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What is Digital? That’s a tough one....and you would never imagine how many professionals have asked this question. Because at the end of the day, they feel lost. I could have called this presentation “What is digital?” but didn’t seems to do the trick and I’d rather have some people share it. This guide is here to help you better understand to what extent digital, as a tool, is modifying the company and (probably) your job. Drawings have been made by Gaelle Lasne.


  • 1! THE ! ULTIMATE GUIDE ! TO EXPLAIN DIGITAL! (to my colleagues)! Produced with love by Gregory Pouy! LaMercatique
  • 2! This guide is a concentrate of a larger presentation that I give to Top Executives worldwide to help them better understand digital and its impact on their company.! This presentation is not dedicated to digital professionals but to their colleagues.! To discuss/have a coffee:!! Twitter: @gregfromparis! ! !
  • 8! YOU NEED TO BREAK DOWN THE SILOS!! Companies still sometimes view online and ! ofine as silos.! Organizations are very often structured accordingly,! which implies a complicated pathway for the consumer ! and different messages/experiences that are not connected.! Silos also occur between countries, between services, between brands (in groups).... These must be broken down.!
  • 9! DIGITAL MAY SOUND COMPLICATED! You probably feel like that person....!
  • 10! BUT DIGITAL IS MUCH LIKE A PEN! I often compare Digital to a Pen. Its complicated in a! company if you dont know how to write but you ! dont get directions on how to use a pen. ! It should be the same for digital which is nothing more than a tool, used in every way to ultimately make things easier.! A initiation to digital is essential in the beginning though, because digital is everybodys job.! If you disagree, this slide deck might prove you wrong... Sorry.!
  • 11! DID YOU REALIZE THAT THE WORLD IS FLAT?! Thomas Friedman wrote this amazing book years! ago and the expression has never been so true.! Digital enables everybody to connect to anybody, anywhere in the world. Which enables everybody to do business in a worldwide market. But it also enables the consumer to choose from many choices.! This has a major impact on business.!
  • 12! IN AN ACCELERATED WORLD, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! In this fast environment, I know you may feel confused or lost and want to race ahead... Please dont.! To be successful, you have to be well-prepared. This means focusing on what your brand is really doing (building stuff is not an answer), listening very carefully & focusing on your customers expectations.! We will go into that in more detail in this presentation.!
  • 13! "BRANDS NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY THEY CHANGE " Gary Hamel - Consultant! At this stage, you have to make the move from "operational agility" (continue what you are doing, but do it better) to strategic adaptability".! Strategic adaptability, by contrast, refers to a company's capacity to recongure its underlying business concept.! During its brief history, Amazon has morphed from a web-based bookseller, to an online retail platform, to a digital media powerhouse and, most recently, to a leader in cloud computing.!
  • 14! LETS FOCUS ON THE 6 MAJOR AREAS OF IMPACT FOR BRANDS*! *Digital is a bottomless pit and the objective here is to give an overview, not a detailed presentation on each subject!
  • 15! THE MARKETING PERSPECTIVE! CUSTOMER! KNOWLEDGE! PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT! A NEW PERSPECTIVE! MARKETING IS MOSTLY ABOUT LISTENING, NOT TALKING! With people speaking freely on the web, it is possible for brands to listen and gather data they never dreamt of having before.! ITS ALL ABOUT SUPRESSING CUSTOMER FRICTIONS! A friction is a difculty encountered by the customer experiencing a product or a service.! For both pure player & classic business, digital enables marketers to reinvent and improve the experience.! ! DIGITAL IS NOT A MARKETING REVOLUTION, IT BRINGS YOU BACK TO THE BASICS! Digital is not a race ahead, you need to have your basics in place (values, sense of purpose, utility) if you dont want to lose time & money and engage with people.! In a fast-moving environment, people are seeking out strong values.!
  • 16! Big data is in everyones mouth. Whats powerful with! connected objects like Nike Fuelband is not only the product! itself, but the opportunity for people to self-quantify, and for the! brand to gather all this data and transform it into valuable knowledge.! NIKE FUELBAND IS A CANDY STORE! OF CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE! THE MARKETING PERSPECTIVE/! CUSTOMER KNOWLEDGE!
  • 17! NEST DISRUPTS.... THERMOSTATS ! From a static thermostat to an intelligent and mobile system.! Unfortunately, it is rarely the industry experts that disrupt their own business. This happens usually thanks to the people who think differently! THE MARKETING PERSPECTIVE/! PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT!
