the story behind shavout jewish holiday

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  • Hebrew History Major PeriodsBiblical or Classical Until 3rd century BCMost of the Old Testament is written

    Mishnaic or Rabbinic Language of the Mishna: collection of Jewish traditionsMishnaic Hebrew spoken Rabbinic Hebrew written200 AD - 6th century AD

    Medieval 6th - 13th century AD Borrows Greek, Spanish, Arabic words and from other languages

    Haskala and Modern Europe (1770-1880) Language of Israel (1886 - present)

  • Revival of HebrewBased on biblical languageInnovations to meet modern needsOnly colloquial speech based on a written languagePronunciation based on Sepharadic (Hispano-Portuguese) Jews rather than Ashkenazi (East European) JewsSyntax based on that of the MishnaUse of word three-consonants roots with vowels and other consonants added k.t.v yields kotev (writes)Written from right to left in a Semitic script of 22 letters

  • Language policy of Israel TODAY

  • Multilingualism in IsraelIsrael is a complex, multilingual, multicultural society !

    A linguists Heaven!!!

  • Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

  • About UsMessianic Jewish Bible Institute is one of the leading institutes in USA which provides high quality Messianic Jewish education and related online programs to the people. We will provide you with complete information about Christianity and Jesus, the Massiah.For more information visit us now...!!

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