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VoltDelta Cloud Contact Center & Voice Self-Service Solutions

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What to look for in a cloud contact center solution.


  • 1. VoltDelta Cloud Contact Center & Voice Self-Service Solutions
  • 2. 2 Contact Center Channel Preference Telephone (Live Agent) 70.6% Fax 2.2% Text Chat 2.1% Other 2.0% SMS 0.7% Social Media 1.6% Letter 1.7% Source : Contact Babel - The U.S Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide - 2013 Telephone remains as dominant form of preferred communication Multichannel contact appears to be accelerating Many Contact Centers also support Email
  • 3. 3 Common Contact Center Challenges Multichannel Communications Lack of integration between channels impacts customer care Multiple vendors with Legacy Systems Evolution by adding channels (and vendors) over time Legacy system forklift upgrades and/or End or Life systems Reporting disparities Capital Intensive Hardware installation, maintenance upgrades Complex Integration Computer Telephony + Networking (SIP) to backend systems Scalability and Reliability Loss of service especially during seasonal and unexpected spike call conditions.
  • 4. 4 Cloud Contact Center Components Multichannel Skills-based Routing Remote Agents Whisper Personalization Agent Observation ACD Call + Agent Screen Recording Virtual Queues Agent Desktop CTI Reporting & Management Platform Process Analytics WFM Dialer VoiceXML Applications ASR/TTS IVR HR Order Entry Help Desk ERP User Data CRM Systems Core Applications Voice Email Fax Chat SMS Co-Browse Social Media
  • 5. 5 What is a Virtual Contact Center? Hosted in the Cloud Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Intelligent Call Routing Central Management/Control Queues Call Monitoring Agent Assist Agents Anywhere Redundant & Secure Scale for Call Spikes (Vendor Specific) Virtual Contact Center
  • 6. 6 Cloud Contact Center Infrastructure
  • 7. 7 Cloud Contact Center Value Loyalty Phone eMail Web Social Retention Strengthen Relationships with multi-channel experience Boost confidence through carrier grade reliability Increase Conversion Up-sell for increased Order Value Acquisition Answer every call regardless of call volume Build Brand Loyalty from dial tone to social media
  • 8. 8 Moving from premise to hosted contact center results in a 51% savings over 3 years Greater business agility Consistent experiences across t channels are more likely to encourage satisfied and loyal customers Frost & Sullivan Study Cloud Contact Center Efficiency
  • 9. 9 What Does Agents Anywhere Mean? Communication only requires a Network (VoIP) or a Telephony (TDM) Connection Extremely Rapid Deployment Calls are distributed automatically Intelligent call routing Usually no agent hardware Frequently browser based Central supervision potentially across wide geographies
  • 10. 10 Why "Agents Anywhere? Geographic Agility Do not have to link agents with switching equipment in Contact Centers Ability to staff agents in regions where needed Locate where qualified agents can be more easily recruited Locate in Regions where costs are reduced Home agents Reduce costs for agent, technology, support and physical infrastructure
  • 11. 11 Traditional Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center Operational Expense Pay per use vs. Capital Expense Scalability Instantly react to call spikes (vendor specific) Rapid Deployment No on-site hardware Expertise & Enhancements Take advantage of outsourced engineering, network management and ongoing support Rapid Deployment An existing on demand infrastructure speeds deployment Legacy System solution Eliminate multiple vendor systems for agent support Virtual Contact Center
  • 12. 12 The New Cloud Contact Center Benefits Multichannel Communications Integrate voice, messaging, IVR, chat, etc. CRM Enrichment Auto-populate screens with inbound calls Personalization Intelligent call routing based on customer profiles Agent Integrated Voice Self-Service Call recording to agent on transfer to avoid repeat questions Outbound Reach with Inbound Response Proactive contact with an ability to respond with a speech-enabled dialog
  • 13. 13 Cloud Contact Center Core Components
  • 14. 14 Core Components: ACD & Central Mgmt Intelligent Call Distribution Send calls to agents based on location, availability, skills, etc. Queue Monitoring and Management Real-time call tracking with ability to reassign calls. Agent Availability and Performance Centrally track agent presence and call handling. Real-time Assistance Monitor calls with ability to break-in to assist agents. Central Reporting Graphical dashboard to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • 15. 15 Core Components: Speech Recognition Engaging Voice Self-Service Prompts + accurate recognition encourage use & reuse. Instantly Answer Every Call No waiting for an available agent. Large Grammar Dialogs More complex interactions are possible. Voice User Interface Creativity Guidance for more rapid automated call resolution + innovative error correction. Automation + Agents Easy transfer to agents upon request with whisper call recording to reduce asked for repeated data.
