the editing process of making the magazine cover

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The editing process of making the film

The editing process of making the Magazine Cover

STEP 1To create the magazine cover I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. Firstly, I opened a blank canvas and then copied the images I was going to be using into the software. These images were of a eerie forest and a portrait of our Victim 1 (Rob) looking creepy towards the camera.

STEP 2 I then copied the two images across onto the blank canvas and resized them to fit the portrait page. As I knew that I would be editing in the magazine title later that is why I did not make the portrait photo fit the entire page.

STEP 3 I then selected the layer mask tool and the brush tool so I could start removing the unnecessary background in the portrait photo.

Layer MaskBrush tool

I found it quite difficult to remove the areas of the image which were near parts of Robs body which were also in darkness. This step took my a little longer as all I was able to do was to go in and repeat myself and undo anything that looked odd until I got it right.

STEP 4The next step I duplicate the background image and then placed it in front of the subject. I then used the layer mask tool and bush tool again to remove parts of the tree image from the lit parts of the subjects face.


Next, I created a new layer and opened the filter options. From here I selected Render and then clouds.


I altered the opacity levels on the cloud layer so I could see the portrait through it a little. I selected the layer mask and brush tool once again so I could remove certain areas of the cloud effect so I could see the important features in the subjects face and also small areas of the background image just so there is a little more detail overall. The point of this was to try and produce a smoky effect which would tie in with the horror codes and conventions more.

Step 7The last few touches were to add in the text like the Masterhead and buzz words as well as other pieces of information like the magazine website address ,the price, the magazine issue number and date. For the Masterhead I used the font Broadway as it is a very bold font and ties in with the film more. The font chosen for the film title was Charlemagne Std which I chose because it is a simple but effective font which I think works well with a horror film because of the sharp edges of the letters. I also used this as this particular font is used for the title on the poster and the trailer as well. For the other pieces of

information I chose a simple font called Trajan Pro 3 as I didnt want to use another bold font because the cover would end up being too busy and not as effective.The chose to keep the colours simple which using red and white as they stand out very well against the main image. Using a red font ties in with the horror codes and conventions while using white ties in with the style of the text on screen in our trailer.

Here is the first version of the magazine cover. Certain features may change when I get feedback from the target audience but hopefully not too many as I am quite pleased with the overall at the moment.