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The Vine Newsletter for the Barony of Aneala Society for Creative Anachronism Volume 23 Issue 12 April AS LI/2017

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  • The VineNewsletter for the Barony of AnealaSociety for Creative Anachronism

    Volume 23 Issue 12April AS LI/2017

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  • Ariston and LilavatiKing and Queen of Lochac

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    Baron Dameon & Baroness [email protected]

    Champion of the Sword Richard FerrowreChampion of the Bow Ulfr fra JorvikChampion of the Rapier Andre de MontsegurChampion of Arts & Sciences Branwen of WerchesvordeBard of Aneala Elizabeth Rowe

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    Captain of the ArchersKilic ibn Sungur ibn [email protected]

  • From Dameon and Leonie, Baron and Baroness of Aneala, to the populace of Aneala, greetings.

    It has been a busy month, with something happening every weekend, and much creative production.

    The silk banner workshops have run every Saturday since March 11, with four banners completed so far, and another six in progress, with some still to be started. Thanks to Lady Mery for organising and directing the project and also to Lady Susanna for her artistic help and generously hosting the workshops for the last three weekends.

    The Newcomers' tourney at Lake Monger was well attended, with several newcomers and some interested passers-by as well. Thanks to Sir Nathan for stewarding. Congratulations to Lord Sigmund Gabrielis, who won the rapier tourney, and to Sir Nathan, who won the armoured tourney, and Happy Birthday as well, since both gentles celebrated their birthdays two days later.

    Th College of St Basil's Newcomers feast was very well attended, with many newcomers and over 60 people in total enjoying good food and good company. Well done Lady Isolde for stewarding her first event, and to Lord Jacques for being kitchen steward (also a first time). We hope to see many of the newcomers at future events. We awarded a Black feather to Steven of Aneala, and congratulate him for his enthusiastic participation so far.

    The cloak which we are making to present at Rowany Festival is complete, and photos will be posted after it has been awarded at Festival. Thank you to Mistress Branwen, Lady Ydeneya, Lady Elizabeth Severn, Mistress Catherine, Lady Julian, Lady Margarita, Lady Ilaria, and Lady Rynonys for embroidering the patches, and to Mistress Branwen, Lady Elizabeth Severn, Lady Ilaria, Lady Avalon, and Lady Julian for helping sew everything together

    As we write this, there is less than three weeks to the event celebrating Aneala's thirtieth Anniversary as a Barony. See the advertisement elsewhere in the Vine for full details. The Barony is covering the cost of the venue and equipment hire, to make this a very affordable event. There will be a sumptuous feast on Saturday April 22, with many favourite dishes from feasts past, and armoured and rapier tourneys the following day. We will be showing some of the history of the Aneala on Saturday afternoon, and if you have any items or pictures to share, please bring them along.

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  • The Shire of Abertridwr is hosting May Crown, at the Kerem Adventure Camp, Bullsbrook from May 12 to 14. Details have been published on Announce, in Pegasus and elsewhere. Come along and watch as the heirs to the kingdom are decided by combat. For those entering the Crown Tourney, the King and Queen have decreed that both combatant and consort must have entered an A&S competition, or participated in an A&S display, during their reign. There will be an A&S display at the event to cover this requirement. There will also be an open A&S competition at the Anealan Baronial Anniversary for those who wish to enter their work in a competition.

    With regret, we are saying farewell to Lord Hadrian di l'Estrille, who leaves next week to take up a job in Southron Gaard in the Crescent Isles (Canterbury, New Zealand). Lady Ydeneya and family will join him later this year. They will leave a huge gap in our group, but we wish them all well in the future, and look forward to visits here and visiting them.

    Don't forget to send in your recommendations for Kingdom awards for deserving people before May Crown. A list of the populace, and the awards they have, is available on the Anealan website at

    Until next timeYours in Service

    Dameon and LeonieBaron and Baroness of Aneala

  • May Crown LI (2017) hosted by the Shire of Abertridwr● A piece of illumination – Any medium, any period.● Able to be consumed● Concept for a period event – Research a period event and then explain

    how it could be run as an SCA event in the future. Ideas: a tournament format, feast service, May games, guild festivals, balls, a play, a tavern

    Midwinter LI (2017) hosted by the Shire of Cluain● For a garden● Carved● From the 14th century C.E.

    November Crown LI (2017) hosted by the Barony of Ynys Fawr● Armour● Molded● From Norse & Baltic cultures (8th - 11th Century C.E.)

    For more information, please refer to the Lochac A&S

    Entries for interstate events need to be sent at least 2 weeks prior to be received for judging or have other arrangements made.