  • 16. 16 Core Components: Call Recording Voice of the Customer Evidence Share audio files with customer care & senior management. Agent Training Offer actual good and poor examples of audio interactions. Caller Satisfaction Use call recording to provide agents with a heads-up upon transfer. Call Recording Across Every Transfer Capture the complete caller experience as a single entity including speech recognition and transfers to agents and between agents. Call + Agent Screen Recording Link what an agents see on screen with recorded caller interactions to pinpoint issue such as lack of agent information.
  • 17. 17 Core Components: Inbound & Outbound Inbound Agents & Automation Answer calls with agents, speech recognition or a combination. Proactive Outbound Dialing Automated outbound calling with throttling to match agent availability. Outbound Speech Recognition Proactive outreach with speech recognition. Inbound to Outbound Automation/Agents Convert outbound calls to inbound speech dialogs or agent interactions. Inbound/Outbound Scalability Capacity to answer inbound call traffic simultaneously with outbound calling campaigns.
  • 18. 18 Core Components: Scalability & Reliability Telephony & VoIP Access Answer calls with agents, speech recognition or a combination. Scalability for Call Spikes Automated outbound calling with throttling to match agent availability. SIP integration to Back-end Systems Multi-protocol integration to databases and other systems. Redundancy Dual site capacity for failover and spike traffic handling. Network Operations Center 7x24 network monitoring and management with proactive analysis.
  • 19. 19 Added Components: Agent Desktop / CRM Contact Data to Agent Screens Immediately pre-populate screens with caller detail. Agent Access to Intelligence & Knowledge Base Present agents with information possibly personalized for each caller. Multi-Channel Solution Integrate calls with chat, email, social media and other forms of contact. Rapid Call Completion Drive more quickly to call resolution via intelligence presented to the agent. Data Immediately Accessible Call detail becomes available to all channels and the organization.
  • 20. 20 Cloud Contact Center Answers Multi-channel Communications Integration between channels enables virtual contact centers to allow customers & prospects to chose their contact of choice without capital expense for additional hardware. No Problem with Multiple Vendors & Legacy Systems Resolve managing multiple systems and legacy challenges by taking advantage of hosted systems that do not require forklift upgrade costs to stay current. More Efficient Operational Expense vs. Capital Expense. Integration Assistance Hosted vendor assistance with linking your systems fortified with a unified virtual contact architecture speeds integration and promotes uptime. Reliable and Scalable (vendor specific) Scale for unexpected call volume with hosted solutions.
