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  2. 2. Think Positive Think success, dont think failure Think, Ill win, not Ill probably lose Think, Im equal to the best, not Im outclassed Think I can do it, never I cant Master thought I will succeed dominate your thinking process
  3. 3. Believe In I Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are Success does not require a super-intellect Success isnt based on luck . Neveryes, neversell yourself short
  4. 4. Believe Big The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief Think big goals and win big success
  6. 6. CURE YOURSELF OF EXCUSITIS, THE FAILURE DISEASE But My Health Isnt Good. Refuse to talk about your health Refuse to worry about your health Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is Remind yourself often, Its better to wear out than rust out
  7. 7. But Youve Got to Have Brains to Succeed. Never underestimate your own intelligence, and never overestimate the intelligence of others Dont sell yourself short My attitudes are more important Use your mind to create and develop ideas, to find new and better ways to do things
  8. 8. Its No Use. Im Too Old (or Too Young). Think, Im still young, not Im already old Compute productive time you have left Life is actually longer than most people think! Invest future time in doing what you really want to do Instead think, Im going to start now, my best years are ahead of me
  9. 9. But My Case Is Different; I Attract Bad Luck Accept the law of cause and effect Not luck but preparation, planning, and success-producing thinking preceded his good fortune Dont be a wishful thinker Dont waste your mental muscles dreaming of an effortless way to win success Dont count on luck for promotions, victories, the good things in life Luck simply isnt designed to deliver these good things
  11. 11. Is it only in your mind ? Most fear is psychological. Worry, tension, embarrassment, panic all stem from mismanaged, negative imagination. The old adage its only in your mind seems to be saying that fear isnt real, but fear is real and it can do a lot of damage.
  12. 12. Fear: Success enemy #1: This chapter is all about how you can build your confidence and destroy fear before fear robs you of potential for success in your life. After all, fear can: stop people from capitalizing on opportunity close your mouth when you want to speak wear down physical vitality make people sick shorten the life span Fear prevents people from getting what they want and deserve.
  13. 13. So How Do You Destroy Fear? Think about what have you missed out on because of your Fear? You build and develop your confidence to destroy fear. He talks about how the navy, during World War II, made sure all of its recruits knew how to swim or learned how. Non-swimming recruits were placed in swimming classes where they were put through different exercises. One exercise in particular required these recruits to jump off a diving board into 8 feet of water. In some cases, the recruits were pushed off the diving board. The result: fear defeated. Action cures fear.
  14. 14. How to Build Confidence: This particular chapter of The Magic of Thinking Big ends with Schwartz giving specific things that can be done to build your confidence. 1. Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank. In our daily lives most of us face a lot of unpleasant, embarrassing, and discouraging situations but instead of taking them to heart and dwelling on them, we should do what confident people do: not give it another thought. 2. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank. Only allow your mind to recall the positive thoughts from your memory bank. Simply shut down your mind if you can only think about the negative thing about a situation. 3. Do what is right. Doing the right thing keeps the conscience satisfied and this builds self- confidence. When we do something that we know is wrong, two things happen. We feel guilty and it eats away our confidence and when others find out, they lose confidence in us.
  15. 15. To Think Confidently, Act Confidently
  16. 16. To Think Confidently, Act Confidently In order to feel confident, act the way you want to feel. Here are five confidence building exercises given in The Magic of Thinking Big. Be a front seater. Notice how most people fill up the back of the church, classroom, etc? Sitting up front builds confidence so practice it. Practice making eye contact. The eyes say a lot about us and we cant help but wonder about someone that wont look you in the eye. Walk 25 percent faster. Average people have the average walk. The super confident walk faster than average and it tells the world Ive got someplace important to go, something important to do and I will succeed at what I will do fifteen minutes from now. Practice speaking up. The more you speak up the more you add to your confidence. Speak up at meetings, conference, etc and dont worry about looking foolish. Smile Big. Try this little test. Smile big and try to feel defeated at the same time. You wont be able to do it. A real smile not only cures your own ill feeling, it melts away the opposition of others.
  17. 17. HOW TO THINK BIG
  18. 18. Where success is concerned, people are not measured in pounds, college degrees, or family background; they are always measured by the size of their thinking.
  19. 19. Ask yourself, What is my greatest weakness?. Probably the greatest is Self-depreciation.
  20. 20. Exercise to measure your true size Determine your 5 chief assets. Invite an objective friend or an intelligent person who will give you an honest opinion. [Examples of assets frequently listed are:- education, experience, technical skills, appearance, well-adjusted home life, personality, initiative] Next, under each asset, write the name of three persons you know who have achieved large success but who do not have this asset to as great a s degree as you.
  21. 21. When you are done with this exercise, you will find you have outranked many successful people on at least one asset. There is only one conclusion that you are bigger than you think. So fit your thinking to your true size. Think as big as you really are! Never, never, never sell yourself short!
  22. 22. Misconception about thinking big! We do not think in words and phrases. Rather we think only in pictures/images. If you convey a group of people that, Im sorry to report we have failed. Now people only see defeat and disappointment that the word, failed conveys. Instead if you would have conveyed that, Heres a new approach that I think will work., they would feel encouraged, and be ready to try again.
