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THE STORY BEHIND HER…. Margie Ycay Francisco..♥. It was one stormy night on May,26,1997 in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, A very pretty baby was born. Her name is Margie Ycay Francisco, 16 years old. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



THE STORY BEHIND HERMargie Ycay Francisco..It was one stormy night on May,26,1997 in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, A very pretty baby was born.Her name is Margie Ycay Francisco, 16 years old.She grow up in their province but when she reach the age of 4 years old, her parents decided to leave their place and transfer to Gensan.

As she starts to explore the world, she discover that she has the ability to act, sing, and of course eat all she can. HAHAHA!She loves to join singing contest, watching movies, eat, rest and many more. This lady is a fighter. ROAR!Thats the basic information of that gorgeous lady.Now, lets talk about her family.Margie A.K.A Langga is the third daughter of Mr&Mrs Mary Jane and Jhonny Francisco. She has 4 siblings. They are Mary Anne, Jerry, Jay ar and MycaAt the age of 7 years old, her parents decided to end up their relationship.

My siblings..So, as the time goes by her mother was the one who raised their family.The life she had was not that easy, they suffer from poverty and lock of attention of a parent.

After many years, her father died due to an accident and her mother got married again. And their youngest sibling was born.As far as I know, no matter what happened in their family, they can still survive because God is there to help them.

Educational Information?Well, Margie is not that genius person but believe me, she is also active in their school activities.Such as quiz bee, singing contest and many more.As shorten, her dream is to become a teacher. A good model teacher. Through education, she wants to help other people and also her family.

FRIENDS? RELATIONSHIP STATUS?Oh. Shes definitely single and not ready to have suitors. AMAZING RIGHT?By the way, let me tell you something.Margie have fake friends, real friends, close friends but shes very lucky to find her TRUE FRIEND.

Let me introduce to you this person Im talking about. No other than,Miss Johanna Joyce P. Sarsona. Theyve been classmates since 1st year up to now. WOW!A one of a kind person in the Universe. HAHA! My sexiest TF.

When it talks about her strength of course its her family, when she was feeling down and hopeless they were there to guide her.THIS IS HER GREATEST STRENGHT!And thats the story behind this girl THANK YOU & GOD BLESS!