the world around 1500 empires galore!!!. your sheet empire name whereknown forpicture england france...

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The World Around The World Around 1500 1500 Empires Galore!!! Empires Galore!!!

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  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Your Sheet

    Empire NameWhereKnown ForPictureEnglandFranceSpainRussiaOttoman Empire

  • England

  • EnglandWhere: Island in North-Western EuropeCapital = LondonKnown For: * King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, limiting the Kings power.* Recently Finished the Hundred Years War with France

  • Your Sheet

    Empire NameWhereKnown ForPictureEnglandEuropeIsland in NWCapital = LondonMagna Cartainfluenced US Const.100 Years War with FranceFranceSpainRussiaOttoman Empire

  • France

  • FranceWhere: Western EuropeCapital = ParisKnown For: * Recently defeated England in the Hundred Years War*Joan of Arc helped fight England, was a unifying force, and was burned at the stake.

  • Spain

  • SpainWhere: Iberian Peninsula in Western EuropeCapital = MadridKnown For: * Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Muslims from Spain in the Reconquista *They also funded Columbuss voyage in 1492

  • Russia

  • RussiaWhere: EurasiaCapital = MoscowKnown For: * Ivan III, the Great. He defeated the Mongol Hordes and ended their Influence in Russia. *He also centralized Russian power.*Eastern Orthodox Church*Rulers known as Tsars

  • Ottoman EmpireWhere: Asia Minor, but spread to Northern Africa, the Middle East, Balkans*Capital = IstanbulKnown For: * Great Sultan, Suleiman* Ended the Byzantine Empire by conquering Constantinople (Istanbul)* Islamic Empire* Coffee, Ceramics, Numeric System

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • PersiaWhere: Present-day IranCapital = IsfahanKnown For: * Safavid shah (King) Abbas* Center of international Silk Trade* Islamic Empire, but Shiite Muslims who were at war with Ottomans, who were Sunni* Ceramics, Silk, Clothes, Rugs

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • ChinaWhere: East AsiaCapital = Beijing Known For: * Defeated the Mongols to start the Ming Dynasty* Heavy Control of International Trade* Foreign EnclavesCity set aside for trade* Paper, Compass, Silk, Porcelain, Tea

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Mughal IndiaWhere: Present-day Northern India and Pakistan Known For: * Akbar the Great made empire of tolerance despite diversity of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.* Taj Mahal* Europeans set up trading posts* Textiles, Tea, Spices

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Songhai EmpireWhere: West Africa in Present-day Mali and Nigeria.Capital = GaoKnown For: * Large, Islamic Empire* Incredible Wealth* Trans-Saharan Trade* Traded for Manufactured goods*Gold, Salt, Slaves, raw materials.

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Incan EmpireWhere: Andes Mountains, South AmericaCapital = CuzcoKnown For: * Machu Pichu* Incredibly long road system* Runners* Potatoes, Metal Alloys, Medical Advances

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Mayan EmpireWhere: Yucatan Peninsula, Present-day MexicoCapital = Chichen Itza Known For: Polytheistic Relgion* Massive pyramid-temples* Mayan Ball* New World crops like Corn* Calendars, Writing, Numbers

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • Aztec EmpireWhere: Central MexicoCapital = TenochtitlanKnown For: * Polytheistic Religion with Human Sacrafice*Gold, Gold, Gold*Also had Pyramids* Calendars, Crops, Numbers

  • The World Around 1500Empires Galore!!!

  • The World in 1500 Trade Routes & ReligionSilk RoadTrans-SaharanIndian OceanTrade RoutesSouth China Sea TradeRoutesEuropeanTradeRoutes

  • The World in 1500 - TradeWhat regional trading patterns (trade routes) existed in the Eastern Hemisphere circa 1500?Silk routes across Asia to the Mediterranean SeaMaritime routes across the Indian OceanTrans-Saharan routes across North AfricaNorthern European links with the Black SeaWestern European sea and river tradeSouth China Sea and lands of SE Asia

  • The World in 1500 - Trade

  • The World in 1500 - TradeThe beginnings of global tradeVarious trade routes linking regionsThe Silk Road and other Eurasian trade routes

  • The World in 1500 - TradeEuropean Land, Sea and River Trade Routes

  • The World in 1500 - TradeTrade Routes of the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and Southeast AsiaSouth China Sea Trade

  • The World in 1500 - TradeWhy were the regional trading patterns so important?

    Not only products (goods) were exchanged, but so were ideas!TechnologiesReligionAnd more

  • One example of what fundamental historical phenomenon? Other examples?World in 1500 - Trade

  • World in 1500 - TradeWhat technological and scientific advancements had been made and exchanged by 1500?From China:PaperCompassSilkPorcelain

  • World in 1500 - TradeWhat technological and scientific advancements had been made and exchanged by 1500?Textiles and number systems from India and the Middle EastExamples: cotton from India & Arabic numerals from India via Muslim traders

  • World in 1500 - TradeScientific knowledgeMedicineAstronomyMathematics

    What technological and scientific advancements had been made and exchanged by 1500?

  • The World in 1500 - ReligionWhere were the five world religions located circa 1500?Judaism: Concentrated in Europe and Middle East (mostly cities)Christianity: Concentrated in Europe and the Middle EastIslam: Many parts of Asia and Northern AfricaHinduism: India and part of SE AsiaBuddhism: East and SE Asia

  • World in 1500 Eastern EmpiresIdentify:JudaismChristianityIslamHinduismBuddhismA.E.D.C.B.

  • The World in 1500 - Religion

  • The World in 1500 - ReligionThe Spread of Islam

  • Centers of Judaism in Europe c. 1500ADThe World in 1500 - Religion

  • Religions Map Answers= Islam= Hinduism= Judaism= Buddhism= Christianity

  • ReligionsJudaismMonotheismTen Commandments of moral and religious conductTorah: Written records and beliefs of the Jews

    ChristianityMonotheismJesus as Son of GodLife after deathNew Testament: Life and teachings of Jesus

  • ReligionsIslamMonotheismMuhammad, the prophetQuran (Koran)Five Pillars of IslamMecca and Medina

  • ReligionsHinduismMany forms of one GodReincarnation: Rebirth based upon karmaKarma: Knowledge that all thoughts and actions result in future consequences

    BuddhismFounder: Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)Four Noble TruthsEightfold Path to EnlightenmentSpread of Buddhism from India to China and other parts of Asia, resulting from Asokas missionaries and their writings