the wolves

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The Wolves Directed by Aoife McArdle In this shot people walk towards a pass the camera in a slow motion effect. This could draw the audien in because their attention will want to know where the people are walking ahead to which creates suspense.

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The Wolves

The WolvesDirected by Aoife McArdleIn this shot people walk towards andpass the camera in a slow motioneffect. This could draw the audiencein because their attention willwant to know where the people arewalking ahead to which creates suspense.

I think this shot is used effectively because when doing my research I found that on my questionnaires most of the public like to see the artist performing in their videos. Though there are only a few short clips of it I think they are effective because it highlights the artists way of performing, which is discreet and on a small scale. This sells the artist.

Aoife McArdle uses lots of blurred effects on his shots. This could give the element of mystery to the video, or possibly the state in which the artist feels when singing/listening to this part of the song as it is quite peaceful

One of the settings McArdle used was a graveyard. He did not give it a negative side with images of death and sadness, it was very peaceful and the colouring of an orangey brown gave it quite a warm feeling.One of the other settings was on a road which Ben would be walking/running/playing the guitar on. This could represent the artists personality of possibly feeling freedom or opportunity.

The focus on the artists lips could represent many things, for example McArdle could have focused on them to give the artist an attractive side to the audience. Another suggestion for the focus could be to highlight the artists talent which will help the record sell.