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Social media presentation at Comcast Media Day for non-profits.


  • 1.The do's and don'ts of social media and how non-profits can make it work Comcast Media Day, July 2009 Alex de Carvalho

2. I kept thinking to myself, I better get on this social networking train soon or its going to leave the station without me! I started going to seminars and workshops on social networking. I met with experts on social media hoping that some of their knowledge would rub off on me resulting in an amazing epiphany! I created a personal page on MySpace, Linked In andDoostang, and then spoke with even more people who seemed to get it.And guess what happened? Nothing!-Brendan Hurley, Goodwill 3. Alex de Carvalho @alexdc 4. - South Floridas web and new media community - Established March 2006 - Over 1,400 members - Monthly meetups average 130 participants 5. - Third web and new media unconference- February 22nd 2009: 806 registered and over 600 attended - Entirely supported by 38 company sponsorships of $300 each 6. A community for the champions of social media and those seeking to learn - Expand media literacy - Share lessons learned - Adopt industry standards - Promote ethical practices 7. markets are conversations 8. Traditional mediaNewspapers Magazines Television Radio BooksCDs DVDsAboxofphotosPhysical,papermailandcatalogs YellowPages 9. Digital mediaCellphonesCompact discDigital video Digital televisione-book Internet MinidiscVideo games 10. Social mediaBloggingSocialNetworking WikisBookmarkingPhotosharingCalendaringTagging Podcasting Microblogging 11. TOOLS for sharing and discussing 12. ACTIVITIES combining technology and social interaction 13. INTERACTION that builds shared meaning among communities 14. this is the mediaBloggingSocialNetworking WikisBookmarkingPhotosharingCalendaringTagging Podcasting Microblogging 15. this is the social 16. markets are conversations 17. This is not a conversation 18. This is not a conversation 19. This is not a conversation 20. Interruption marketing 21. Traditional marketers broadcast crafted messages 22. How advertising / marketing / PR sees us 23. ... unsolicited commercial messages 24. they might as well talk to the hand 25. were besieged by ads! (and not even my cat likes spam) 26. do you see the membrane? 27. Jeeps website 28. Logos are just brand identication. A brand is the collective consumerconcept of an organization. 29. links to social networks on Jeeps website 30. active community of Jeep acionados on Flickr 31. markets are conversations 32. David ArmanoAnd online, conversations spread quickly from network to network 33. Stop treating your database as a sacred collection of data controlled by you and begin to see it for what it has always been: a dynamic record of the engaged community who want to help you achieve your mission. -Scott Henderson, 34. Shared experiences 35. Shared experiences 36. The market for shared experiences is inexhaustible 37. Spaces acquire meaning 38. Social Media is already in your marketing mixwhether you like it or not 39. Listen 40. Questions: How do people feel about my brand? What is being discussed? Whos talking? Are they inuential? Is my marketing working? How do we engage in the conversation? 41. Listen: track your mentions 42. Listen: monitor your brand(s) 43. What should I track? Key employees Company name and URL Issues Brands Keywords Trends 44. You may be amazed at what youll nd out ... 45. Listen, then manage and react to conversations 46. Dell Ideastorm 47. My Starbucks Idea 48. GetSatisfaction 49. this is the social 50. Become or hire a community manager 51. online objective InfluenceAuthorityReputationIdentity Credibility Presence 52. Intel Intel will build credibility among the tough-to-impress IT crowd byputting its engineers out front, rather than a media-trainedspokesperson. So far, 150 engineers have been selected to contribute as bloggers onIntel sites and on other tech sites. -ADWEEK, July 2008 53. We started with a very small focus and tactical use for Twitter: to getimportant info out to affected people in the immediate aftermath of adisaster. There was not a single thought towards marketing or even publicrelations -- it was purely public information no one else was putting out.-Wendy Harman, Red Cross If you think of twitter as a public service that your organization provides, rather than a marketing tool, you should be in good shape.-Claire Johnson, Red Cross 54. Suddenly, the marketing solution became clear: Use a common interest toprospect and cultivate fashion conscious shoppers. That common interest:fashion! How could we reach them on a limited budget? Social networking and the internet! Many of the items being sold on the auction site (and inour stores) are vintage and inexpensive contemporary fashions that wouldappeal to the young professional woman.-Brendan Hurley, Goodwill 55. After only six weeks the blog is averaging over 600 readers a week!! We?reretaining more than 25% of our readers and converting better than 3% into online shoppers. Considering thatthe blog has only been up for about 90days, were obviously very pleased so far with the results.-Brendan Hurley, Goodwill 56. Go where the people areThink of it this way. If you are a sherman you would not sh for the trophy catch in stagnated water. You would need to go to where there is fresh water.That's where the sh are. 57. TheConversation Prism Brian Solis 58. One step at a time ... 59. Your rst step for professionalnetworking online Fill out all the sections Import your email address book toeasily nd and connect with yourcontacts already using LinkedIn Ask for recommendations Connect with people from yoursame industry and region Seek out groups and participate inthe discussions Answer (and ask) questions onLinkedIn Answers Create polls Include your blogs feed andslideshare account Be a good member and maintainprofessionalism 60. Remember to: Include a title Work the tags Post to relevant groups Embed in your blogs Syndicate to your socialnetworks 61. Interview people Short clips Flip camera Titles, descriptions and tags Experiment until you nd your style The Seesmic community 62. Get your username Manage your privacy Place friends and contacts in buckets Connect with more than just friends Update your status Include your friendfeed Upload photos and tag them with your friends names Connect Twitter to Facebook 63. Twitter 64. Measure and count individual units, not just agreggate results 65. The social web is like water for dolphins 66. Like water for chocolate 67. 68. Photo Credits - Creative Commons Formidable matriarch Birsay cow Country living Begegnung der Lila Art Seth Godin Dolphins underwater puppy gareld 70 years of Spam web 2.0 logos[email protected]/122881874/ conversation prism[email protected]/2735401175/ dinner conversation[email protected]/80462964/ talk to the hand[email protected]/2652563248 child[email protected]/109538354/ hungry sh[email protected]/727422407 seti[email protected]/280789933/ attention[email protected]/326386880/ community manager twitterverse naked pizza volume watercooler conversation - horses[email protected]/2687899926/ india water watercooler conversations - birds pickup game of hockey on new years eve pickup game - basketball 4th street basketball soccer game circular mill 69. The do's and don'ts of social media and how you can make it work for you Comcast Media DayAlex de Carvalho