the enchanted libraries: a story of transformation

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The Enchanted Libraries: a story of transformation Clara Budnik

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The Enchanted Libraries: a story of transformation. Clara Budnik. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Enchanted Libraries: a story of transformationClara Budnik

  • The Directorate of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (DIBAM) is an entity of public character linked to the Government through the Ministry of Education. It was created in 1929, and gathered the old patrimonial institutions as the National Library, The National Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Embracing also the Public Libraries


  • To look back to the past, is to look back to horror

  • To burn a book is to burn a dream

  • a dream can not be changed, a life can not be halted, a book can not be forbidden.

  • Trying to wake up

  • Chile happiness is coming soon

  • The way to democracy starts

  • Formation of a Public Libraries System in ChileUp until the early 90s, a considerable amount of communities already had operating public librariesPoorly suppliedAlmost every one with closed shelvesFew and unqualified personal.No budgetNo programming

  • Formation of a Public Libraries System in ChileStarted the work in the year 1993First programs implemented:Childrens cornersChild & Youth Literature Selection Committee: Librografa Traveling boxesFirst mobile library (Bibliobus) in Public Libraries, serving the rural sector

  • A dream

  • In each corner of the country there is room for the dialogue

  • Libraries without walls

  • Creation of a System; a networkAgreements with municipalitiesEstablishment of the first book purchase budgetsImplementation of the first qualification coursesIntegration of jails and hospitals into the systemObligatory open shelvesCreation of the Participative management System Bibliometro: lending points in the subway stations

  • Bibliometro (Library Net)These are lending points in subway for books in twelve Metro Stations in Santiago. In the last decade they have perfomed about 600.000 book loans amongst the regular users of this means of transportation. Through way, persons of all ages have been attracted to the pleasure of reading.

  • Participative Management in Public LibrariesThe aim of the Mechanisms of the Participative Management is that the Public Libraries - in agreement with the DIBAM - establish a dynamic, permanent and fluid relationship with their respective communities.Each library, from its specific nature, constitutes a space for reading and cultural development, where men, women, boys and girls, find a place where their different information and cultural needs are welcome.



  • New CenturyNew initiativesOpen Air Market Lending Point This project involves the creation of book lending points at Open Air Markets. That is, between lettuces, potatoes and tomatoes, near the onions, baskets with books appear, which the neighbors will be able to borrow as members of this new service.

  • New CenturyNew InitiativesBiblioredesProject developed with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aimed to provide computers and Internet connection to Public Libraries as a way to overcome the digital gap in our country: Qualification courses, creation of local contents, creation of digital services.

  • New CenturyNew InitiativesBiblioredes (Biblio-nets) Phase 1:Training

    Phase 2:Generation of local contents

    Phase 3:Generation of digital services

  • New CenturyNew InitiativesProject for automation of all the public librariesBy the end of year 2010 all of the public libraries will have their collections in a standarized catalog, and will be doing their loans automatically. A member of any location in the country, will be a member of the Public Libraries System.

  • Spaces for encounterfor everybody

  • Summing up:The Public Libraries Network in Chile is made up of:

    435 Public Libraries378 Libraries with BiblioRedes service16 Prison Libraries9 Hospital Libraries60 Mobile ServicesMore than one hundred different lending points

  • The creation of a model public librarybut we had a pending task

  • IdentityCultureEducationInformationAccessCommunityKnowledgeRecreationEncounterNew Technologies

  • Our main objective is the delivery of information services, cultural spreading, personal development and self-training.

    We pledged for the equity in the access to information and for the integration of people through services specially designed for the community, with extension activities and training.

  • We built this library as a model for the creation of many more libraries in each corner of the country: a model of service, of philosophy, of what a library nust be, a model of dreams.

  • Books dont matter Neither do librarians Nor furniture Nor computers Nor the buildings quality Nor budget

    We strongly believe that, in a public library, none of this is really important.

  • We believe that the only important thingis peopleThe form and structure of the Santiago Public Library is based on the principle that the human being is the main focus.

    And therefore, were interested in having the best books, the best technologies, the best librarians, the best furniture and the prettiest building

    But in that order, not backwards.

  • Some concepts, basic ideasNo prohibition signs, they are not necessaryBooks are not arranged by DDC or LCFront facing books; we want to look like a bookstoreAny format is accepted Every social groups are accepted, except for intolerant onesEvery expressionEvery ethnic groups and nationalitiesWe favor the most deprived groups We accept ideas and projects, with the condition of being innovative.

    Decisions are taken in function of people and not of the staff or materials.The most welcome are the marginals A story, a poem, or any text is read daily in the library.Being cost-free is fundamental for access If the space is required, this is always charged (reward) Participation of the community in the decision making is a key issue.Everything is possible in the library.

  • Some dataBetween 3 to 4 thousand daily visits 30 thousand members of the library18 thousand monthly loans10 thousand visits on Saturday following the inauguration; 15 thousand on Sunday, 18 thousand on Tuesday next.One million visits in the first 10 moths.

  • What happened with all of that? Public libraries are now seen as relevant places in the national tasks.. Regional experiencesRecognized by the authoritiesPublic Libraries in the political agendaPublic libraries in the Nations economic agenda

  • Reading is not enoughButWhere do we go?What libraries do we want?

  • The public library as a mediator between the accumulated culture and its communityThe library in production, programming, promotion and information roles, and as a knowledge and entertainment motivator.In a global world, the library speaking about us and to us.The library as a place of our own.The library as the new civic center.The library as the new public square

  • only with an impassioned patience, we will conquer the glorious city that will give light, justice, and dignity to all men


  • Take good care of the earth. It does not belong to us. It belongs to our children. We must give it to them in better conditions than when we received it. And with it, we must deliver the words that name everything that exists in the Universe. And with the words, the value of life-.

    African Saying