the fiction family: realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction chapter 8

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  • The Fiction Family: Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, and Science FictionChapter 8

  • "Fiction must first of all be good fictionthe exploration in narrative form of human experience."Katherine Paterson

  • Background

  • Definitions

  • Elements Characterization Plot Theme

  • Elements Setting Style Point of View

  • Awards

  • Categories

  • Contemporary Realistic Peer relationships Family relationships Realistic animals Adventure and survival Humorous

  • Historical Fiction Usually categorized by time period Popular eras. . .

  • Fantasy

    Toys and animals Time-shift Ghosts and the supernatural

  • Fantasy

    Stories based on folklore Crazy characters Unusual worlds Heroic fantasy

  • Science Fiction Elements based on scientific theory Not currently possible

  • Series Books

  • Using Fiction in the Classroom

  • Censorship Protect or teach? Plan ahead

  • Critical Literacy New lens Talk and action

  • Author Studies

  • Drama

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Pre-Reading Discussions Anticipation guides Word sorts Questionnaires

  • During Reading Character webs and charts Personal responses Sketch-to-stretch Double-entry journals

  • Post Reading Writing prequels / sequels Poetry Comparing points of view Creating a timeline

  • Post Reading Creating a newspaper Writing letters or diaries Gathering artifacts Media presentations

  • See the CD-ROM which came with this text for: Searchable database of children's literature Author and illustrator profiles Critical questioning example Bibliographies

    Visit the COMPANION WEBSITE for: Censorship and intellectual freedom resources Awards

  • Creating newspapers

  • Writing letters

  • Gathering "artifacts"

  • Character web

  • Personal response

  • Poetry response

  • Time line (left)

  • Double-entry journal

  • Writing prequels or sequels

  • Media Presentations

  • Sketch-to-stretch"Darkness breaks up the pattern and swallows goodness." Colin

  • Sketch-to-stretch