the new exodus exodus 11-15

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The New Exodus Exodus 11-15. Rick Wright July 06 2014. Introduction. Different ways to look at Sun Different ways to look at (Bible / Christian faith) Not either/or… true/false Both/and Advanced Big Picture. The Big Point. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The New Exodus Exodus 11-15

The New ExodusExodus 11-15Rick WrightJuly 06 2014

IntroductionDifferent ways to look at SunDifferent ways to look at (Bible / Christian faith)Not either/or true/falseBoth/andAdvancedBig PictureThe Big PointNew Testament understands Jesus/church primarily in terms of Passover/ExodusThis is that (James McClendon)To understand this we need to understand thatHow Primitive Christianity understands Jesus/churchOverviewWho?Where?What?How?Why?Exodus 12:21-27Children?Future generations?Unleavened bread?Passover?Liturgy and Story[Story? = Announcement (11)]LITURGY = Passover/Unleavened (12:1-27a)Story (12:29-39)LITURGY = Passover (12:43-49)LITURGY = Unleavened Bread (13:1-16)Story (13:17-14:29)LITURGY = Song of Moses (15:1-18)LITURGY = Song of Miriam (15:20-21)So what?Story = LiturgyLiturgy = StoryNot just this is what happenedBut this is what happensGod works salvation initially and for participants. Makes them part of redeemed exodus community. Reenactment is salvation (like the original event). We enter into reality of event. Reconstitutes (forms again) the people of God. Liturgy is how saving power of event is available to community (in worship) (Terence Fretheim)

Couple pointsSin?Lamb as atoning sacrifice?(1) Blood and (2) MeatPassover Lamb is not an atoning sacrifice for sin (Chris Brady)Passover = (1) freedom from slavery/oppression (2) leaving EgyptCrossing the SeaWhy is Passover (death + leaving Egypt) not enough?!?God/Yhwh must defeat Pharaoh/EgyptReed Sea?!?Crossing Reed Sea sounds likePharaoh/Egypt + Reed Sea ~ chaos/deathThis is about creation!Christ/church and PassoverChrist our Passover has been sacrificed for us (1 Corinthians 5:7)Suffering/death (and resurrection?) ~ Passover (and Crossing?)Passover/Exodus -> Paschal communityStory of Jesus = New Passover/ExodusNew Passover/Exodus -> New Paschal community?A little more specificSin/forgiveness?Individual? Heaven?Victory of God -> new communityEucharist?Baptism?Gospel?Church?