  • 18! DONT WAIT FOR A DOWNTURN IN PROFIT TO ADAPT...! Deep change in big companies usually happens when there is a downturn in prots. By then, its already too late...! As shown in the previous slide (music industry, Kodak), this is usually what happens...! Amazon changed its business model in the absence of a crisis.! Its impossible to move as fast as the world around us but, again, being focused on the customers needs should help.! Do as the Army would : observe, orient, decide and act.! THE MARKETING PERSPECTIVE/! PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT!
  • 19! PLEASE STOP LOOKING! FOR THE BUZZ... ! On the average, marketers stay 18 months in a given position and therefore want their resumes to shine. This often leads to short- term shiny operations and no long-term strategic moves.! Even though the web moves very fast, it also has a memory and people will remember.! Digital is not about racing ahead...! THE MARKETING PERSPECTIVE/! A NEW PERSPECTIVE!
  • 20! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE! RECRUITMENT! COMMUNICATION! ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT! IN A DIGITAL ERA, BRANDS NEED TO BE ADAPTABLE AT THEIR CORE! Organizations are built to be disciplined and weve learned that turnover and efciency are traditionally connected to routine.! However, in a fast-moving world, organizations need people to be resilient and able to adapt...! ARE YOU SURE YOU USE THE BEST TOOLS TO COMMUNICATE? ! Linkedin is not only a market place, its become a place where branding is as important as anywhere.! Linkedin also bought Slideshare, which enables companies or individuals to show the world their expertise and points of view.! WHERE DO WE PUT DIGITAL? ISNT THE ONLY QUESTION YOU SHOULD BE ASKING! Digital is only a tool designed to be used by everybody. So you should wondering how to digitalize the company, train the employees and make sure they are adaptable.!
  • 21! LOOKING FOR! A BRAND MANAGER IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY! SO YOU WANT THE EXACT SAME PERSON FOR THE JOB?! For years, weve been told that efciency was connected to routine, however this is the exact opposite of being adaptable...! This approach may be reassuring, but youre not helping here and HR are at the heart of any movement.! ! So, maybe its time for you to think about a new job description and be more open to look at resumes you wouldnt even consider in the past...! ! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! RECRUITMENT! [...] must have been a brand manager in the beauty industry [...]"
  • 22! Ideas come from everywhere and we expect everybody to have an idea.! As a Manager you need to create a system where people are comfortable to share.! ! Marissa Mayer Being at Google CEO of Yahoo!! ! ! THE HUMAN RESSOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! RECRUITEMENT!
  • 23! WALT DISNEY INTERACTS ON LINKEDIN EVERYDAY! The company provides business advice and tries to stay fresh by reaching out its followers at least once a day.! The key in achieving so much interaction is to provide people value in the form of fresh content. Walt Disneys approach to has earned the company close to 200,000 followers on LinkedIn, an impressive gure.! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! COMMUNICATION!
  • 24! THE IT MEDIA GROUP ENCOURAGES ITS EMPLOYEES TO HELP.! The IT Group is a multi-media company specialized in C-level marketing strategy for the IT sector.! It has recognized the social reach of its employees, and therefore encourages them to like and to share the companys updates with their networks. This helps grow the follower base.! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! COMMUNICATION!
  • 25! YOU CAN GET A LOT FROM INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS! The traditional intranet is top down and linear (and rarely visited other than for planning ones vacation time).! Socit Gnrale decided to launch an internal collaborative platform (SG communities), which now counts 16,000 members from 19 countries who can share their ideas, reshape each other's ideas, vote! This will help the most relevant ideas to emerge.! This denitely helps the Banks digital transition, implementing new behavior such as the test, fail and learn philosophy.! ! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! COMMUNICATION!
  • 26! SO HOW DO WE ORGANIZE?! The reality is that job descriptions are changing ! and it is hard work to properly integrate digital within! an organization.! To start off, its always good to have a digital team on hand. They will help insure proper digital integration.! But very quickly, this team should disappear and digital should become in everybodys toolbox (just like the proverbial pen).! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! ORGANIZATION!
  • 27! WHOS THE BOSS HERE?! Digital is very horizontal, whereas management is still mainly vertical.! This brings a new relationship to management.! Experience is great in a at world, but sometimes the answer may come from a place you would never expect.! THE HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE/! ORGANIZATION!
  • 28! THE CRM PERSPECTIVE! CHANGE THE MINDSET! CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! CRM ISNT JUST A COST, ITS YOUR MAJOR ASSET! Lets face it, CRM didnt work. The result was an expensive technology war generated by an attempt at avoiding any human contact.! You might feel that being customer-focused is hack


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