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Page 1: The Queensland Pineapple

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Queensland PineappleTheC E L E B R A T I N G K I D S A R T

T E X T U R E I S S U E 2 Q UA R T E R LY C H I L D R E N ’ S A R T M A G A Z I N E

Page 2: The Queensland Pineapple

Here we are together again! Thinking back to this time last year, have you hugged that tree yet? Yes, we are talking TEXTURE. Perhaps you have explored the world around you finding all kinds of interesting surfaces? The other day we saw a magnificent water dragon with its wonderfully textured scales.In art, we can see texture in so many forms. Just take a look at the way the artists in our gallery have used different techniques to create texture and express themselves. The hissssing texture sssnake at the back of this issue will sssssugest sssome examples for creating texture. Also, we have left an art gallery space especially for you to experiment and create anything your heart desires! When you finish, remember to send it in to us so we can celebrate your creativity, which is what we are all about here at The Queensland Pineapple!

Created by

Vivienne Lang

© Vivienne Lang 2019.


[email protected]

Art submissions -

thequeenslandpineapple or send your art to

The Queensland Pineapple

PO BOX 6279

Mitchelton Qld 4053

Accounts - info@thequeenslandpineapple.




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The Queensland Pineapple is an

independent magazine published quarterly

by TQP Publishing

Distributed by TQP

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Cover artwork: Magali / Welcome page backdrop: Mikayla

“Art is so fantastic

because you use a lot

of colours and imagine

anything you like.” -Zachary, age 6


Page 3: The Queensland Pineapple

Some artists create art that looks textural. We asked featureartist Luella about the texture we see in her book coverillustrations.

Luella is a nine-year-old artist from Brisbane.4. A Convict

Felt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper

5. Elizabeth DaneFelt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper

6. Sarah CopperFelt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper

1.The Girl With a Heart of a Dragon - Legend of the Five Eggs

Felt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper2. The Girl With a Heart of a Dragon -

Two More Realms Felt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper

3. A Never-Ending JourneyFelt-tip marker and coloured pencil on paper

1. Do you have a favourite texture?Not really. I like to create all kinds of texture because it can make objects look like they are popping out of the page, it makes things look 3D and that’s cool. I love to use my pens and pencils to make my art show texture.

2. Do you have a favourite thing to draw?Yes. I love to draw girls, animals and creatures. A lot of my artworks have animals in them. I love to write stories and then illustrate them like the book covers on the opposite page. One day I would like to be an author and illustrate my books.

3. Can you describe how you make some of your artworks?I make my art in all sorts of ways. I use pens and pencils to draw things that have a lot of detail. I love drawing details. When you look at my artwork, there are so many small things to find. I think my art tells stories. There are characters and lots of things happening.

4. When you make your art, do you think about texture or do you just create it?When I am drawing, I don’t think about creating texture, it just seems to happen in my art with the way I use my pens and pencils. I do a lot of stippling and scumbling.

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5. 6.

Page 4: The Queensland Pineapple


Here at The Queensland Pineapple, we can’t seem to stop smiling! Why, you ask? The answer is because everywhere we turn, we are finding more and more inspiring textural artworks to celebrate with you, and this makes us happy!

In the last texture issue we looked at all the different ways of making art using texture. There were so many that we included a chart at the back of the issue to help you to learn some of them. This issue, we have found some more techniques to create texture, so don’t forget to check it out!

We are in awe looking at all of the artworks in our gallery. See if you can spot some of the techniques used to create texture by the artists. We have looked very carefully at each artwork inside our gallery and can see techniques such as scoring, scratching, stamping and stippling, collage and rubbing.

Artist, Magali, has used watercolour paint and paper collage to create her art called Fly Away. Well, Magali, we are going to jump onto the back of your magnificent blackbird and fly into our gallery. Whoooooooosh!

“I made a flying bird out of black paper so it would stand out from the colourful background that I painted using purple and yellow watercolours.”

Fly Away Magali, age 11

Watercolour paint, collage and gel ink pen on paper

Page 5: The Queensland Pineapple

“This is me in the form of a collage. It was fun making this art in my backyard!”

