the social selling evolution


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What is Social Selling and why is it the most important transformation you can make to your Sales process.


  • 1.sales.linkedin.comSOCIAL SELLING EVOLUTION

2. My LinkedIn Story 3. Buying process hasfundamentally changedCustomers on social networksCustomers more informedCustomers less responsive 4. Growth of Customer Engagement on Social Networks 5. Customers more informed88B57%2B+ Network UpdatesViewed Weekly 6. Customers less responsive210M4.5% 2B+Network UpdatesViewed Weekly 7. SellingBuying process hasfundamentally changedCustomers on social networksSocial Selling Evolution 8. SellingBuying process hasfundamentally changedCustomers are more informedEngage in the Conversation 9. Our Mission.Connect the worlds professionals to makethem more productive and successful 10. The LinkedIn NetworkNot all social platforms are equalQuality AudienceTarget the most influential and affluent professional audience in the world 187M+ members worldwide3.2MCXOs and VPs88Kaverage household income 11. InsightsBe great at what you do1M+2B+ ProfessionalNetwork UpdatesGroupsViewed WeeklyFeb 2012 12. SellingBuying process hasfundamentally changedCustomers are less ResponsiveLeverage Your 2nd Degree Network 13. Leverage Your Second Degree Network13 14. LinkedIn Sales Navigator ++Lead BuilderInMails Team Link 15. Introducing ..The Social Selling Index 16. Social Selling IndexSSI = 100Leaders Strong PROFILES Tip-Toers Contributing INSIGHTS Aggressively building NETWORK Aggressively Leveraging TOOLS Laggards Weak PROFILES NOT Contributing INSIGHTS Reactively building NETWORKSSI = 0 NOT Leveraging TOOLS 17. Introducing Eloqua SSI = 100 Leaders Tip-Toers LaggardsSSI = 0 18. Transforming the way the world works.