things to do around balapitiya

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Things to do around Balapitiya

Things to do aroundBalapitiya

Ariyapala Mask Museum

This place is filled with rich cultural heritage of Sri Lankas Mask and do a great job of preserving them for the future generations. It was established in 1987 as a musk mask carving workshop and later on they have added the library and museum which now include all the things on mask performance in Sri Lanka.

The Bandu Wijesooriya Dance Academy teaches the southern forms of traditional Sri Lankan dance such as kolam (masked dance-drama), Kandyan and Sabaragamu. Officially dance courses last a year but its often possible for foreigners to arrange shorter one-on-one courses. It was established to help sustain the Mask Museum.Bandu Wijesooriya Dance Academy

Sailatalarama ViharaIt is renowned for one of largest Buddha Statue in the world,108 ft long centuries old statute of Sleeping Buddha can be seen after climbing a small mountain surrounded by rich Cinnamon plantations. Every Full Moon day Hundreds of Lake Side pilgrims wearing white dresses climb to the top of this mountain to worship lord Buddha.

Boat Tours on the Madu River

Explore the pristine mangroves forest and amazing waterways in the Madu Ganga, while exploring wide range of bird and aquatic life dwelling in this wetland. There are around 64 islands in the island lagoon area. Local and foreign tourists can explore the beauty of Madu Ganga through a boat ride that takes a couple of hours.

Hotels to stay

River House Balapitiya Calamansi Cove by Jetwing Roman Lake Shinagawa Beach


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