Self PortraitRachana, age 8

Foil and paper collage on paper

“I made this self portrait by tearing paper and foil.”

Self PortraitMadhuri, age 8

Foil and paper collage on paper

Page 6: The Queensland Pineapple

A Little GirlJasmine, age 5

Watercolour paint on paper

“A little girl.” “I created this duck because when I look at a lake I always see ducks with beautiful colours and textures.”

Texture BirdIris, age 8

Crayons, lead pencil, glitter and foil on paper

Page 7: The Queensland Pineapple

“Emma dipped pipe cleaners in purple paint to create her artwork.”

Clay PaperweightsLila, age 9


Purple Pipe CleanersEmma, age 8

Paint on paper

”My clay paperweights.”

Page 8: The Queensland Pineapple

“I like stars.”

Old Measuring JugMikayla, age 8

Wax crayon on paper

“It was fun to feel the bumps under the paper as I rubbed over this old glass jug.”

StarElliott, age 6

Wax crayon on paper

Page 9: The Queensland Pineapple

“This is a story that I hope to publish one day. I really enjoyed drawing all the detail for the cover.”

“I loved drawing all the mythical creatures for the front cover of this book.”

The Girl With a Heart of a Dragon - Legend of the Five Eggs

Luella, age 9Felt-tip marker and pencil on paper

The Girl With a Heart of a Dragon - Two More Realms

Luella, age 9Felt-tip marker and pencil on paper

Page 10: The Queensland Pineapple

A Never-Ending Journey Luella, age 9

Felt-tip marker and pencil on paper

A ConvictLuella, age 9

Felt-tip marker and pencil on paper

“I wrote this story because I was inspired by what we were doing in class about convicts.”

“Once I finished the first book, I was inspired to write a second story, and it turned out great.”

Page 11: The Queensland Pineapple

Sarah CopperLuella, age 9

Felt-tip marker on paper

“Sarah Copper is a convict who was shipped off on a boat to New Holland, otherwise known as Australia.”

“One book has lead to a whole series! I really enjoyed using all the shades of green to make the texured grass on the cover of this book.”

Elizabeth DaneLuella, age 9

Felt-tip marker on paper

Page 12: The Queensland Pineapple

“I just got some mud and clay and moulded it into a shape with eyes.” “This is a piece of paper bark that I decorated with my crayons.”

FriendJulia, age 8

Mud and clay

Paper BarkWillow, age 8

Crayon on paper bark

Page 13: The Queensland Pineapple

“It was fun using the bumps on the table to create this texture flower.” “This is my favourite animal.”

Blooming FlowerAva, age 10

Wax crayon on paper

EmuByron, age 8

Coloured pencil on paper

Page 14: The Queensland Pineapple

“Rain.” “This is a bluebottle swimming in the sea with rainbow tentacles.”

Rainbow BluebottleFraser, age 5

Coloured pencil on paper

RainGeorge, age 5

Felt-tip marker on paper

Page 15: The Queensland Pineapple

“I drew this because I love the snow.”

Snow GirlAlexa, age 8

Felt-tip marker on paper

Sausage Dog Zachary, age 5

Coloured pencil and felt-tip marker on paper

“This is a sausage dog. See the spider and the web between two trees?”

Page 16: The Queensland Pineapple

“I used my crayons on the concrete to make this artwork.”

Concrete Texture RubbingLola, age 8

Wax crayon on paper

Ocean CollageRuby, age 7

Paper and felt-tip marker on paper

“This is an ocean collage.”

Page 17: The Queensland Pineapple

“I made the boat this shape and colour because it looked fancy and would stand out in the sky.” “I used a crocheted doily to rub some textured moons.”

The Moon SectionZara, age 5

Wax crayon on paper

Asher’s Fantastic Air Boat Asher, age 6

Felt-tip marker and pencil on paper

Page 18: The Queensland Pineapple

Blueprint of a CityTom, age 10

Paint on cardboard

Colour BurstNaomi, age 9

Coloured tissue paper, pom poms and sequins on paper

“I used my lego to print the buildings and it took me a long time.” “I loved overlapping the paper to uncover new colours.”

Page 19: The Queensland Pineapple

Teepee HutGrace, age 4

Crayons on paper

“I used pink and blue to make a hut.”

