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Thinkers Keys. By Anna Louey.

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Thinkers Keys. By Anna Louey. Slide 1. Title/Front cover. Slide 2. Contents Page. Slide 3. Disadvantages Key. Slide 4. Picture Key. Slide 5. Native Smart Key. Slide 6. Music Smart Key. Slide 7. The Brick Wall Key. Slide 8. The Brainstorming Key. Slide 9. Different Uses Key. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Thinkers Keys.

Thinkers Keys.By Anna Louey.

Slide 1. Title/Front cover. Slide 2. Contents Page.Slide 3. Disadvantages Key.Slide 4. Picture Key.Slide 5. Native Smart Key.Slide 6. Music Smart Key.Slide 7. The Brick Wall Key.Slide 8. The Brainstorming Key.Slide 9. Different Uses Key.Slide 10. Reverse Listing Key.Slide 11. What If? Key.Slide 12. Inventions Key.Slide 13. Prediction Key.Slide 14. Poster Key.Slide 15. PMI KeySlide 16. The BAR Key.Slide 17. The Picture Smart Key.Slide 18. The Alternative Key.Slide 19. Bibliography.Slide 20. The End.

The Disadvantages KeyList 10 Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels.1. Pollution is a big disadvantage of fossil fuels. They give out carbon dioxide when they are burned which then causes a greenhouse effect. 2. The mining of coal (which is a fossil fuel) causes destruction to the land. It is bad for the environment. Mining coal is really dangerous for a job.3. The hydrocarbons present in the fossil fuels release green house gases like methane and carbon dioxide. 4. Some of the fossil fuels can leak and cause big problems. Transportation of the fossil fuels are very risky. 5. Fossil fuels are an aid to acid rain. Acid rain is rainfall from acidity and pollution. It causes environmental harm, especially to forests and lakes. 6. It is a non-renewable energy source, so it is definitely not as good as renewable energy sources. 7. The co2 and other gases, make the Earth unclean. It can cause breathing and respiratory problems. Also other health problems for living creatures- animals and humans.8. Fossil Fuels carry a terrible smell. Which makes air odorous. 9. Mining makes a big mess and people have to temporarily destroy animal habitats.10. There might be a leak when drilling for oil that will pollute marine life.

The Picture Key.Use your Imagination to work out 10 things this picture could represent.

1. The penguins are looking through the lenses of the camera and realizing that their friends are on the other side.2. They are looking at all the different buttons that you are able to press on one of these big cameras. 3. The penguins are very curious of the new object in the Antarctic. The dont know what it is and try to figure it out.4. Their imagination is very great as they are guessing what the camera is as they barely have a clue.5. The penguins are practicing to become pro photographers.6. This is a very exciting day for the penguins as they get to play with new technology and see what it can do!7. They all want a shot at using the camera- The other 2 penguins are waiting for their turn. 8. The penguins in this picture are wondering what other things the camera can do as well.9. They could be thinking that the camera was a piece of equipment that they could use in the water and ice.10. Most importantly, this picture shows that animals can show curiosity too and play with new things, investigate and try until they crack what is really is and what it could be used for. (Maybe they dont find out what it really is, a camera but who know?)

Native Smart.List The name of 5 Organizations that are concerned with Endangered and Threatened Species.

World Wildlife- WWF. For more than 45 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. Their mission is the conservation of nature. They are protecting natural areas and populations of plants and animals. Especially endangered species. They are promoting using less energy and try to reduce pollution. Building a future where humans needs are met with nature and animals. They not only try to protect animals that are threatened or endangered, but they look at natures issues too. You can even donate and adopt animals and take ACTION!National Wildlife Federation- NWF. This federation tries to inspire Americans to protect wildlifes future. They look at endangered species and try to set up conservations to protect them. They even look at Global Warming and effects on the environment. They feel that global warming i the biggest threat to wildlife today. You can even adopt an animal and join the NWF group.The IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species. The ICUN Redlist looks at all animals from least concerned to critically endangered. They help poaching problems with rhinos in Asia. They keep track of the animals that are becoming vulnerable and becoming endangered slowly. They even know which animals are extinct in areas of the wild. Greenpeace. Greenpeace is an independent organisation that tries to help Global Warming and Environmental problems. Deforestation is endangering animals and their habitats. Help stop extinction NOW! You can donate to Greenpeace and support what they are doing.Durrell Wildlife Conservation. This conservation trust helps save animals from extinction during the stage when they are endangered and can still be saved. They have been saving animals for over 50 years now. Their mission is to protect endangered and threatened animals from across the planet. You can help even more by adopting and donating. With dedication and support, we can make a difference and save these animals! Its time because time is running out!

Music Smart...We need to encourage people to be water wise. Write a jingle to do this.

The tap drips another drop. So turn the tap to a stop. Becoming water wise is easy, with a few simple steps. When you use the tap and the water starts to swirl, make sure you turn it off completely so you wont go in a twirl. Help the environment every single day, become water wise, its an easy way to save.

The Brick Wall Key.Fossil Fuels will eventually run out. How are we going to deal with this situation? List some ideas and solutions. It is true that fossil fuels like coal and gas, are something we need to power our homes and cities. It is a quite important energy source but it is non-renewable and will very soon run out. Luckily, we might have a solution to help this problem.- Renewable energy sources from things on our planet that can never run out. Like solar, wind, water, magma, waste and even manure. We can use these energy sources to help power our homes and appliances. Some places are already using solar power and wind power. If we use less fossil fuels now, we might have a bit more left for later on in the future.

