the solution lets you enjoy the fresh-air feel of an open window, with virtually little or no heat...

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  • Should You Be Concerned About Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

    I ndoo r A i r Qua l i ty ( IAQ ) has become an

    important hea l th as wel l as product iv i ty

    issue. The modern construct ion pract ices

    h a v e l e d t o a i r t i g h t b u i l d i n g s w h i c h

    min imize the amount of f resh a i r enter ing

    and c i rcu la t ing wi th in the bu i l d ing . Th is

    restr ict ion impacts indoor a i r by a l lowing

    a bu i ld -up of a i r contaminants with in the

    bui ld ing that are not proper ly removed.

    We spend 90% of our l ives indoors, where

    a i r qua l i t y i s f r equen t l y up t o 10 t imes

    m o r e p o l l u t e d t h a n t h e a i r o u t d o o r s .

    C o n d i t i o n e d i n d o o r a i r w i t h o u t t h e

    inc lus ion o f adequate amount o f outs ide

    a i r c a n h a v e a h i g h c o n c e n t r a t i o n o f

    r e s p i r a b l e d u s t , p o l l e n , m o l d , s p o r e s ,

    bacteria, viruses and more. People working

    indoors o f ten exper i ence symptoms such

    a s d r y n e s s a n d i r r i t a t i o n o f t h e e y e s ,

    nose, throat and skin, headaches, shortness o f

    b r e a t h , h y p e r s e n s i t i v i t y , a l l e r g i e s ,

    coughing or nausea just to mention a few.

    Y The Food you eat ! The Water you drink ! Do you also check the quality of The Air you breathe . . .? The EPA* has reported that indoor air quality can be up to 10 times WORSE than the air outside.

    ou check the Quality of :

    Healthy Air for Healthy People

    We general ly not ice poor Indoor Air Qual ity ( IAQ) symptoms after several hours at work and

    fee l better after we have left the bu i ld ing or when we have been away f rom the bu i ld ing

    for a weekend or a vacat ion.

    The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

    O c c u p a n t s o f b u i l d i n g s w i t h p o o r I A Q

    repo r t a w i de r ange o f h ea l t h p r ob l ems

    w h i c h a r e o f t e n c a l l e d S i c k B u i l d i n g

    S y n d r o m e ( S B S ) a n d B u i l d i n g - R e l a t e d

    I l lness (BRI) .

    The term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is used

    to describe cases in which building occupants

    experience adverse health effects that are

    apparently linked to the time they spend in

    the building. However, no specific illnesses or

    cause can be identified.

    Bu i l d ing -Re la ted I l l ness (BRI ) r e fe rs to

    l e s s f r e q u e n t ( b u t o f t e n m o r e s e r i o u s )

    cases of people becoming i l l after being

    i n a spec i f i c bu i l d i ng a t a c e r t a i n t ime .

    I n t hese cases , t he re i s usua l l y a s im i l a r

    set of c l in ica l symptoms exper ienced by

    the peop l e and a c l e a r c aus e c a n o f t e n

    be found upon investigation. Legionnaires

    d i s e a s e i s a n e x a m p l e o f B R I c a u s e d

    b y b a c t e r i a w h i c h c a n c o n t a m i n a t e a

    bui ld ings air condit ioning system.

    *The Environmental Protect ion Agency (EPA) is a US government agency concerned with the Amer ican environment and i ts impact on human health.

    The EPA is responsib le for establ ish ing and enforc ing envi ronmental standards under measures l ike the Clean Air Act

    Source Contaminant

    Building occupants Carbon dioxide (CO2), tobacco smoke, perfume, body


    Building materials Dust , f i be rg lass , asbestos , gases i nc lud ing


    Workplace cleansers, solvents, Toxic vapors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    pesticides, disinfectants, glues

    Furniture, carpets and paints Gases, vapors, odors.

    Carpets, fabric, foam cushions Dust mites

    Photocopiers, electric motors, Ozone .

    electrostatic air cleaners

    Some of the Indoor Air Contaminants

  • The Solution

    lets you enjoy the fresh-air feel of

    an open window, with v irtual ly

    little or no heat or energy loss. È Replace stale, pol luted indoor air with

    fresher, healthier and oxygen rich outside air.

    È Ideal for tightly sealed new commercial

    buildings and modern homes.

    È Compact unit size allows it to be retro-

    fitted with your existing air-conditioning

    system to enhance the indoor air quality.

    How does it work ? The heart of the Energy Recovery Ventilator

    is the EcoFresh des iccant coated energy

    r ecove ry whee l , wh i ch s l o w l y r o t a t e s

    between its two sections. In one section,

    the stale, conditioned air is passed through

    t h e w h e e l , a n d e x h a u s t e d t o t h e

    a t m o s p h e r e . D u r i n g t h i s p r o c e s s , t h e

    wheel absorbs sensib le and latent energy

    f rom the cond i t i oned a i r , wh ich i s used

    to pre-condit ion the incoming Fresh Air in

    the other section, during the second half

    of i ts rotat ion cycle. Thus, you can have

    more Fresh Air at lower energy costs inside

    your conditioned space.

