the scout award scheme by tim martin. getting started the award scheme consists of: the scout craft...

Download THE SCOUT AWARD SCHEME BY TIM MARTIN. GETTING STARTED The award scheme consists of: The scout craft badge Proficiency badges Target badges (pioneer, explorer

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  • GETTING STARTED The award scheme consists of: The scout craft badge Proficiency badges Target badges (pioneer, explorer and adventurer) Patrol activity badges Cords (red, blue, green) Leader ship course and activity The Australian Scout Medallion
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  • THE SCOUTCRAFT BADGE The scout craft badge is the FIRST badge completed by EVERY new scout. You need to know: Four basic knots How to hoist and break the Australian flag Basic first aid Safety on camp How the patrol system works After you complete all these things you can go on and complete any other badge.
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  • PROFICIENCY BADGES Proficiency badges are extra badges that you can complete. They also help you complete other badges. There are many different proficiency badges. Some examples are anthropology, commerce, performing arts and sports badges.
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  • There are three different target badges. Pioneer level, Explorer level and Adventurer level. Each of these consist of smaller badges that you complete to earn a target badge. They are: And 1 of 6 elective badges: TARGET BADGES Citizenship
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  • CAMPCRAFT The campcraft badge consists of the same topics in each level but has different requirements for each topic. It consists of: Knots and lashings Fire and fuel Safety and survival Navigation Cooking Camp activity Journey camps
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  • CITIZENSHIP The citizenship badge allows you, as a scout, to fulfil the aim of the Scout Association. The badge includes: Ethics First aid Leadership Heritage Good turn Activity Community Environment fitness
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  • PATROL ACTIVITY BADGES A patrol activity badge must be completed at each level to complete a cord. The requirements are. For red: attend a patrol activity. For blue: Organise a patrol activity. For green: organise a patrol activity of a good standard.
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  • CORDS A cord is achieved after you have completed a target badge, a patrol activity badge, and two proficiency badges.
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  • LEADERSHIP COURSE The leadership course is a special course run by your scout branch for scouts who have completed their pioneer badge. The sessions include: Understanding the patrol system and award scheme Leadership Problem solving and task management Citizenship Planning/programming
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  • THE AUSTRALIAN SCOUT MEDALLION The Scout Medallion is the highest award you can achieve in the scout section. The three areas you have to complete are: 1.Participate in a scout leadership course 2.Demonstrate an active leadership role in scouting 3.Achieve the Adventurer award When you complete these things you are eligible to be awarded with your Australian Scout Medallion.
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  • That was the complete award scheme for the scout section. Find some of your interests, complete some badges and just go out there and. HAVE SOME FUN!!!