    Kingdom of Lochac A&S Competitions

  • I – Saturday – Newcomers Feast – Rivervale Community CentreII - Sunday – Training – See regular activitiesIIIIVVVIVII VIII IX – Sunday – Training – See regular activitiesXXIXII XIIIXIVXV XVI – Sunday – Training – See regular activitiesXVIIXVIIIXIX XX XXI – Friday – Baronial Council – See regular activitiesXXII – Saturday – Aneala's Thirtieth Baronial Anniversary EventXXIII - Sunday – Aneala's Thirtieth Baronial Anniversary EventXXIV XXV XXVI XXVIIXXVIIIXXIXXXX – Sunday – Training – See regular activities

    Please note that the Chronicler is not all-knowing and as such, some information may be incorrect. Always double check your dates before committing!


  • I II IIIIVVVIVII - Sunday – Training – See regular activitiesVIII IX XXIXII – Friday – May Crown – Abertridwr – Kerem Adventure Camp XIII – Saturday – May Crown – Abertridwr – Kerem Adventure CampXIV – Sunday – May Crown – Abertridwr – Kerem Adventure CampXV XVIXVIIXVIIIXIX XX XXI – Sunday – Training – See regular activitiesXXII XXIIIXXIVXXV XXVI XXVIIXXVIII – Sunday – Malazgird Combat Archery Tourney – Wandi Community CentreXXIXXXXXXXI

    Please note that the Chronicler is not all-knowing and as such, some information may be incorrect. Always double check your dates before committing!


  • Aneala's 30th Anniversary as a Barony

    Were you there at the beginning?There was a feast to remember at Leederville Town Hall – complete with fantastic food, a King and Queen, and an amateur fire-eater, followed by fire-extinguisher fun.

    Join us to as we celebrate Aneala's 30th anniversary of becoming a Barony. Relive days gone by, when Aneala and Lochac were young, and halls were lit by candle-light, without needing a council permit or a fire-extinguisher

    When - Saturday 22 April and Sunday 23 AprilWhere – St Matthews Church Hall, Stirling Gardens, Guildford

    On Saturday the hall opens mid day, event starts at 3 pm with historical displays, games and an open Arts and Sciences competition.Feast from 7 pm.

    On Sunday there will be Armoured and Rapier tournaments in Stirling Gardens starting at 10 am. Lunch will be a potluck

    Costs:Feast – SCA adult members $20, 6-13 years $10, under 6 years free. ALL non-members add $5 event insuranceTourney – SCA members free, Non-members $5 or free with a feast booking.

    Bookings Close: Sunday, April 16th 2017Send bookings to:[email protected] Bookings not required

    Facebook event link

  • Baronial Council Meeting 3rd Friday of the month, 7:00pm arrival for a 7:30pm startContact Nathan: [email protected]

    Scribes Calligraphy & Illumination SCA sign in requiredContact Mistress Branwen for session times.Contact Branwen: [email protected]

    Music and SingingThis is not an offical SCA event. Practices held twice a month. Times and venues vary and are posted on our Yahoo more info join this group or contact Catherine: [email protected]

    Baronial Armoured, Rapier & Archery TrainingSundays, 10am – 12pm, Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, WembleyContact Richard: [email protected]

    Dragon's Bay TrainingSundays from 9-9:30am, Casuarina Wellard Community Hall, corner of Mortimer Rd and Barker Rd Casuarina – 2km from the freeway at the Mortimer Rd exit.

    College of St. Basil Armoured & Rapier TrainingWednesday (Armoured) & Thursday (Rapier) 5pm to 7pm, Oak Lawn, UWA

    Abertridwr Armoured, Archery Training & Arts & SciencesSundays, 1pm at Wandi Progress Association Hall, De Haer Rd, WandiContact Galen: [email protected]

    Regular Activities

  • Guild of the Silver RondelThe dance guild in the Kingdom of Lochac which encourages pre 17th century dancing, holds competitions and also holds the Bal d'Argent, which is the social dance event of the year.Contact Mistress Catherine: [email protected]

    Royal Fibre Guild of LochacFor those interested in the arts, crafts and history of all textile matters. We encourage the doing, researching and teaching of fibre related skills as seen in pre 1600 cultures. We include weavers, spinners, dyers, cord makers, felters, knitters, njalbinders and lace makers.Contact Lady Elizabeth: [email protected]

    Royal Guild of DefenceResearching and teaching of the period martial arts of Europe, as detailed in the various extant fencing and wrestling manuals.Contact Baron Dameon: [email protected]

    Worshipful Company of BroiderersThe aim of the Company is to advance the study and practice of pre-1600 AD European needlework in Lochac and in the Known World.Contact Baroness Leonie: [email protected]

    Local Lochac GuildContacts

  • Barony of Aneala (Perth, WA) of Dragons Bay of St Basil the Great (UWA) of Abertridwr (South of Perth, WA) abertridwr.orgKingdom of Lochac (Australia & New Zealand) Corporate (Australia) Corporate (World-wide)

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