Thomas Coulture 12. Alexei Harlamoff 13. Juan Antonio Benlliure 14. Mikhail Vrubel 15. Marie Spartali Stillman 16. Mabel Rollins Harris 17. Berthe Morisot 18. Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera 19. Stephen Scott Young 20. Toby Trover-Krein 21. Student work: Self-Portrait as a Child 22. Kate Eisenberg 23. Kate Eisenberg 24. Patti Chandler 25. Frances Whitnall 26. Jill Johnson 27. Keiko Randolph 28. Janet Benjamin 29. Deepa Goyal 30. Deepa Goyal 31. Deepa Goyal 32. Deepa Goyal 33. Kat Mergens 34. Kat Mergens 35. Kat Mergens