The Brainstorming Key.How many ways can we reduce the amount of water used by humans?We must say, humans are using alot more water than the reasonable amount. Alot of it goes to waste as well. But, with a few simple steps, we can all help save precious water that we need very much. Here are some ways to help:Take shorter 5 minute showers. Try to use cold or warm water, not hot water. Use a 5 min timer to keep track of how long you have been showering for. You can even shower with your pets! You can put a bucket under your shower to catch any unused water and use it to water the plants and flowers in the garden.Install water tanks to save water. Have a rain water tank in your backyard so you can drink it too as long as you filter it first.Fix any leaks in your home so no water is wasted. Make sure that you turn the taps off completely as every drop counts.When washing your hands, put the plug in so no water escapes. You can use the water for watering the plants. While you brush your teeth, dont leave the tap running. Use a glass of water to rinse your mouth instead. It saves lots of water.Re-use the grey-water from the washing machine. Run your washing machine and dishwasher only when they are completely full. It saves many litres each month. Water the plants only when necessary-More plants die from over-watering than the other way round.Most importantly, it all starts with you helping out so spread the tips around to family, friends, neighbours, EVERYONE!Different uses keys...List 5 different uses for each item.A WATER BOTTLE: -You can re-use it over and over again. Filling it with many different substances. -Make things out of the bottle or use it for experiments. - You can use it to grow plants inside it. - Create a worm farm in the bottle. -Put a message in the bottle and contact your friends.A SOLAR PANEL: -Use it to boil your water. - Use it to heat your home. -Use it to heat and cook foods. -Use it to dry your clothes after they have been washed. -Use it to power your car. A WINDMILL: -Pump water with it. -Use it to make electricity. -You can track wind direction with it and see where the wind blows. -You can use it to grind flour. -Saves energy using a windmill instead.

Reverse Listing Key10 things that cant be destroyed by humans. 10 places that will never be polluted.

Neptune.Mercury.Venus.Mars.Jupiter. SaturnUranus.Sun.Moon.Heaven.Clouds.Feelings and Emotions. Love.Gods and Goddesses.Rainbows

What if? Key.What if the worlds water supplies dried up? List 10 consequences.1. We wouldnt be able to hydrate our bodies.-We would suffer from thirst.2. All animals would die because they dont have any water. 3. Marine life would all die as they spend all their time in the water and if it dried up they would have no-where to go.4. Without water, all nature will soon die. The trees would dry up and die. If we didnt have any trees, where would our oxygen come from?5. All living creatures on the planet would die. 6. If the animals die, we wont be able to eat much.7. We wouldnt be able to cook our foods.8. No forms of rain.9. Antarctica will disappear without water. 10. There wouldnt be any forms of ice or ice-bergs. We definitely need water in life because if we didnt have water, we wouldnt be able to survive.

Save the last Blue Whale with:A pack of cards.A sowing machine.A squash ball.The Inventions Key.Protect the last remaining Blue Whale...With the pack of 52 cards, use only 51 cards leaving 1. Sow them together with the sowing machine making a cube or box shape with a space for the whale to enter. Place the box where the whale is. If there is some string with the sowing machine, then sow the squash ball with the card. (Try to leave a big gap where there is only string). Then using the squash ball and card together, dangle it near the whales head or eyes so it can see it. Keep hanging the ball and card above its eyes and let it follow the ball and card into the box of card that you had made earlier.

The Prediction Key.Predict what types of transport we will be using in 50 years. Explain and draw a picture.In 50 years time, transport will have changed very much. I dont think we will be able to have tele-porters or hover-cars by then though. They might build more advanced cars that care more for the environment (hopefully). We would build new forms of transport with sleeker designs and many new ideas. Faster cars with new features. They would probably change heaps! Making designs that perhaps dont really look like the object it used to be. 50 years doesnt seem that long but many things can change by then. Lets just wait and see what happens next...The Earth needs YOUR help urgently!

Keep the Earth like this.Not like this. Turn its frown upside down. Cheer the earth up. STOP using so much energy and power!The poster KeyThe poster Key

PMIUse of recycled water for drinking.

It saves using recycled water.

It is safe to drink it.

We could use recycled water for more than just drinking.

There could still be some germs in the water if it hasnt been treated properly.

It tastes different to the normal water that we drink.It could be a new thing- We could all be drinking from recycled water.

We dont know if there will be any problems with it.

Some places are already using recycled water for drinking.PlusMinusIdeasThe BAR Key-Endangered Species Enclosure.

I have made an orangutan or chimpanzee enclosure.I have put one thing each in its enclosure. But obviously it would be much bigger in real life. It was a sketch that I made on Kid Pix.There is a code on the bottom. All the pictures of pineapples are where the hidden food is found. Because orangutans are very smart, you need to make it challenging. There are many things that the chimps or orangutans can play on like the playing net where they can climb around and find the food. They can play with the toys in the play box and swing on the ropes and branches. The Picture Smart Key.Design a new stove which is solar powered. Draw and label.This is my new stove which uses solar energy to power it.You can use it to heat and cook foods. Boil water on the stove and much more.I have used a normal stove and changed it with solar powered parts all from the sun!

The Alternative KeyList 10 uses for a solar panel.1. Using it to heat your home. (Obviously)2. Use it to heat and power your car.3. Heating and boiling water.4. Use it as decorations.5. Power appliances in your home as well.6. Hang parts of the solar panel on your christmas tree as decorations.7. Use it to heat water to use anywhere in the home.8. Collecting the sun raise for many purposes.9. Put it in your garden to attract the sun for more heat for your plants and trees.10. There are many uses for a solar panel and you could use it in the future to power you home using only the sun!Bibliography.

http://www. and

The End!I hope you learnt something from my slideshow!