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  • 1. The Pen is Mightier than the Blade by Sabrina Maria Harris
    Changing the world by providing literacy instruction that promotes civic responsibility, social justice and awareness in our students.

2. Why I Chose this Topic
I have a unique group of students that I need to reach.
I work at an IB elementary school and this topic is immediately relevant to the goals of my school and the IB program.
I want to my students to realize that they read and write for many reasons and that satisfying an assignment and preparing for a test are the least of these reasons.
I am enthusiastic when I am teaching to empower my students and this is why I teach.
I think this is a valuable and relevant approach to teaching literacy.
3. How can teachers utilize literacy to ignite and facilitate social justice and civic responsibility?
Teacherscan turn books into experiences of authentic inquiry.
Teachers can inviteand challenge students to grapple with moral dilemmas through reading age appropriate literature.
Teachers can connect good books with social responsibility.
Teachers can use literature to promote attitudes of empathy and caring.
Teachers can use literature to awaken consciousness in learners.
Writing is commensuratewith reading.Likewise, teachers can design writingexperiences that deepen understanding and allow students to engage in further inquiry.Students can write to express their views and developing values.
Teachers can set up a classroom learning environment that supports literacy as a fundamental human right.
Teachers can develop comprehension questions and writing tasks that directly examine the deeper messages of a text as opposed to limiting comprehension strategies to the ability to recall and ultimately regurgitate information.
(Reading for a Better World,664)
4. Once you learn how to read, you will forever be free. Fredrick DouglassLiteracy instruction does not need to be limited to comprehension strategies and skills and grammar.Literacy instruction can propel the IB Action cycle, empowering students to participate in our democracy and initiate progressive actions that will positively impact society.Literacy instruction should promote a sense of freedom and a desire to free others. (Talking Walls,464)
As an IB teacher, I can use the IB Action Cycle as a gauge to determine the effectiveness of thematic units.As inquisitive instincts develop, students will apply this action cycle to all facets of their learning and lives.The IB Action cycle will foster the establishment of personal and authentic values in each child. Thus the IB Learner Profile and Attitudes come to life in each child.
5. Change Begins with Me: Uncovering and Examining Personal Beliefs and Values and the Connection to Social Justice, Awareness and Civic Responsibility
Students must know who they are and what they stand for.They need opportunities to examine and evaluate their own values and beliefs.
As students connect with their own values, they are equipped to grapple with broader issues from the classroom community to the international community.
6. Hip Hop to Connect with Self and the World
Hip Hop Includes:
Break Dancing, popping, Locking
Hip Hop issocially
conscious.It is a whole culture
Students are interested and enthusiastic about hip hop.They are knowledgeable about hip hop and they can directly connect and relate to the culture.It is an international movement.It is a powerful approach for teaching youth.
7. Tagging is a social practice with its own rules and codes. It is one aspect of Hip Hop.Crews disseminate signature monikers, slogans, protests and messages through simple and elaborate tags. Graffiti is like hieroglyphics in the sense that many times the writings on the walls are indecipherable to an untrained eye. Graffiti is a form of expression. There are often deep and poignant messages embedded in each piece.(Tagging as a Social Literacy Practice, 355)
8. Graffiti is a social practice engaged in by youth and young adults all over the world.Graffiti artists often belong to a crew.They use spray paint to tag up walls, train cars, bridges, highway underpasses etc. Graffiti is usually regarded as vandalism or misassociated with gangs.Perhaps you have noticed graffiti in a students notebook and reprimanded him/ her for being off task.A different view of graffiti is that it is a literacy practice in which young people tag either a signature moniker, slogan, protest, message, or occasionally a lengthy tribute.Other taggers respond to the tags of their crew members and non-crew members with tags. If you could tag one word over a busy thoroughfare or expressway, what would it be?
SABER is a graffiti artist from Los Angeles. He is considered to be a global legend.
9. There are a number of ways in which we can use graffiti to engage our writers, especially our male writers and other hard to reach writers.Graffiti is definitely a means of being free through writing and sharing ones views.
Whats Up?
You roll with the KMWP SI Crew.Several local crews (APS, PCSD, CCSD, COBB, RCS and others) have stepped to us.They want to know who we are and what we represent. Design an authentic tag that reps who you are.
As you develop your tag consider:
(Establish rules for your students such as refrain from using profanity, nudity/sex, violence and put-downs in your tags.)
penmanship style
types of lines
the energy flowing from your tag
perhaps your tag is edgy or outspoken
For this activity your tag must represent you.
Dont be a punk! You are the CEO of your classroom!You are an excellent teacher! (jdilla)
10. Crack-Open Your Tag and expound on what this tag says about your beliefs, values, culture, life experience, family, and so forth.
1st: Pre-Writing Option
Write your tag name in the center of the paper and begin to brainstorm all of the things that your tag says about you. Next, go deeper and examine each of these broad aspects of yourself.
Figurative language, adjectives, adverbs, vivid verbs would allbe addressed at this juncture of the lesson.
2nd:Using your tag, write an I Am poem
In I Am poems you will introduce each aspect of yourself with I Am.You determine your rhythm.
Extension:Genre switch and allow students to write short bios from the I Am poems. Says)
11. Tag an Article
Read: Oil Spill Addressed from the Oval Office
Create a Tag in response to the article.Next, crack-open yourtag and expound upon your tag response to this article.
Step 1: Create a Tag.Think about what resonated with you most as you read the article.
Step 2: Now, write a blog post articulating your concerns regarding the oil spill disaster.
As you respond think about the following:
How does the oil spill affect you?What are the long term implications of this disaster?What needs to happen in order to prevent this type of disaster in the future?What lessonsdo we learn, as American Citizens and world citizens, from this disaster? You are not limited by the above questions. (John Mayer)
12. Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Lyrics, Poetry
Listen to : Times A Wastin by Erykah Badu

  • What messages are in this particular song?

13. What aresome deterrentsthat young men and women face in this society? 14. What are the implications of taking your time? 15. What does taking your time look like in this context?Why? 16. Who or what might you run from andwhy? 17. How do youtake out the demons in your range? 18. Can anyone relate to the lyrics and the messages in this song? How so? 19. Who is the audience? 20. What is the artists purpose for writing this song? 21. How could this song impact society? 22. What is the artists style and voice in this song?Spoken word is an ancient art form rooted in the griot oral traditions recognizedin Africa, Bardic tradition of Europe and the Middle East, the Tamil poets of India and singers in South America.Spoken word was intrinsic in every ancient society on this planet at some point.Spoken word today is a rhythmically based performance of poetry that is born from these ancient traditions.
Hip hop is a musical genre that is a part of the hip hopculture.One elementof hip hopis rapping. Rap can be divided into different categories including gangster, hip hop, political, dirty south and commercialrap. Various regions of the United States have unique styles of rap.Hip hopis generally underground and it is definitely international. Badu)
23. Lets Battle!
Read: Drilling Ban Blocked; U.S. Will Issue New OrderNew York Times
Write a rap arguing either for the 6 month ban of off shore drilling or against the ban of off shore drilling.Support your position with relevant details and research.Your rap should be no longer than 2 minutes.
The Battle:Divide the class according to positions.Pairs of students will present their raps, battling each other.The rapper with the strongest argument and most creative lines will win the battle.The team with the most points in the end will win.
Other options: assign each student a point of view from which to write and give them the task of writing a rap regarding this ban from the assigned point of view.(

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