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Sunday 3 rd
The story behind ‘Amazing Grace’
One of the most well-known hymns in the Christian tradition is the
old favourite ‘Amazing Grace’. In recent weeks it has reappeared
on our Sunday Missalettes and people join in with great gusto.
The origin of Amazing Grace is an interesting one; it was composed
by a man called John Newton whose personal story is reflected in
the words he penned. He was the captain of a slave ship in 18th
century England whose early life was a miserable tale of
drunkenness and ‘loose living’. While at sea in March 1748 the
ship encountered a violent storm, which came close to sinking it. It
was during this storm that he cried out to God for mercy, he later reflected that this was the first time
he had uttered such a prayer in life as he had always imagined himself beyond mercy’s reach. “I thought there never was or could be such a sinner as myself; I concluded that my sins were too great
to be forgiven.
’The damaged ship sailed up Lough Swilly where the locals welcomed them and set about repairing
the ship. He lodged in Derry and attended prayers daily in St. Columb’s Cathedral. From this time,
John Newton’s life began to change as he came to realise that God’s grace could save even a ‘wretch’
like him! Others soon noticed the difference when he stopped swearing and his behaviour altered. But
he still had much to learn.
Despite his spiritual awakening he continued to work in the ‘slave trade’ such was his self- interest
and acceptance of the culture of the day. It was only when he came under the influence of the
preaching of John Wesley and the anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce that the horror of the
whole wretched business brought him to his senses.
John Newton went on to become a clergyman in the Church of England and a staunch opponent of
slavery – his journey had led him to conversion of heart.
In February 1807 when the bill to finally outlaw slavery was passed through the British parliament,
John by now nearly blind and near death, "rejoiced to hear the wonderful news."
His story is a real testament to the power of God’s grace on even the most hardened of human hearts.
Amazing grace, How sweet the sound 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
That saved a wretch like me. And grace my fears relieved.
I once was lost, but now I am found, How precious did that grace appear
Was blind, but now I see. The hour I first believed.
Philip Curran
Ph. 0761 07 5090, Fax. 01 6217930
Email [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am to 1pm and 2pm to
4pm. Wednesday 2pm to 4pm. For your
convenience, please arrive before 12.30pm in the
morning and before 3.45pm in the afternoon as
we close promptly.
0761 07 4000 opening hours 9am to 8pm
Monday to Friday.
are both on the same number 0761 07 2000
Free Legal Advice Clinic (FLAC) on Thursday
nights from 7pm to 8pm. FLAC Legal
Information & Referral line 1890 350 250 (lo-
call from landlines) / 01 8745690 (mobiles).
Jobseeker’s Benefit for the Self-employed Legislation for a new social insurance scheme
has been passed by both Houses of the
Oireachtas. The scheme will support self-
employed people who lose their business and are
no longer self-employed. The rate will be the
same as Jobseeker’s Benefit (€203 per week)
with additional payments for dependants. The
scheme will start from 1 November 2019.
National Childcare Scheme (NCS) The NCS will open for applications on
Wednesday, 20 November 2019 and subsidies
will be paid from Monday, 25 November 2019.
Supports for Bereaved Banking Customers The Irish Banking Culture Board has announced
that its member banks have established a
common commitment of care for bereaved
customers. This includes a dedicated phone line
in each bank for bereaved customers and access
to any available funds of the deceased to cover
funeral costs. The banks are also committed to
using plain English, making information on
services easy to access and stopping marketing
materials addressed to the deceased as quickly as possible. The banks will review their processes
for dealing with bereaved customers on an
ongoing basis. Member banks are AIB, Bank of
Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland, Permanent TSB, and
Ulster Bank.
Lucan Drama A Motley Cast of Comic Characters Lucan Drama would love to introduce you to the talented
cast of its two upcoming One-
Act productions.
Kenneally directed by Janet Mc Kennedy, is a rip
–roaring modern comedy that will have you
roaring with laughter. The main character,
Wally, who is cursed by Shakespeare for his
philistine attitude, is ably played by Martin
Freeman. He is supported by friend Remie
played by Jeff Gibson. The teacher, Ingrid, is played by Catherine Collins and the love interest
by Aoife Gately as Doris.
In the second One-Act entitled A Little Box of
Oblivion by Stephen Bean, directed by Carol
Ryan, a box placed on a park bench by Woman
causes much speculation and fear in a group of
absurd but easily identifiable passers-by.