    DRI ERVi i s the f i rst cho ice of an HVAC

    engineer and architect as it provides triple

    advantage of :

    n better IAQ n energy saving

    n humidity control

    Ideal for : u Residential : Apartment Complexes,

    Homes, Luxury Villas

    u Light Commercial : Showrooms, Pubs,

    Gyms, Spas, Beauty Saloons, Cafeterias

    u Commerc ia l : C a b i n s , C o n f e r e n c e

    Rooms, Inst i tut ions , Labs , Spec ia l i ty

    Clinics, Offices, Auditoriums and other Air

    cond i t ioned env i ronment for human

    comfort . . .

    Exhaust Air Outlet

    Fresh Air Intake


    Fitness Center


    Restaurant / Pub

    Health Spa

  • (The above details are based on inside conditions of 22.2oC (72oF) and 55% RH)

    Tonnage Reduction Chart

    (per 1700 CMH (1000 CFM) of fresh air supply)

    City Tonnage Tonnage A/C Recovery Recovery Equipment

    in in size Summer Monsoon Reduction


    Vishakapatnam 4.38 15.42 4.38 15.42 4.38 15.42

    Hyderabad 3.21 11.29 4.12 14.50 4.12 14.50


    Dibrugarh 3.34 11.76 3.35 11.79 3.35 11.79

    Guwahati 3.34 11.76 4.38 15.42 4.38 15.42


    Ranchi 4.22 14.85 3.35 11.79 4.22 14.85

    Patna 3.20 11.26 4.65 16.37 4.65 16.37

    (Goa) 4.37 15.38 4.12 14.50 4.37 15.38


    Ahmedabad 3.19 11.23 4.12 14.50 4.12 14.50

    Vadodara 3.19 11.23 3.59 12.64 3.59 12.64


    Bangalore 3.32 11.69 3.35 11.79 3.35 11.79

    Mysore 3.22 11.33 3.10 10.91 3.22 11.33

    Manglore 4.36 15.35 4.39 15.45 4.39 15.45


    Cochin 4.35 15.31 4.39 15.45 4.39 15.45

    Trivandrum 3.83 13.48 3.86 13.59 3.86 13.59


    Indore 2.96 10.42 4.37 15.38 4.37 15.38

    Bhopal 2.08 7.32 4.64 16.33 4.64 16.33


    Mumbai 4.63 16.30 4.39 15.45 4.63 16.30

    Pune 2.74 9.64 3.61 12.71 3.61 12.71

    Nagpur 2.72 9.57 4.12 14.50 4.12 14.50

    Aurangabad 2.74 9.64 3.84 13.52 3.84 13.52


    Bhubneshwar 4.22 14.85 4.65 16.37 4.65 16.37


    Ambala/Chandigarh 2.5 8.8 3.83 13.48 3.83 13.48


    Jaipur 2.5 8.8 3.33 11.72 3.33 11.72

    Jodhpur 2.96 10.42 3.83 13.48 3.83 13.48

    (Tamil Nadu)

    Chennai 4.21 14.82 3.86 13.59 4.21 14.82

    Coimbatore 2.76 9.72 2.64 9.29 2.76 9.72

    Madurai 3.22 11.33 3.33 11.72 3.33 11.72

    (Delhi / UP)

    Delhi 2.5 8.8 4.63 16.30 4.63 16.30

    Lucknow 3.43 12.07 4.63 16.30 4.63 16.30

    Kanpur 2.96 10.42 4.49 15.8 4.49 15.8

    (West Bengal)

    Kolkata 4.48 15.77 4.65 16.37 4.65 16.37


    u Golden Horse Casino, South Afr ica

    u Hyatt Residency, Mumbai , India

    u Hol iday Inn, Mumbai, India

    u Lavasa Corporat ion, Pune, India

    u Hyatt Hotel , Malaysia

    u Promenade Hotel , Malaysia

    u Grand Hyatt Accommondat ion, UAE

    Commercial / Offices

    u HCL Technologies, Noida, India

    u Indian Air l ines, Mumbai, India

    u Airport Authority of India, Delhi , India

    u Supreme Court of India, Delhi , India

    u Vatika City Point, Gurgaon, India

    u Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Kolkata, India

    u DG Cement, Kalar Kahar, Pakistan

    u MTN Cal l Center, Durban

    u CNI, Indonesia

    u Cosmos L imited, Kenya

    u PTTPE Polythylene, Thai land

    u SNT Science & Tech Co. Ltd. , Hong Kong

    u Juma al -maj id Headquarters Bui ld ing, UAE

    u Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa

    u CNI, Indonesia

    u Premier Off ice, Maurit ius

    IAQ maintained with

    Intan Multipurpose Hall, Malaysia Dole Thailand Ltd

    Hotel Grand Hyatt, UAE

  • (The above details are based on inside conditions of 22.2oC (72oF) and 55% RH)

    City Tonnage Tonnage KW A/C Recovery Recovery Recovery Equipment

    in in in size Summer Monsoon Winter Reduction

    Africa TR KW TR KW TR KW TR KW

    Cairo 1.92 6.76