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By Angela Yuriko Smith The Story Behind the Story

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Once upon a time a writer wrote a book... and it did so well she wanted to share the story behind her story with other writers.This is the story behind the story that made the story a success.


  • 1. The Story Behind the Story
    By Angela Yuriko Smith
  • 2. Once upon a time a writer
    decided to write her first book.
  • 3. Her inspiration was a news article she had just written about
    The Jersey Devil!
  • 4. She knew that even though she would be lost in her imagination for awhile and have to say no to socializing with her friends
    writing the book would be the easy part.
  • 5. She knew that even the best book in the world could not be laid on the alter of fate
    and be guaranteed success.
  • 6. One does not sit waiting by the phone passively for success to call.
  • 7. One must be willing to experiment and make mistakes.
  • 8. And seek ones fortune.
  • 9. Finally her book was done
    And she prepared its release on the world.
  • 10. She went to her computer to
    plan and plot and came up with
    some ideas that were
  • 11. First she started building.
    She built the house from her book in Second Life so visitors could interact with her story
  • 12. She used that space to give away promotional gifts,
    perform live readings,
    have parties and
    share links to her book
    She knew a very important secret.
  • 13. Behind every avatar is a potential reader.
  • 14. She was lucky because her daughter knew how to make machinima.
    So together they built a movie set
  • 15. And made this book trailer.
  • 16. It was a hit and the author was able to use it in all kinds of places such as
    On author network sites like Gather & Goodreads
    Youtube, on its own and as a video response
    Amazon & Smashwords Author Profiles
    On Facebook & Twitter
    In Second Life
    Everyone loved it and passed it on. The author knew it was a great marketing tool when someone asked her
    Is that really Mae?
  • 17. Second Life was great for so many things like
    Networking with other professionals
    Perform readings
    Finding other authors
  • 18. She sent out a press release to 500 bloggers, magazine editors and other media that included:
    • Promotional shirts
    • 19. A one chapter teaser book
    • 20. A VIP trip to the virtual scenes location
    This won her several interviews,
    2,000 unique visitors
    to her virtual book scene
    and the coveted Editors Pick in
    Second Lifes Destination Guide
    All this cost
  • 21. Nothing!!!!
  • 22. The author knew that as awesome as her virtual campaign was shed have to do other things to get attention as well.
    In one month she worked hard enough to get around 50 reviews of her book, 6 interviews, 2 live Q&A chats, 1,000 friends on Facebook
    and about a zillion mentions.
    And its still going strong
  • 23.
  • 24. There was so much information that the author wanted to share with other writers
    that she decided to write another book!
  • 25. She decided to call it
    All You Need Is Like
    And this is the story of that story
    the story behind the story.
  • 26. You cant sell a bad book with great marketing,
    but you cant sell a good book without great marketing.
    Angela Yuriko Smith
  • 27. Find out more about the release of my new book,
    All You Need Is Like
    You can find End of Mae at
  • 28. So many people have gone into helping me make End of Maeasuccess and if I thanked them all I would have to create another 25 slides minimum to just scratch the surface.
    I do want to especially thank my daughter for all her support and help, my husband for putting up with my obsessive nature, and all my friends on Gather, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter
    Particularly Lori A., A.F. Stewart, DarkBeauty, Cassandra O., Laura M., Eric S., Nova & Connie C.