the integritas system to enforce integrity in academic environments

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The Integritas System to enforce Integrity in Academic Environments. A Model for Online Entertainment. Prof Basie von Solms Mr Jaco du Toit. Prof Basie Von Solms Academy for Computer Science and Software Engineering University of Johannesburg [email protected] Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Integritas System to enforce Integrity in Academic EnvironmentsProf Basie von SolmsMr Jaco du Toit

    Prof Basie Von SolmsAcademy for Computer Science and Software EngineeringUniversity of [email protected]

    A Model for Online Entertainment

  • Agenda

    Some statementsA Model (Strawman) for Online EntertainmentImplementing the ModelShoot the model down in flames!!!

  • Statement 1 :

    Do not try to prohibit access to online sites

    It is impossibleIt cannot work

  • Statement 2 :

    Consolidate the different definitions into one

    Online gamblingInteractive gamblingOnline bettingInteractive bettingVirtual gamblingetc etc

    For this presentation, call this

    Online Entertainment

  • Statement 3 :

    Legalize Online Entertainment

    under strict conditions

  • Online Entertainment providers (local and international) can now apply for licensing in SA if they conform to the set conditionsLicensing for Online Entertainment

  • InternetUserLicensed ProvidersSA National OE Registration Authority (NOERA)UserXOnline Entertainment Provider X

  • What are the Conditions ?

    RegulationCompliance Enforcement Based on available international Best practices(ReCe Model)

  • What are the Conditions ?

    RegulationsInformation Security GovernanceSecurity, Privacy, ProtectionFinancial GovernanceDigital Forensics GovernanceUnder-age control ??CooperationPush of exceptionsMoney launderingPornographyetc

  • What are the Conditions ?

    RegulationsInformation Security Governance Security, Privacy, Protection

    Confidentiality Data integrity Identification and AuthenticationAccess controlLogging and auditingPrevent Identity theftMalicious software controlTransmission securityCredit card protectionProcess of Application and Registering

  • What are the Conditions ?

    RegulationsFinancial Governance

    Winning paid into same accountPush if exceptions occurRegular information on SA users/playersCredit card protection standards


  • What are the Conditions ?

    RegulationsDigital Forensics Governance

    Information available to investigate cyber crime incidents and user complaints

  • What are the Conditions ?

    Compliance Enforcement

    Ensure compliance to the Regulations by Compliance checking/Auditing

    Compliance Inspectors

  • Benefits

    Online Entertainment ProvidersLegalAdvertise in SAMarket their productsetc

    National OE Regulating Authority (NOERA) (and SA)

    Income (Licensing fees)Tax incomesControlProtecting citizensNational Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (NCIIP)

    PlayersPeace of mindLower risk of fraud, Identity theft, cyber crimeRecourse National Customer Complaint Centreetc

  • Expertise, Knowledge and Education from where?

    Cyber InspectorsOutsourcedLocally trained

    ITU-UJ Centre of Competency in Cyber SecurityCertificate in Cyber SecurityFormally approvedNQF Level 5Full examinationUJ CertificateStarting in 2012

  • InternetUserLicensed ProvidersSA National OE Registration Authority (NOERA)Customer Complaint CentreUserXOnline Entertainment Provider XITU-UJ CoECSX, Y and ZReCe ModelRegulationsComplianceCheckingAdviceAwareness

  • Possible Implementation Plan

    Step 1 : Advice from this CommitteeGO/NO GOStep 2 : Evaluate the ReCe model by circulating it to other experts for commentschanges, suggestions, additionsGO/NO GOStep 3 : Create an expert team to create a provisional the sets of Regulations and the Compliance enforcement processesStep 4 : Invite comments from acknowledged international OE providersGO/NO GOStep 5 : Refine Model, finalize the sets of Regulations and the Compliance enforcement processes and start legalization processStep 6 : Start training Cyber Inspectors/AuditorsStep 7 : Create processes, procedures and infrastructures* Application process, Customer Support Centre, Licensing fees etcStep 8 : etc

  • National Critical Information Infrastructure (NCII)

    Strategic importance to SAEconomic futureSocial futureCyber crimeCyber terrorismCyber warfare

    National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (NCIIP)

    All computers connected to the Internet is part of SAs NCIIMust be protected in Cyber spaceSA Postbank (R 42 m)!!!

    Responsibility of Parliament for Cyber Security oversight in SAUN Conference in Geneve in May 2011

    This initiative of today is critical for SA and must be done by all Government Departments for all Internet based systems

  • Start shooting!!!

  • Thanks

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