the “team approach”: the secret of top producers… how to get more closings by doing less!!

The “Team Approach”: The Secret of Top Producers… How To Get More Closings By Doing Less!!

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The “Team Approach”:

The Secret of Top Producers…

How To Get More Closings By Doing Less!!

My Home Movies For The Next 90 Minutes

Carl White

The LO Rollercoaster

What if……

The LO Rollercoaster

Pareto’s Law of Distribution

• 80% of your production is a result of 20% of your work

Getting Help IS Simple!

TRUTH:It’s NOT About Getting An


TRUTH:It’s NOT About Delegating!

It’s not even about “getting more done!”

The Top Producer MindsetIt’s about MORE Results w/Less

Effort, Less Stress & More Freedom!

The 7 Words That Changed Everything

“The Less I do, The More I Make!”

It’s about “Letting Go!”

Focus on the Things that Bring you the REAL Money

Step into Your CEO Position

Value Yourself & Your Time!

“The Less I do, The More I Make!”

“The more I LET GO, the more I GROW!”

I Don’t Eat Frogs Anymore

WHAT Do You Outsource...

1. The things that you are currently doing that drain you

2.The things you NEED to be doing, but you have been neglecting!

3.Your “Frogs”

Typically, the big $$$ is doing:

Consulting with clients and building relationships!

Strategic NOT Tactical

WHAT Do You Outsource...

Answering Your PhoneChecking Your EmailsConnecting with Referral Partners on LinkedIn & FacebookSetting up a Fan PageOptimizing your profilesVideo Marketing / EditingCall past clientsSetting up emailing campaignSetting up your CRM Researching tasksAnything TechnicalCustomer Support

WritingBeing Consistent With EverythingDigesting New Training!Setting Up Facebook adsA Weekly Email NewsletterSetting up YouTube AccountPreparing Presentations to

Referral Partners

Anything that TAKES TIME & is REPEATED!

What does your assistant do

• Answer all phone calls

• Check all your emails

• Make Lunch

• Lock Loans

• Take Applications

• All mailings

• Putting out fires

• Put your leads on your computer every morning

• Everything that I don’t want to… all my frogs

Tactical Items

What Do You Do?• Teach Classes At Real Estate Offices

• Marketing Planning (not doing)

• Webinars

• Calling Your Leads

• Presentations

• Masterminding With Other Like Minded People

• Only The Things That I Want To Do!


I Can’t Afford One Now

When Should You Get An Assistant?

• At a certain “units per month”?

• When I’m too busy?

Certain Results

What would you think if you went to a concert

and you saw The Eagles acting as the stage

crew before their own concert????

The Script That Works

• Dr. Butler story….

• “Carl wanted me to call you to tell you….” (never do they say “I”, always “Carl wanted you to know….”)

• Lori is my partner, she will help you with the application process.

• I upsell my team to the people we work with, my team upsells me.

Other Benefits

• Shows your clients you are a professional

• Keeps you accountable

• Makes you step up to the plate

• “Don’t do Things The Way I would have”

Should My Assistant Be Licensed?

“But I’m A Control Freak….”

“My Clients / Referral Partners Need To Talk To Me About All Things”

Do you talk to your doctor about billing?

80% Is Good Enough!!

WHERE to Find Assistants:


Perfect for the One & Done TASK!

Programming/SoftwareTranscription ServicesShort-Term AssignmentsGhost WritingPart-Time Assistants

WHERE to Find Assistants:


Quick & Easy Tasks done for $5!

Social Media ActionsVideo BumpersBasic Graphic WorkTranscribingWriting ArticlesFun Things!!

WHERE to Find Outsourcers:3.

Full-time, Hard-Working & Dedicated VA’s!

General “managerial” tasksSetting up and writing to your blogFreedom CallerLinkedin ContactsCustomer SupportResearchLong, repetitive tasksVideo editingSetting up a newsletterManaging your fan pageManaging your referral partners fan pageImplementing new strategiesYouTube channel set upPlacing posts in Linkedin Groups and Facebook pages...and much more!

Virtual AssistantsI have a team of THREE Virtual Assistants, a database follow up, a “Telephone Appointment Setter”, a“Implement New Programs” person, and adding on a “Call My Referral Partners’ Database” person.

I pay each of them...

Just $2-3/hrFilipino Minimum Wage...

P53.28/hr = $1.28/hrExpect to pay...


(42:1 Ratio)

Your Outsourcing Tools: The Jing Project Google Docs

Brian not working nights or weekends

How Your Assistant Calls Your Clients

Hire Somebody You Like

Where To Find Local Assistants

• Title companies

• Mortgage companies

• Real estate offices

• Craigslist

• Smiling faces at cash registers

• Tell all your friends you are looking for somebody

I’m Looking For The Person That Would Answer This Ad

My Company Won’t Pay For My Assistant…..

Write small checks to cash BIG checks

Do I Share My Assistant With Another LO?

How Much Do I Pay Them?

Good quality people for less money than you think

Start Them Off On A 60 Day Trial

Have Your Assistant Create A “How To” Book.

Never Do The Assistant’s Work Because They “Aren’t Doing It Good Enough”

Three Choices:




A Habit Of The Successful & The Wealthy

Make a list every day of things to do the next morning


Get An Assistant Or Perish!

“But I’ll just train my competition.”

That’s how little people think.

Yeah but……

“What if my assistant leaves me and becomes my competition?”

Get Another One!!

What you do is a lot harder than it looks to an assistant!!

I Don’t Go To Disney Every Day…. I Live There

• Who I want

• Where I want

• Do what I want

• Meet incredible people

• All while generating an income I never dreamed of

• All because I take the stance, “This is what I love doing,” I am able to produce all these results.

• Right here, right now, today, you are going to make a choice. Do what I don’t like and let that keep me a prisoner, OR do what I love and live at Disney.

“…….my assistant seems to be doing good"…. so far I have only spent about an hour "during" normal work hour to call past potential clients and I feel I will probably get ~ 2 new deals already from just that…. Travis Scottsdale, AZ

Rich People Aren’t Special People….

..... They Do Special Things!