  23. 23. 4 ways to develop big thinkers vocabulary Use big, positive, cheerful words and phrases to describe how you feel. Use bright, cheerful, favorable words and phrases to describe other people. Use positive language to encourage others. Use positive words to outline plans to others.
  24. 24. See what can be done. Not just what it is Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn't stuck with the present.
  25. 25. Develop your power to see what can be, not just what is Practice adding value to things. Practice adding value to people. Practice adding value to yourself.
  26. 26. What does it take to make a good speech? Don't move around and don't use your hands. Don't let the audience see you use your notes. Make it feel a burning desire for other people to hear your speech. Be sure your tie is straight. Speak loud, but not too loud.
  27. 27. Method to curb quarrels? Most importantly, Before complaining or reprimanding someone, just ask yourself, Is it really important?. In most cases, it isn't and you avoid conflict.
  28. 28. Procedures to help yourself think about trivialities: Keep your eyes focused on the big objective. Ask "Is it really important?", before becoming negatively excited. Don't fall into the triviality trap. In making speeches, solving problems, counseling employees, think of those things that really matter, things that make the difference.
  29. 29. Remember! It pays in every way to think big! Don't sell yourself short. Concentrate on your assets. Use words that promise victory; hope, happiness, pleasure. Avoid words that create unpleasant images of failure, defeat & grief. Stretch your vision: See what can be, not just what is. Get the big view of your job. Think, really think your present job is important. Think above trivial things. Focus your attention on big objectives.
  31. 31. What is creative thinking?? Creative thinking is finding new, improved ways to do anything. to develop and strengthen our creative thinking ability Step one: Believe it can be done. When you believe, your mind find ways to do it Believing paves the way for creative solutions Your mind will create a way if you let it
  32. 32. Step 2 -Eliminate the word impossible from your thinking traditional thinker's mind is paralyzed. Three ways to fight traditional thinking Become receptive to ideas Be an experimental person Be progressive, not regressive
  33. 33. How to start your day creatively Ask yourself how can I do better? Just before starting your day ask yourself How can I do a better job today? What can I do to encourage my employees? What special favour can I do for my customers? How can I improve my personal efficiency?
  34. 34. Capacity is a state of mind In business , home , community try these two steps 1. accept the opportunity to do more take on a new responsibility as a compliment 2. concentrate on "How can I do more?"
  35. 35. Output expansion Progressive business management asks "What can we do to expand output? Why not ask yourself, 'What can I do to expand my output? Your mind will creatively show you how. Big people monopolize the listening Small people monopolize the talking
  36. 36. 3 stage program to strengthen your creativity through asking and listening: 1. Encourage others to talk to people like you when you encourage them to talk to you. 2. Test your own views in the form of questions. Let other people help you smooth and polish your ideas. 3. Concentrate on what the other person says. Listening means letting what's said penetrate your mind.
  37. 37. How to stimulate your mind in your daily life To get mental stimulation incorporate into your pattern of life- 1. Join and meet regularly with at least one professional group that provides stimulation in your own occupational area Rub shoulders-and minds-with other success-oriented people. Stimulation from others is excellent mind food. 2. Join and participate in at least one group outside your occupational interests Association with people who have different job interests helps you to see the big picture
  38. 38. Harnessing and developing your ideas Use these three ways to harness and develop your ideas 1. Don't let ideas escape. Write them down. Carry a note- book or some small cards with you 2. Next, review your ideas. File these ideas in an active me so long as the idea has any promise, keep it. 3. Cultivate and fertilize your idea. Now make your idea grow. Think about it. Tie the idea to related ideas. put it to work for yourself, your job, your future
  40. 40. Your Appearance Talks ! Your appearance talks to you. It builds up your confidence. The appearance also talks to others to make them say that this is an important, intelligent, prosperous and dependable person.
  41. 41. Your Work Is Important !
  42. 42. How To Sell Yourself To Yourself ? Give yourself a pep talk several times a day Sell yourself to yourself Remind yourself that you are a very important person
  43. 43. How Should I Think ? Is this the way an important person thinks ? When I worry When I have an idea When I loose my temper When I read
  45. 45. What makes the mind think the way it does ? The mind is what the mind is fed. The mind reflects what its environment feeds it. Environment shapes us, makes us think the way we do.
  46. 46. Reconditioning yourself for success Develop a defense against people who want to convince you that you cant do it. Be sure you are in the flock that thinks right. Dont let negative thinkers pull you down to their level. Cling to the people who think progressively.
  47. 47. Seek advice from people who know It is a myth that successful people are inaccessible. But are not ready to spend time offering advice to anybody who isnt sincere in seeking that. Go first class in when you have questions.
  48. 48. Influence of off the job life The person with a constructive off the-job life nearly always is more successful than the person who lives in a dull, dreary home situation. Make your off the job interesting by trying to Circulate in new groups and enlarge your social orbit. Selecting friends who have views different from yours. Selecting friends who stand above petty, unimportant things
  49. 49. Throw thought poison out of your environment. Avoid gossip. Talk about people, but stay on the positive side.
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