WOMAN is played by Cathy Healy, Cool Guy
by Brian Whitney, Neuro by Cian Lucas, Doom
by Jack C. Flanagan and Dick by Paul Cullen.
These experienced, dedicated and talented actors have all been on stage with Lucan Drama in
previous productions and are all a joy to watch.
These are two must-see plays to brighter the
darker nights.
Door Only Dinner and Theatre Tickets must be booked at
The Spa Hotel Reception: Phone 6280494
Cost: €25 for 2-Course Meal and Show.
For more information on Lucan Drama find
us on Facebook or e-mail
[email protected]
The closing date for enrolment is the
22nd November 2019
Some weeks ago my wife noticed a Parking
Warden in/about Esker Lawns; where Esker
Lawns meets Esker Hill. She wondered 'was he
lost or just taking a break'. Neither, it turns out.
On Wednesday 23rd October I saw a Parking
Warden putting a ticket on a car parked along
Lucan Newlands Road - the section running from
Esker Hill to Esker Cemetery. I asked why he
was ticketing the car as there are no Restricted
Parking signs in the area (not yet!), and he told
me that the car was parked opposite a solid white
line, which constitutes illegal parking; hence the
parking ticket. He also informed me that cars
parked on the footpath in/about Esker Lawns are
liable to receive tickets from now on. When I
asked why, when and by whose authority his territory had been extended he offered no
territory, and why? Are Councillors aware of this
change? Is this only the start of a new policy -
will we soon have Parking Wardens operating in
Lucan Heights, Beech Park or even Hillcrest?
Why were the Lucan public not informed of
these not so subtle changes?
(Contact details with Lucan Newsletter)
Woodview Residents Mass for our deceased residents will be offered
in St Patrick's Church Esker on Sunday 10th
November at 12 noon.
Boil Water Notice I made three attempts to wash recyclable water
Then I used boiled water but added tap water to
cool it - contaminated. Finally I got it right.
As I waited for one lot of water to cool and the
other to boil I reflected on my 1st World problem
of missing the convenience of turning a tap and
expecting to receive clean water. It made me
appreciate even more the amazing work done by
John and Mary Coyne and Wells for Zoe, who
every day supply clean water to well over
250,000 people in Malawi and also work in
education and forestry.
We won’t mention the joys of brushing teeth during the short boil water notice, let’s just
appreciate the work of Wells for Zoe and the
clean water I (we?) take for granted!
Mary Whittle
9th and Sunday 10th of
November at St. Mary's Church, Lucan village. All donations are greatly
appreciated and all monies go directly to the
running of the community radio station.
As we have mentioned here before, "Lucan Live"
is back on-air on Mondays at 3pm. If you have a
topic or an issue you would like the presenters to
raise and discuss on-air, please email
[email protected] or call us on
01- 6109339.
Liffey Sound 96.4FM- Lucan's Community
Radio Station!
Lucan Lions Club Fundraising Table Quiz
Kennys Back Lounge Thursday 7 November 2019 at 8.30pm Table of 4 - €40.
All are Welcome
St Mary’s Friday Photography Soirée
7th Exhibition of Photographs
Christian Meditation: We meet each Tuesday
at 8pm in The Nun’s Chapel. Everyone
welcome. Sr. Geraldine, 6217158
listen to or just be there for anyone who is
feeling lonely or lost following the death of a
loved one. We meet on the 2nd Monday of each
month from 10.30am-11.30am, also on the 4th
Thursday of each month from 8pm - 9pm. in the
Parish Centre. Parish Centre – 6217041
Legion of Mary: We meet in Room 2 in the
Parish Centre every Wednesday at 6.30pm. We
are much involved in home visits and nursing
homes. With extra help we could a wider range
of work in the parish. Come and join us, you
will not regret it.
St Mary’s Folk Group:
Our next Mass is this Sunday at
12.15pm. Come along and join in the singing.
St. Patrick’s
to come in for a chat and enjoy our hospitality
every Wednesday after 10am Mass in the
Pastoral Centre.
St Patrick's Pastoral Centre from 8.30 - 9.15 pm. All welcome.
Bethany Bereavement Support Group: We
meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each
month from 8pm to 9pm. We can be contacted
through the Parish office: Tel: (01) 628 1018 or
089 2507213, or email:
[email protected]
Annual Mass of Remembrance Our Annual Mass for all our departed
relatives and friends will take place on
Wednesday 13th November at 8pm
At this Mass the names of those from our
parish community who died in the past 12
months will be especially remembered.