  • 21. 21 VoltDelta Cloud Contact Center and IVR Solutions: Differentiators
  • 22. 22 VoltDeltas Customer Experience Platform Hosted Core Customer Care Components Virtual Contact Center, IVR, Call Recording
  • 23. 23 Uniquely Converged VoltDelta Platform Virtual Contact Center, IVR, Call Recording These core components take advantage of VoltDelta Technology, not 3rd party vendors. As a result: Superior customer care via multi-channel integration. Cost efficiency (reduced number of 3rd party vendors) [Many vendors require 3rd party vendors for at least 1 of these components] Automation to Agent Caller Experience WhisperTel technology utilizes call recording to provide agents with a word or phrase heads-up if transferred from speech recognition. [3rd party call recording used by many vendors make it difficult to integrate call recording across channels] Inbound and Outbound Convert an outbound call to an inbound voice self-service [Many other vendors cannot easily integrate inbound & outbound due to deployment of disparate systems, frequently from 3rd party sources]
  • 24. 24 Uniquely Scalable & Reliable More than 2 Billion Calls Annually VoltDeltas telephony & networking infrastructure currently handles more than 2 Billion calls/year in North America with 99.99% reliability. Systems in place that support massive call volume. [Possibly no other virtual contact center vendor in North America supports this call volume magnitude ] Exceptional Call Spike Uptime Proven ability to dynamically scale for seasonal & unexpected traffic [Many virtual contact center vendors struggle with unpredictable call volume challenges] Telephony Grade Performance Decades of VoltDelta communications service to carriers and other telephony providers fortify a robust communications infrastructure. [Many other virtual contact center vendors have evolved their systems over time and may struggle when even smaller contact centers encounter high call volume ]
  • 25. 25 Remarkably Effective Call Recording VoltDelta Call Recording Technology Does not require a 3rd party vendor for call + agent screen recording [Most other virtual contact center vendors partner for call recording] Captures Entire Experience Through Every Transfer Can see transfer points in user interface and track entire call. [Some virtual contact center vendors can only record within each channel] Automation to Agent Customer Experience A word or phrase recording can be presented to agents upon transfer from a VoltDelta speech recognition application . [This is not commonly supported by most vendors. Also, some other vendors struggle with recording responses AND prompts in a speech recognition dialog]
  • 26. 26 Patent-Pending Speech Recognition VoltDelta CrystalWAVE technology Utilizes multiple simultaneous grammars with context sensitivity. [Enhances standard speech recognition engine performance for large grammars] More Accurate Especially for Large Grammars Exceptionally effective in disambiguating like sounding words. [Complex dialogs with product names, streets, etc. are challenging for many vendors without the benefit of CrystalWAVE] Reduced Tuning Costly ongoing tuning is minimized with CrystalWAVE [Cost benefits over time for large grammars can be significant compared to other vendors]
  • 27. 27 VoltDelta CRM Oracle/RightNow Computer Telephony + Multi-Channel Calls + chat, email, and Social Media to the agents desktop. [Computer Telephony powers the Oracle RightNow CX agent desktop] Universal Contact Queue Prioritizes calls over email & chat incident presentation. [Some CRM systems may only present some channel of contact without precedence of importance] Integrated VoltDelta Media Bar on Agent Desktop Provides agents with consult to supervisor, agent transfer & more. [Few Virtual Contact Center vendors provide an integrated software solution to CRM, allowing agents to use a familiar interface with enhanced telephony features]
  • 28. 28 A team approach dedicated to your support Industry leading experience Based on relationship Managers focused on your success 7x24x365 Proactive outreach Incident tracking & auditing Broad geographic coverage Customer Support
  • 29. 29 Layers of Defense Team of Certified Security Professionals PCI Compliant High Availability Security Decades of Experience Security Layers of Defense
  • 30. 30 Conclusion Evaluate Virtual Contact Center Solutions Benefits include enhanced customer care, business agility and cost savings. Understand Virtual Contact Center Components Take advantage of technology to route calls with intelligence and speech to enhance satisfaction and encourage loyalty. Review Virtual Contact Center Vendors Pay particular attention to experience, security, and resources that support scalability and reliability .
  • 31. 31 About VoltDelta Virtual Contact Center & Voice Self-Service Solutions Data Centers and Customer Care applications within and beyond North America More than 2 Billion calls/year at 99.99% reliability Multichannel solutions with CRM integration
  • 32. 32 Contact VoltDelta [email protected] news VoltDelta is part of the Volt Information Sciences family of Talent, Technology and Consulting organizations. Please visit The information contained herein is provided for information purposes only, is intended only to outline (VoltDeltas) presently anticipated general technology direction and is therefore subject to change. The information communicated is not an obligation to deliver any product, product feature, service, service feature, software, software upgrade or functionality and VoltDeltas version of the (Hosted Solution operating system) may vary. None of the information should be interpreted as a commitment on the part of VoltDelta.