the seventies and eighties

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The Seventies and Eighties. APUSH 10.4. Nixon’s Presidency. New Federalism – idea was to give power back to states Used Revenue Sharing and Block Grants (US gov’t provided funds, but let States run programs such as Medicaid) A reaction to New Deal, Great Society Growth of Federal Gov’t - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Seventies

The Seventies and EightiesAPUSH 10.4Nixons PresidencyNew Federalism idea was to give power back to statesUsed Revenue Sharing and Block Grants (US govt provided funds, but let States run programs such as Medicaid)A reaction to New Deal, Great Society Growth of Federal GovtSouthern Strategy tried to attract Southern votes1968 election George Wallace won several states as 3rd partyNixon pushed to slow integration and forced bussingNominated more conservatives to Supreme CourtPlanned worked from 1972 on, Deep South votes Republican unless Democrats run a Southerner (Carter, Clinton)

The Burger Court1969, Chief Justice Earl Warren ResignsReplaced by Warren BurgerSwainn v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board (1973)Upheld forced bussing for Integration of schoolsFurman v. Georgia (1972)Capital punishment ended as it was then.What was the problem?Gregg v. Georgia (1976) allows it againRoe v. Wade (1973) - Abortion

Nixons Foreign PolicyNixon Doctrine based more on power than principlesSometimes refer to as the imperial presidencyLed by Henry Kissinger (Real Politek more practical)Dtente easing of Cold War tensionsPing-Pong diplomacyNixon is first President to visit China and USSRHow did he use the rivalry between the two powers to his advantage?1972, U.S. officially recognizes (Red) China and they are added to U.N.

Nixon Foreign Policy IIVietnamVietnamizationParis Accords in 1973SALTStrategic Arms Limitations TalksTreaty with USSR to limit missilesNixon Foreign legacyEven critics agree that his policies had enhanced world peace

1972 ElectionDemocrats nominate George McGovern Very liberalThink back to 1964 and GoldwaterHow do Americans like extremes?Nixon wins in a major Landslide (520-17)What does this say about Americans their view of him after 4 years?Soon after his VP Spiro Agnew will resignAccording to 25th Amendment rules, he is replaced

WatergateDuring 1972 elections, Plumbers broke into DNC headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigateFound some were part of CREEP Committee to Reelect the President.Nixon claimed Executive PrivilegeHad to release the tape according to US v. Nixon Cover-up does Nixon in and he resigns in August 1974

Watergate effectsPresident Ford ultimately grants Nixon a full pardon.Between Vietnam and Watergate, trust in government deeply damaged.View of the Presidency changes after Watergate.

1970s StagflationBegins with Nixon, but continues with Ford and CarterStagflation = High inflation + High unemploymentNixon tried price and wage freezes in 1971Deindustrialization effectsEnergy Crisis effectsOPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesWould raise oil prices multiple times in 1970s (starts after Yom Kippur War)Gas lines

1976Bicentennial celebration1976 ElectionRep FordDem CarterFord still has the effects of the Pardon.Carter seen as an outsider from Washington DCCarter creates misery index that basically measures stagflation.

Was there anything good in the 70s?Carter best known for promoting Human RightsSALT II continued reduction of nuclear weaponsCamp David Accords - 1978Carter conducts peace talks between Egypt (Sadat) and Israel (Begin)

Carter and bad timesPanama Canal TreatyDebate over returning Canal to PanamaThree Mile Island 1979Worst nuclear accident in U.S. HistoryLove Canal community built on toxic wasteIran Hostage CrisisU.S. Embassy attacked by Khomeini supporters52 Americans taken hostageRescue mission failsHeld for 444 days (Reagan Inauguration day)1980 Summer OlympicsUSSR invades AfghanistanCarter decides to cancel U.S. participation in Moscow Games

Carter and EconomicsStagflation continuesInterest Rates continue to riseInflation 14% in 1980National Energy ActMeant to help U.S.s dependence on foreign oilMalaise Speech by Carter about the energy crisis

1980 ElectionCarters misery index used against himRepublican ReaganFormer actor and California governor considered outsider (Watergate effect continues)

Reaganomics1. Budget Cuts to Social Programs2. Tax Cuts Trickle-Down EconomicsSupply-side economics3. Increase Military SpendingSDI Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)

EffectsCold War ultimately wonNational Debt climbsEconomy improves

Reagan = Telfon President

16Morning AgainEconomy improves in early 1980sGrenada InvasionReagans meeting with Gorbachev (USSR)Sandra Day OConnors appointment1984 Election

What was being ignored in the 80s?Rising crime and homelessnessFactory jobs going overseasAIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)Appears in early 1980sWhat does Reagan administration do?What is the effect on the sexual revolution?Savings and Loans CrisisIn part due to Reagans DeregulationLeads to Recession in early 90sWho gets blamed?

Foreign AffairsProblems in Latin America during the 80s1983 Terrorists bombing in Beirut (241 Marines killed)1986 U.S. bombs Libya1989 U.S. invades Panama and capture Manuel Noriega

Iran-Contra Scandal sale of weapons to Iran, money given to Contras in Nicaragua (against Sandinistas) Does Reagan get blamed?

End of the Eighties1988 ElectionRep George H.W. Bush (Reagans VP)Dem Michael Dukakis1989 Tiananmen Square in ChinaFall of Communism

Reflection QuestionsIn what ways were the Seventies not so bad and the eighties not as good as it appeared?How did Watergate effect the future elections?Without Watergate, what do you think would be the long-term outlook about the Nixon Administration?How did Reagan change the attitude in America?Why is Reagan the original Telfon President?Links review video 70s Nixon Foreign Policy