The names of all those on the November
list of the dead will automatically be
take place on
Friday 8th. November at 7pm.
All those in our parish who passed away within the past twelve months will be
especially remembered. November list of
the dead will automatically be included
and all are welcome.
Parish Ministry Day You are invited to our parish ministry day
Topic: “Ministry and Me: A Fresh Look
at What We Do”
meaning of all we do in parish ministry
Date: 16th November 2019
‘Tomorrow’s Parish’
Celebrant: Fr Joe Hao
All Welcome
the Annual Craft Fair on
Sunday 1st December
details in the parish office.
Geraldine and Noreen hard at work to deliver the
wonderful Harvest Display on the altar for last
Co Carlow. Bus leaves lay-by at 10.30am. We
stop at Killashee Hotel for tea and scones. Then
on to Rathwood for shopping and lunch. We
expect to be back in Lucan by 6pm.
We extend our sincere sympathy to the McCahill
family on the death of their mother Bridget.
Bridget was a member of our club and will be
remembered for her good humour and lively
dancing. R.I.P.
circumstances of their death, or whether their
death was recent or not.
Phone 086 3729204
by The Young Church Dublin to help vulnerable
people in our city. We aim to gather young
people from across the Dublin Diocese to come
to St Paul’s Church, Arran Quay between
5.00pm and 9.00pm on Tuesday November
26th where we will pack boxes and bags for the variety of homeless people of our city. If you
would like to donate for this cause, please find
the list of practical items attached below, you can
bring them to St Paul's on the following dates:
Thursday 7th November 5pm - 8pm
Monday 11th November: 7am - 10am
Wednesday 13th November 7am - 10am
Friday 15th November 5pm - 7pm
Monday 18th November 7am - 10am
The Encounter: Join other young adults
(20’s & 30’s) for a night of live acoustic music,
reflective prayer in adoration. Followed by
social, pizza and refreshments. Our next
Encounter takes place on Friday 15th November
at 8.00pm. We are delighted to announce that
“Piano man” Tom Conroy will provide the music
and Natalie Doherty will be our guest speaker on
the night. For more information
email: [email protected] or follow us on
Instagram @theyoungchurchdublin
older, who have lots of life experience and an
enjoyment of reading, for their volunteer reading
programme in St Ultans primary school, Cherry
Orchard Avenue, Dublin 10. Volunteers provide one-to-one reading sessions to children in 1st and
2nd class who need some extra help with their
reading. The sessions occur three times a week,
on Tues, Wed & Thurs, from 10:30am to
12:45pm. Volunteers need to be available to
complete two of the three sessions each week.
Some of the volunteers who have worked with us
have said: "It’s enjoyable and very easy”, “It is
like reading with your grandchildren”, “It’s not
as difficult as you might imagine!”, “Children
love it and feel special and you bond with the child”. For more information or to register your
interest in this programme please contact
Suzanne, Barnardos Volunteer Service, on 01
7080431 / 086 8570112 or
Wanted Urgently for needy family
Table and Chairs, Coffee Table,
2 Single Beds and T.V. stand.
Phone: 086 2593286
CURRAN WALSH (ANITA) May the winds of Heaven blow softly
And whisper in your ear
How much we love and miss you
And wish that you were here
Happy Birthday Anita.
Robert, Martin, Paulo, Bren, Kelly, Gerard and
"Hello NiNi " in the same old way
To hear her voice and see her smile
To sit and chat with her a while
Happy Birthday NiNi.
The greatest gift that you can give
Is just to speak their name
We need to hear the stories
And the tales of days gone past
We need for you to understand
That these memories must last We cannot make more memories!
Since they're no longer here
So when you speak of them to us
It's music to our ears.
Happy Birthday Mam from your two sons Conor
and Cillian
We have a photo of you to treasure
It's all we have to touch Of a sister we loved with all our heart
And we miss her very much
We wish that we could see you
Sitting in your chair
To find you waiting there.
From her sisters, Patty, Vera, Margaret, Phil
and brothers John, Christy, George and Martin
An information evening for the public about bereavement with guest speaker, writer Emma
(off Merrion Square), Dublin 2.
November is traditionally a month for
remembrance. This Irish Hospice Foundation
Event aims to provide information about grief
and the range of supports available to bereaved
introduction. There will also be an opportunity to
chat to voluntary bereavement support services
about the supports they provide. During the
evening, Emma Hayes will address the gathering
and speak on the theme ‘Living with Loss’.
