the earthquake dont know and do know

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don’t know how deep you know this disaster. But I know you will be deeply shocked

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From Habitat for Humanity, China


  • 1. I dont knowhowdeepyou know this disaster. But I know you will be deeplyshocked.

2. I dont know how manytownsweredestroyed. But I know many people lost their home. 3. I dontknow how does the house looks like before. But I knowthe old is not able to rebuildby himself. 4. I dont know how manyschoolscollapsed. But I know at that time many classrooms werefullof students. 5. I dont know why here is a schoolbage.But I know it must belong to one child. 6. I dont know whether this mother saw herchildstill alive finally. But I know thechildis the treasure of every family. 7. But I knowthis mother has alreadybeen crying here for a long time.I dont know when was this child found already dead. 8. I dont know how many people are still under theruins . But I kn ow most of them will not survive. 9. I dontknowunder the ruin thehandsbelong to a girlor boy.B ut I know the hands are eager to touchheror his parentsagain. 10. I dont knowwhat is time now. But I know it is a horribletime. 11. I dont know the exactreasonwhy they embraced tightly. ButI know there must be some reason. 12. I dont knowwhat is the man looking for. But I know the possibilityis quite low. 13. I dont know why theyare crying But I know the tearis fromtheir heart. 14. I dont know this child can survive or not. But I know in her little heart theres already a deep slot. 15. I dont know how long did this man already stay under the ruin. But Iknow he is already very lucky inthe earth quake. 16. I dont know what did the finger language means by this nurse. But I know it doesnt mean victory. 17. I dont know the driver already escaped or not. But I know the road was already completely blocked. 18. I dont knowwhere they are marching to. But I know where they arecoming fromhome. 19. I dont know whether they can have a good sleep here or not. But I know they dont have other choices right now. 20. I dont know how many people are here. But I know big trouble will happen if no water and food supply. 21. I dont know how this man escaped from the collapse. But I know it is not an easy way now and future. 22. I dont know whats the destination for them. But I know at this time only they can help themselves. 23. I dont knowwhere it is. But I know it is not their home. 24. I dont knowwhether these babies can realize the tou gh situation. But I know w hen they grow up their parents will tell th em the story. 25. I dont know whatare they thinkingabout. But I knowin their mindthere is still hopes. 26. Give your help hand,warm the heart of the people who are in the big trouble,support them to gain the courage of life, and rebuild the bright future