SeaweedJasmine, age 3

Pastels on paper

“This is seaweed.”

Page 20: The Queensland Pineapple

“I like all the shapes and colours and I like gluing them on.”

CollageFrankie, age 4Paper on card

“This character is called Chibi.”

ChibiEva, age 10

Coloured pencil and felt-tip marker on paper

Page 21: The Queensland Pineapple

“This is my friend with a plait.” “I rubbed over a big flat shell so I could see what it looked like.”

Shell RubbingMila, age 8

Crayon on paper

Lovely Lu Reese, age 5

Coloured pencil on paper

Page 22: The Queensland Pineapple

“This is a rubbing from a Peruvian ceramic tile. It was interesting to watch all the texture and lines appear”

Screen Door George, age 10

Crayon on paper

“I was learning about texture and thought this screen door would make an interesting texture to rub over.”

Tile RubbingSam, age 11

Crayon on paper

Page 23: The Queensland Pineapple

“I drew this oven with wings because it came into my imagination.” “I used my pencil strokes to create the fury look of this cute seal.”

Oven with WingsCaleb, age 11

Felt-tip marker on paper

Seal PupOlivia, age 11

Lead pencil on watercolour paper

Page 24: The Queensland Pineapple

This is a gallery space for you to make your very own piece of art! When you are finished be sure to photocopy it and send it to:

The Queensland Pineapple, PO Box 6279, Mitchelton Qld 4053

“This is Daddy’s beard in the long grass.”

Daddy’s BeardHazel, age 4

Coloured pencil on paper

Page 25: The Queensland Pineapple

Step 1. Gather some of your favourite objects. Look for things that have lots of bumps, raised surfaces and bits that stick out! These objects will give you the best results for creating texture. Some objects that we gathered are coral, a hair clip, butterfly broach, ring, and a star made from

Step 2. Roll out some clay onto a clean and flat surface using a rolling pin.

Step 3. Once your clay is flat, press away using all your beautiful textured objects. See the wonderful impressions that appear each time you lift the object off the clay! After experimenting with making some marks, you might want to move on to step 4!

Experiment Making Texture With Clay

Step 4. If you can find some moulds from your local craft shop, you could try making some clay impressions by carefully pressing air-drying clay into the mould and then lifting it out. Here are some sun and moon faces that we made earlier. You could paint them after they have dried and perhaps stick a magnet on the back and place it on your fridge!

Page 26: The Queensland Pineapple

For Parents and Teachers:

Links to the Australian Curriculum:Learning Areas - The ArtsStrands and sub-strands - Visual ArtsACARA (2019). Retrieved May 10, 2019 from


To all the artists who continue to share their artworks with The Queensland Pineapple. Without you, we would not be able to continue to celebrate imagination, creativity and the

great language of art.

DISCLAIMER The Queensland Pineapple uses the greatest care when creating its magazine. We pride ourselves on respecting the integrity of all the artworks, content and finer details. Any incorrect information is unintentional and in such occurrences, TQP waives liability. Reproduction of this magazine or any portion of its contents for any other purpose is prohibited unless authorised with prior written consent. TQP is not responsible for any online information accessed in relation to this magazine and advises you supervise your children’s online activities when engaging in any of the suggested websites. The Queensland Pineapple is an independent magazine published quarterly by TQP Publishing and is an initiative of creative director, copyright Vivienne Lang 2017. All featured artwork remains copyright of the artists. TQP is run by real humans who make real mistakes. Mistakes can be wonderful things as we learn so much from them! We ask for your support and clemency as we spread our wings.

[email protected]

Vivienne Lang (Kelly) lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland. Vivienne attended university at the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Griffith University, in Brisbane. In 2006 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art Photography with First Class Honours. She went on to pursue her passion for creative expression and in 2016 graduated with a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary) from Swinburne University, Melbourne, VIC. The Queensland Pineapple was created by Vivienne to celebrate children’s innate creativity and to support and encourage a culture and community that nurtures and promotes the importance of engaging in all kinds of artistic expression throughout one’s life, from childhood into adulthood.


The Queensland Pineapple

Page 27: The Queensland Pineapple

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