This public event is free to attend. Bookings are
not necessary.
BAPTISM CANDLES Available from St. Mary’s Parish Centre or Sacristy. Cost €5.
MESSIAH By G.F. Handel
St Peter’s Church, Phibsborough
(Organ Restoration Fund)
Tickets: €20 (unreserved)
Available at
Phone Orders or queries (01) 838 9708
a good time.
photo below.
while since the clock changed!
We received lots of photos relating to Dublin
City Marathon, but unfortunately, we don’t have
the space to carry them.
Great to see Lucan Harriers launch the
ActiveYouth Programme. Read all about it in
the sports section.
10am – 12.30pm.
8pm. We hope to see many of
our members as we will be arranging our
activities from now until Christmas.
Thurs 7th Nov to Sunday 10th November: The
Knitting and Stitching Show is on in the
Simmonscourt Hall of the RDS is open from
10am to 5.30pm. Ladies, go along and pick up
your craft supplies for future projects. You can
join the ‘Learning Curve’ and learn a new craft
in an hour or so.
Sweeping the leaves is like a
lost cause in the past week with
the strong winds swirling
they become very dangerous
Woodville Downs Residents Assoc (inc Esker Lane) BusConnects project were contacted about
proposed right turn onto N4 proposed closure.
There was no information on where this proposal
emerged to close this right turn on Woodies
bridge westbound.
support opposition to this proposal and thus far
only 3 have responded.
Contact our Association:
Weston Hockey Club
Table Quiz The Lord Lucan Saturday 9th Nov at 8pm Teams of 4, €10 per person
Raffle on the night.
Men's Shed and meet
whoever happens to be
1000 and 1400, Monday to
Thursday. The Shed is not
open on a Friday. Our ground floor will be our future workshop,
while the upper floor is our social area, nearing
completion, where you can have a cuppa and
biscuits while you have a chat, swap experiences
and make new friends.
If you are reading about the Shed for the first
time, it is located on the Newcastle Road, at the
rear of the Irish Wheelchair Association
building. The Shed is accessible through the
second gateway on the right, after you cross the
railway bridge. Parking is available in the IWA
general meeting will be held in Lucan Library, at
the SuperValu Shopping Centre, Newcastle Road. The meeting starts at 1830 and finishes at
1950, is for members and visitors alike and all
are welcome. Why not bring along just one good
idea for open discussion?
[email protected]
Celbridge Mill Community Centre Main Street Celbridge. Phone 01 6288556
23rd, Sun 24th November.
Celbridge Mill Community Centre.
bouncing castle and obstacle course and you can
visit Santa in his sitting room. Stands are €65. Phone 01 6288556 for details.
Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Discover Diabetes – Type 2
Diabetes Insights and Self-Care Options via
Education & Reflection.
delivered by Community Dietitians for people
living with type 2 diabetes and their families/carers.
Discover Diabetes is a FREE 4 session course
(2.5 hours for 4 consecutive weeks) with follow
up sessions offered at 6 months, 12 months and annually thereafter.
The course will empower people living with type
2 diabetes by providing information on:
understanding diabetes; managing weight; identifying how food and lifestyle can affect
diabetes; preventing/reducing diabetes health
Our next course is starting on Thursday 21st
November 2019 in Ballyfermot Library in the afternoon and will run every Thursday up to and
including the 12th December 2019.
Please contact Elaine Brennan, Diabetes Co-
ordinator on 076 6958054 to book your place on this course.
Seasonal Craft Course
Learn a new festive craft one evening each
week over four weeks to for your own Christmas gift sets.
Week 1: Christmas Candles: coloured,
scented, Container
Week 3: Painting and decorating ceramics
Week 4: Winter wreaths and assembling gift
Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm
Cost: €35 (total) €10 deposit required to secure a place
(Minimum of ten participants)
Community Centre
Email: [email protected]
The following is from an article written over
thirty years ago, describing an area of Lucan in
bygone days.
For the first 26 years of my life I lived around
the Lucan Area. From my birth in September
1938 until 1940 I lived in St Philomena’s Gate
Lodge, Newcastle Road, just across the road
from Finnstown House. Between 1940 and 1947, I lived in the gate lodge of Esker Lodge
(property of the Kennedy family). We lived at
the main entrance…